Towleroad Talking Points: Oscar Forecasting

PHOTO OF THE DAY: NPH and his hubby give us a taste of the Oscar party fun.


A look back at today's top stories


With the Oscars just a few days away, everyone is trying to predict who will take home the little gold men on Sunday night. Nathaniel Rogers thinks that nothing can stop the Argo train and electoral master Nate Silver also feels things will go according to form. Yours truly however is hoping for a few Lincoln related upsets on Oscar night. 

Also Adam Levine has fond memories of the first time he and Blake Shelton shared an intimate moment



Time continues to prove that there is no end to Ann Coulter's insanity. The conservative wackjob recently told a room full of booing students in DC that gays can get married only if they marry someone of the opposite sex. Author Christopher West appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network to claim that Satan is behind gay marriage in an attempt to ruin heterosexual sex. Something tells me heterosexual sex has been ruined for Mr. West for quite a while now. 


In what can only be described as dark ages style politics, lawmakers in Montana have recieved mailers about "the truth about homosexuals" as they weigh a bill intended to decriminalize homosexuality. Just crazy. Also the pastor from the anti-gay megachurch that Tim Tebow has wisely decided not to speak at is none too pleased about the quarterback's decision.



Lesbian money guru Suze Orman appeared on CNN today to discuss how the government's lack of recognition of same-sex couples is a financial detriment. Ecuadorean President elect Rafael Correa took a page out of President Obama's book and took a moment to address the LGBT community upon being elected. And the New Jersey legislature is planning on voting to override Chris Christie's veto of a potential gay marriage bill



More Harlem Shake for your viewing pleasure! Check out the hotties from the University of Nebraska men's gymnastics team doing their best impression. And Mrs. Betty Bowers gets down with Christ


  1. Jay says

    I wish Neil and his boyfriends faces would freeze that way. They need to go into hiding for a while and hide their overexposed asses.
    We need some new examples of gay couples. Funny you mocked up a hate poster for Ann. You people are fast with the graphics, but you are unknowingly flattering the subjects. You think they care? And what film was NPH in? He should be kicked out of any Oscar Party. :)

  2. Tim says

    Well it is all GREAT FUN…Sorry I am in Paris to miss it…
    My fingers are crossed that Sam’s mom becomes another 3 time winner…the amazing actor she IS.
    And all my other favorites! LOL
    Have fun back there.

  3. Greg Cali says

    @ Jay
    Please focus on your struggling marriage with your wife instead of coming on our gay blogs and commenting on our relationships. You heteros have what? 60% divorce rate now. Can you all spend less time fixating on our fabulous lives and fix your horrific marriages please. It’s embarrassing hearing about all your divorce cases and deranged killings of your spouses on the news every single day. Worry more about that.

  4. Jack says

    Any gay couple exposed in any manner in the media gets a huge round of applause from me and my respect, especially ones as charming and adorable as Niel and his boyfriend. So happy they have each other and are proud of their relationship, as they should be.

  5. HA! says

    So typical. Why does any one even bother to counter Anne Coulter? She only says these things to get a reaction and more press coverage. So what do you do? You cover her.
    Don’t you get it?!?
    If she is ignored…she will go away.
    Seriously, why are you giving her any creedance, all it does is stoke the fire and her ego.
    and as for NPH—- who cares? Does he really represent the average gay couple?

  6. Michaellentom says

    HA: we’re gay baby! No matter how much you homophobic trolls try… We’re proud to be gay! We have pride in it and will continue to celebrate our relationships.

    And yes, Niel Patrick Harris and his boyfriend are a FANTASTIC representation of being gay. They are handsome, lovely and successful like most gay men. Sorry breeder.

  7. T.J says

    HA = Jay = Rick.

    Rick, the terminal disease you have which is causing you to be bitter is obviously (hopefully) going to be taking your life very soon. Don’t you want your remaining days being spent with your friends? oh wait, I mean plants?

  8. Miguel says

    I recently saw an interview with Niel Patrick Harris and his husband on The Insider and they were so sincerely in love, and unapologetic about being in love, and seemed incredibly happy. I just kept thinking throughout the interview “boy are they sending a fantastic message to some young gay kid out there. This is role modeling in a positive way and they don’t even know it.”

    Very happy for them.

  9. DaLurker says

    UFFDA is behind the NPH bashing on here. He does it often, depending on which bipolar personality takes over. He makes the same arguments against NPH in every comment under different handles. UFFDA just resents any openly out gay man. Especially when coupled up. We’re on to you, UFFDA.

  10. Onnyjay says

    Why does Towleroad continue to publicize the ravings of Annthrax Coulter? She has nothing to add to anyone’s conversation and deserves only to be politely ignored.

  11. UFFDA says

    DALURKER – strange you’re not listed under Wingnuttery yet because you are definitely a particularly moronic wingnut.
    I am the one and only UFFDA and I don’t post under other people’s names, though KIWI has often posted seditiously under mine. You can note in many places that I wholeheartedly celebrate the love between men including NPH and his fine husband. I am in fact so pro-gay you can see me from space.

  12. David Hearne says

    UFFDA is another of my alter egos. You’ll notice which ones I use to troll because we resent any openly gay people who actually have sexual and romantic lives, and also friends.

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