1. Kd says

    In what way are these the homophobic Oscars? How about the host takes a moment immediately after the gay men’s chorus performs to make sure we understand that he’s *not* a member of the chorus and then reacts with horror when Captain Kirk, from the future, tells him that he will be a member by 2015? He says in front of 20 or 30 (or whatever) gay men who have just done their best to provide entertainment that he is *not* one of them. Are you so accustomed to being mocked and ridiculed that you don’t perceive it? This finally has to stop.

  2. Emmy says

    Jeez, some of you guys need to take that pole out of your ass and stop being so God damn sensitive. Comedians make fun of everyone, so why are gays off limits? Y’all got to learn how to take a joke, and stop being so damn sensitive.

  3. BigGuy says

    Shirley Bassey and Barbara Streisand each singing one of their biggest hits, live, on TV, for free. How often does that happen?

    How did they manage to get them to perform for us?


  4. bruce says

    I wonder if Andy Towle is going to applaud the homophobic humor at the Oscars seeing that most of those participating in it are Democrats. If these homophobic jokes were at a Republican Party gathering, I have no doubt that Andy would be thundering on this site about how anti-gay they all were.

  5. melvin says

    The comments are out of hand. The audience here is global and the gay mens’ chorus was not the butt of some minstrel show joke, they were among the select few invited to perform on that global stage.

  6. retey12 says

    The Frat Boy Oscars: Gay panic, Misogyny, Racism and Xenophobia.

    The only consolation will be watching his career run in the In Memoriam section at next years Oscars.

  7. Armando says

    There are people in the world who seriously want to do gay people harm. We didn’t see any one of them at the Oscars tonight. Pick your battles, but at least pick one that would actually make a damn bit a difference in a gay person’s life.

  8. SC David says

    Dreadful. Seth MacFarlane is crude, charmless, so bad at times that one gasps (an assassination joke? really?). That nonstop nervous swaying from side to side was as nauseating as his personality and his poor jokes. A horrible host, as bad and unfunny as his stupid teddy bear.

  9. Ryan says

    Either the comments section of Towleroad is overrun with trolls or the world has finally become so mind-numbingly stupid that there really are just that many thick people posting here.

    If you think Seth MacFarlane is a homophobe then you don’t know anything about him. He has long been a friend of the gay community and a vocal supporter of LGBT equality and marriage equality. He’s frequently known to make jokes about all types of people on his animated shows but he’s never singled out LGBT people. People with no sense of humor shouldn’t comment on things that are meant to be humorous because the jokes are clearly lost on them and they will likely be offended by something.

    The reason no one laughs at a conservative Republican when talking about gays is because they’re usually not joking, but instead busy voting to take away our civil rights and demonize us by quoting an antiquated book of fiction which has long been used to convince people that we are a danger to society.

    It’s amazing that the Oscars are supposedly homophobic and yet you had the LA Gay Men’s Chorus there AND a shout-out by Michelle Obama at the end. I know, I know, you’ll all whine that she didn’t come out and say the word “gay,” but some of us with half a brain have no problem understanding what she means when she says, “no matter who you love.”

    God, the comments here are more insufferable with each passing day. This website would be drastically improved if Andy just disabled them.

  10. SC David says

    Since you advocate the elimination of comments, Ryan, perhaps you should stop posting. Or is foolish consistency not a hobgoblin of your little mind? I never called MacFarlane a homophobe, just a bad host. A very bad host. And thanks for the lecture on how anyone who doesn’t find funny what you find funny lacks a sense of humor. I didn’t realize assassination jokes were funny. Just can’t wait to try some of those out at the office!

  11. Michael says

    Can the SAME mentally unbalanced person stop posting under different names about how homophobic the Oscars are???

    The 2015 joke was NOT met with some look of horror but a matter of fact Um OK look. Seth even made a joke later on about how they were about to make the telecast even gayer.

    I’ve always enjoyed Seth but he is on tops of guys I want to top list.

  12. Gary says

    Thank you for posting, Ryan. This is exactly how I feel. Every day I read Towleroad and every day I get depressed by the comments. I think it’s time to leave the party.

  13. John says

    The Oscars this year were great. Anyone complaining has no taste. Very funny. Not homophobic. Homophobia complaints are coming from idiots. No jokes making fun of gay mens chorus, but jokes making fun of homophobia. best oscars. really great show. those criticizing it are idiots.

  14. Ryan says

    I wasn’t calling you a homophobe, SC David, but rather Rise, Bruce, and Retey12 (although I suspect they’re all the same person).

    A lot of people won’t find the assassination joke funny, or the Chris Brown and Rihanna joke, or the joke about women not being able to let anything go… but you know what? I laughed anyway. It doesn’t mean I condone sexism, murder, or domestic violence. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy it and that crude humor is not your thing, but to each their own.

    As for the comments here on Towleroad, I usually don’t post. I came here on a Sunday night thinking (foolishly, I admit) that maybe people would have something nice to say for once, and instead I was greeted with a bunch of people on the first page accusing the Oscars of being homophobic. So it felt nice to vent, and now I’ll go back to lurking and let Rick, Jason, and all the other mouth-breathers have their little corner of the internet back.

  15. Bucky Reynolds says

    I am sorry, I thought this was one of the worst Oscars ever. Also, Seth MacFarland is not funny. I love Barbra, but Dame Shirley out sung her. Yes there was a lot of homophobic humor on stage.

