1. DannyEastVillage says

    I think Maher was going easy on Trump. The ridiculous little man who can’t stop himself from showing off his d*ck is probably the most pathetic person in public life–even more so than Saran.

  2. oliver says

    speaking of suing…i’d like to know who does that blonde chick’s hair. she could sue her hairdresser in court and win!

  3. simon says

    Why should any one believe his certificate as he himeself said Obama’s certificate is faked.

  4. Stefan says

    Must be nice to have enough money to file frivolous lawsuits. I wonder how his lawyer avoids getting disbarred.

  5. Maguita says

    Not sure he provided the long version of birth certificate… You know, the one usually provided by the Kenyan government.

    Are there Orangutans in Kenya? I’m sure Schmup remembers from his days of playing soccer with President Obama.

  6. Kevin says

    Evidently, Trump’s litigation counsel do not understand the concept of a gratuitious promise. Next.

  7. db says

    A birth certificate isn’t good enough. Trump needs to provide DNA testing.

    Really, this just shows what an ass Trump is. He can’t let anything go. He’s just going to make himself look like the thin-skinned whiny cry baby he is.

  8. BETTY says

    At first I thought, wow, really?! Then I remembered that every time Donald opens his mouth with some sort of windbaggery, a new season of Apprentice must not be far off. Well, what do you know it starts the end of February!

    He has no intention of suing him, this is just another publicity stunt. Just ignore.

  9. says

    So, instead of allowing Bill time to get his finances arranged, because not everyone carries $5 million around with him, he sues immediately? I’m pretty certain only bastards are that vexatious, which hurts his case he’s not the offspring of an orangutang…or worse.

  10. cando64 says

    Frivolous stupidity (on both men’s parts) but this just further proves to what lengths Trump will go to maintain his presence in the media as he finally realizes how truly irrelevant he now is.