10 of 11 Tour Venues Cancel on Michelle Shocked After Her Career-Ending Anti-Gay Rant

Michelle Shocked's "God hates fags" rant on Sunday night has caused 10 of the 11 venues at which she had planned concert dates on her tour to cancel, Billboard reports:

ShockedCanceled Dates:

March 23 at McCabe's in Santa Monica
March 28 at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz
March 29 at HopMonk in Novato, CA
April 24 at the Palms Playhouse in Winter, CA
April 25 at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, OR
April 26 at Meanders Kitchen in Seattle
April 27 at Cozmic in Eugene, OR
May 3 at eTown Hall in Boulder, CO
May 5 at S.P.A.C.E in Evanston, IL
June 23 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival

The only U.S. date that has not canceled Shocked at this point is the Harmony Bar in Madison, WI, where a person answering the phone Tuesday evening responded, "I won't know a damn thing until the boss comes back in eight days."

Meanwhile, a longer transcript of Shocked's remarks has emerged since the first reports.

The fuller transcript:

"When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will come back…You can go on Twitter and say, 'Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.'"

UPDATE: AUDIO has emerged of her remarks.


  1. EchtKultig says

    LMAO. New from Joe Francis…”Closeted Dykes Gone Wild!” Except she’s actually “re-closeted”, which is about as ridiculous as the flash-in-a-pan “revirginization” trend of the mid 2000s. Apparently she hinted about being lesbian as early as 1990. BTW…her mother was hospitalized at times for mental illness. Clearly, it runs in the family.
    As the rest of the western world that isn’t a closet case moves on from this issue (I’m not gay; clearly gays didn’t choose to be that way; why would I care if gays get married) – we can expect to see more closet cases going completely berserk like this.

  2. ByTheBay says

    When she goes into damage-control mode by claiming she was being “ironic,” off her meds or headed to rehab, remember that she made hateful yet less inflammatory remarks a couple of years ago.

  3. jjose712 says

    She is an idie folk artist so being a vocal homophobe was not a good idea.
    If she were a christian or even a country (and even a lot of country artist are now progay rights) it would be different, but being 50 and with her type of music her words were the kiss of death to her career

  4. Nate says


    No kidding, more then half her events were in California. What was she thinking? I almost feel bad for her.

  5. tc in bk says

    “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will come back…”

    I don’t understand. Isn’t this what these people want…for Jesus to come back? If that’s what they truly want and they believe that gay marriage will bring this about, shouldn’t they be 100% for gay marriage?

  6. ratbastard says

    What a blast from the past. And a bizarre tale.

    Maybe she really is off her meds.

  7. Dan Cobb says

    Sounds like it’s time for Michelle to start booking gigs on the KKK and right-wing born again tour bus!

  8. Jeff says

    Wow, she was a respected artist, with a fairly loyal cult following, and long career. And to see it all evaporate in one hour! How sad.

    You just know that there is a recording of this that will surface.

    Let this be an example to others who hate.

  9. RLK says

    @ ByTheBay…looks like she has gone into damage control. See Joe.my.God.com. She is stating it was sarcasm. Sounds odd at best.

  10. snt says

    where they cancel before or after kept boy Jeremy gayinc contact them and ask then to drop her..

    with Gayinc around there no more free speech

  11. Jeff says

    She can still get up sing and play her songs live…..
    in the living rooms of her few friends.

  12. MArk says

    Don’t be so proud of a person being jobless, is tacky and wrong, I dont fckng care how u want to justify it, it’s wrong

  13. MichaelJ says

    Aside from being a homophobe, Shocked is also an uninformed idiot (although that may be part and parcel of her being a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic). Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding of marriage law (gay or not) doesn’t mean that any clergy is forced to marry everyone who wants to be married by them, unless they are serving in some public capacity, such as in some county’s marriage bureau or the military. Clergymen can and do turn down requests by couples to get married in their house of worship. Many rabbis will not perform weddings unless both partners are Jewish. A co-worker of mine who grew up Catholic but whose first marriage ended in divorce could not get married in his family’s church. I’ve heard of at least one minister who refused to marry a couple he considered too young for marriage. Etc.