  16. Mike says

    IMHO, Seth should not be asked back to host. Jokes were not funny and I was bored for most of the telecast. Funny thing about the Oscars and is that there are ALWAYS gay jokes, at least a couple every year and who writes this drivel? I can think of one gay man who always brags about writing and was once a head writer (still is?), Bruce Vilanch.

  17. NE1 says

    Couldn’t get the player to work, it wanted to install something. But I watched live, it was enthralling, he is brilliant and talented and did not disappoint.

  18. Paul R says

    I’m giving up on most comments too. Some of you are insane. There were as many jokes about Jews as about gays as about women. What would you expect from McFarlane? Ever seen one of his many shows?

    There were actually a lot fewer gay jokes than in years past.

  19. ger says

    Ryan, you said what a lot of us think (at least I hope it’s a lot of us). The comments on this site make me crazy and I normally stay away – I should have know better.

  20. Bob says

    I’m so glad I’m not one of you guys! … is not funny.Posted by: OSKAR
    Of course, he did NOT say that, he told the straight audience he wasn’t Gay, which is a JOKE!!!!!
    However, the boob song was the very definition of “sophomoric”, and rude to show it in the early evening when kids are watching

  21. Paul R says

    You could also take his comment to mean that he’s not a member of the chorus and their voices are better. Who knows. Obviously we all know that Hollywood doesn’t have any gays.

  22. rise says

    Hollywood wants us gay guys to be behind-the-scenes, not out front. The movies are about marketing romance to homophobic women. Women find male homosexual acts unsettling unless they are segregated or hidden.

  23. Rise says

    Sorry for all of my posts. I’ve been in a crappy mood all day. I woke up and realized that despite my prayers last night, I am still gay so my family won’t let me eat dinner at the same table as them for a whole week. Again! It’s not easy being a gay republican from a family of anti-gay bigots. I’m the worst kind of gay, too; no sense of humor, no genitalia worth blowing, and I get really upset whenever I see other gay people out having fun and enjoying themselves.

    I hate liberals the most because they tend to love their gay kids, and that makes me jealous. If liberals didn’t accept gays then my fellow conservatives would accept me, but they won’t ever do that because they don’t want to be like those liberals.

  24. Continuum says

    Homophobic ? ? ? ? Me and the boyfriend loved it. Thought it was great. Some of you guys need to get a life and stop looking for insults where none exist.

  25. kpo5 says

    Wow! Came here to drop some positive comments only to see this thread has been hijacked by Crazypants Rise, etc.!

    Thank you, Ryan, for your words of sanity. I especially liked this, “The reason no one laughs at a conservative Republican when talking about gays is because they’re usually not joking.”

    Big. freaking. difference. Prideless Prouders.

  26. Bill says

    “I Saw Your Boobs” Really? REALLY?
    God, for a little class and some style.
    Seth McFarlane and his “wink, wink” cutesy, closeted, frat-boy smugness is too much for anyone to endure.

  27. CJS says

    Hate to admit it, but Bruce has a point that we’d be going crazy if the conservatives had said those things. On the other hand, Seth McFarlane has been a strong supporter of gay rights, so he’s due some leeway. Plus nothing he said was mean-spirited towards us (and no, he didn’t react “in horror” about the coming-out-in-2015 joke; he was pretty nonchalant about it). I thought he was great.

  28. will says

    This was a charming opening with nifty dance numbers and that joke about Seth “joining the chorus” in 2015 made me laugh out loud. As for Seth’s brand of humor, he’s the creator of the raunchy and very funny “Family Guy” and “American Dad”. I will tell you, I’m never so bored out of my mind when Billy Crystal does one of his tame, inoffensive opening routines at the Oscars. Pure pablum. I like people getting a little politically incorrect and being themselves.

  29. SeattleMike says

    Jeez, the whole point of the “I’m not gay” joke was to make fun of people who claim that, since they so often really ARE gay.

    But didn’t anybody else notice openly gay hunk Charlie Williams among the dancers??!!

  30. David says

    Seth McFarlane says he’s no one of “them” not because he’s homophobic but because it has been a running joke for years that he’s gay. At every “Roast” on Comedy Central, for example.

  31. Edd says

    Those who watch Family guy and American dad knew what they were in for last night.
    All the old people who don’t watch his shows, weren’t ready for his kind of humor.
    It’s that simple.

  32. cando64 says

    The opening sequence was about 15 minutes too long and got to be very boring very fast. Seth had his moments and even though some of his jokes were truly cringe-worthy, some were very funny and on point. He was definitely not as good as Billy or Whoopi, but he was definitely not as bad as David Letterman (and the opening sequence was not as bad as the Snow White/Rob Lowe fiasco).

  33. tiko says

    I know the hosting gig is a thankless job but if you are being paid big $$ you better be on point. There’s an interesting New Yorker piece about Seth and his hosting gig. Basically, he tries too hard to come across as this hip, sarcastic and edgy comic when the reality is, he has never worked as a stand-up comic and honed his staged comic chops and he showed up in LA in his twenties with a bowl cut and coke bottle glasses and was a total geek. He tries too hard to be edgy and offensive and people can see through that.

  34. Ryan says

    I’d never seen Seth McFarlane before… wow, is he hot! Also, he still looks like he’s in his 30s. He must have been very young when he started Family Guy. Impressive.

    As to his job performance… not everything worked, but he was pretty funny. The opening worked better than a lot of the rest of the night. Loved Shatner’s involvement, and loved all the music and dancing.

    Finally, it’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone says he was homophobic. The ‘bit’ about his 2015 coming out wasn’t making fun of gay people, it was having fun with “the closet.” To be perfectly honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If anything, it was one of the less-crude jokes of the night.

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