Towleroad Talking Points: Beyonce Won the Superbowl

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Beyonce is taking over the world 


A look back at yesterday's top stories


Following President Obama's comments this weekend that gays should be allowed in the Boy Scouts, there has been a flurry of activity as hate groups have tried to come out and shore up support for their bigotry. The Family Research Council took out a full page ad in USA Today urging the scouts to keep their discriminatory policies in place. Watch as CNN's Carol Costello stomps all over the head of the hate group. Zach Wahls, President of Scouts for Equality, also got in on the action as he took down a homophobic parent over the weekend. And wackjob Rick Santorum thinks that gays will "murder" scouting



There was some non-Boy Scout related craziness making news yesterday. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to show us that his insanity is never to be underestimated by launching himself into space. In response John McCain showed just how racist he is. Also did anyone else get freaked out by the Scientology commercial during the Super Bowl?




In case you missed it, Beyonce absolutely destroyed the Super Bowl halftime show. Any questions? Justin Timberlake was also in New Orleans where he sang two new tracks at a Super Bowl party. And Billy Eichner discovers that most New Yorkers are not Trekkies



Calvin Klein gave us hands down the best commercial of last night because it featured a heavy dose of eye candy. Finally Graham Norton gives us some dirty racehorse names that could also double as drag aliases


  1. Ron says

    The fact that Beyonce’s halftime performance is being talked about as much as the Raven’s victory and her (and Destiny’s Child’s) album sales have surged, greatly, it’s clear that she “won” the Super Bowl!

  2. DB says

    The second half of the game was good except for the disappointing result. The first half was rather upsetting. I have not finished mourning the Niners loss. I did not watch the half time show; it sounded boring and I am not familiar with this singer’s song.

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