    Of course, instead of simply being a paranoid or an idiot, Shocked might be just another arrogant conservative who deals in truthiness, not facts or logic, even if on some level he or she knows (s)he’s making things up.

  14. Jeff says

    Oh, me?? I am very proud of the fact that (there were people who) had the plug pulled on her mic, venue, and entire tour.

    That kind of hate should not have a public mic, nor venue it’s just wrong Mark, wrong!

  15. bobbyjoe says

    So what, then snt– should those clubs be forced to put on her concerts even if she’s toxic to their business or their own ideals?

    Welcome to capitilism, Bub, and the true meaning of “free speech.”

  16. Grover Underwood says

    She can claim it was sarcasm all she wants but her career is pretty much F*U*C*K*E*D

  17. SFshawn says

    Actions have consequences.
    Words Matter.
    Hate Speech IS NOT Free Speech. It’s speech directed at inciting violence against others and usually those least able to defend themselves from such dehumanizing language or violence. Visit a holocaust museum sometime snt or any other posters spouting the free speech tripe.
    We witness it everyday on this very site.
    A soccer player in Greece does a Nazi Salute and they are banned for life from the game. That Polish Nobel Prize winner espouses hateful rhetoric that impacts peoples lives NOW and his accomplishments become worthless in the eyes of fair minded humans. Actions and Hateful words have consequences and the REALLY STUPID and BIGOTED supposedly “straight” people and the seriously closeted gay people and the severly depressed and psychotic religious people living on the earth in 2013 might want to REALIZE(and most difficult of all…LIVE IN REALITY)that gays folks ARE TAKING OUR RIGHTFUL AND DIGNIFIED PLACE in this world and will not go away…EVER.

  18. jamman says

    I liked “Come a Long Way” but the little dance she did in the video was pretty gay.

  19. John Freeman says

    Good. I’m glad whatever career she had left is in the toilet. Its no more than she deserves.

  20. Jimmy Palmieri says


  21. truthteller says

    You are ignorant about what free speech is: free speech has to do with the GOVERNMENT not infringing or penalizing you for your right to say anything you want. It has NOTHING to do with a private business or individuals who are offended by your hate speech.

    You see, this woman can say anything she wants and if it hurts the establishment’s profits or ethics, her mic can be turned off and asked to leave. Likewise, the offended recipients of her homophobic rant have a right to exercise their right to speak up against her diatribe.

    Again, free speech has to do with the GOVERNMENT prohibiting or penalizing you for your speech and that is illegal. People expressing their opinions about those who hate them and want to obliterate them from the face of the earth, not so much.

  22. andrew says

    Hopefully her BIGOTRY has buried her career. I hope her next tune starts with the words: “Do you want fries with that burger?”

  23. tad says

    Wow, listening to that was just incredibly sad. What a scared, sad woman determined to wallow in her fear and helplessness, making herself insane in the process. Religion is like mad cow disease of the soul.

  24. millerbeach says

    Even if I had any of your C.D.’s, I wouldn’t even use them as coasters. They’d go straight to the recycle bin. You are trash, Michelle. Too bad you are so messed up in the head with your kookie brand of “religion”, you can’t even see how hateful you are. Jesus is NOT in your heart, sweetie. He avoids hate. Get back to me after you study what being a real Christian is all about…until then, don’t you dare call yourself Christian. You are as far removed from Christianity as an Atheist. I have more respect for an Atheist than I do you. They don’t try to cloak their hate in Christianity. You sicken me. I hope you become financially ruined after this stupid stunt. I sure hope it was worth it, and I sure hope you have a different skill set to fall back on, because your music days are over.

  25. Tim says

    Hmm, I hear the Boy Scouts are looking for someone to perform now that Carly’s cancelled on them…

  26. paula says

    Jesus, im a straight woman from the most rural
    Spot in the west of ireland and even I hope she
    Goes to hell in a hand basket for this, from her
    Music I wudnt hav pegged her as a nazi…

  27. says

    What would Morris Kight do? Bring it to Brownwood Michelle!

    Who is she hanging out with that believes this? “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization and Jesus will come back.”

    Moris Kight was right!

    “I do not feel challenged by organized religion. In some cases it is helpful, and often is harmful.”

    Morris Kight, a Comanche County Texas Legend