Argentinian Cardinal Bergoglio Named the New Pope


Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been chosen as the new pope.

He will be called Francis.

USA Today:

Couldn't prevent Argentina from becoming the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage or stop its president, Cristina Fernandez, from promoting free contraception and artificial insemination. When Bergoglio argued that gay adoptions discriminate against children, Fernandez compared his tone to "medieval times and the Inquisition."

Bergoglio called gay marriage "the destructive attempt to end God's plan."

Bergoglio began “I write these lines to each of you who are in the four monasteries of Buenos Aires. The people of Argentina will face in the coming weeks, a situation whose outcome may seriously injure the family. This is the bill on marriage for same sex. “

Then he added, “At stake are the lives of many children who are discriminated against in advance by depriving them of human growth that God wanted to given with a father and a mother. At stake is a total rejection of the law of God, engraved in our hearts as well”.

The Archbishop stated flatly “we are not naive: it is not just a political struggle is a destructive attempt to God’s plan. It is not just a bill (this is only the instrument) but a ‘move’ from the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick on election of New Pope:

"For decades the Catholic hierarchy has been in need of desperate reform. In his life, Jesus condemned gays zero times. In Pope Benedict's short time in the papacy, he made a priority of condemning gay people routinely. This, in spite of the fact, that the Catholic hierarchy had been in collusion to cover up the widespread abuse of children within its care. We hope this Pope will trade in his red shoes for a pair of sandals and spend a lot less time condemning and a lot more time foot-washing."



  1. Moz's says

    born and raised there

    father Italian, wiki has no mention on mother’s ethnicity

    Most likely not 1 drop of Latino blood

    against gay marriage

  2. jjose712 says

    And the worst part is that he is not even by far the worst possible option.

    The fact he is against gay marriage doens’t mean anything because all cardinals are against gay marriage

  3. Moz's says

    true JJose712

    supposedly he is big time into the social justice / help for the poor aspect so a good thing

    posted in other thread he proves the st malachy prophecy wrong

    this the last pope pre anti-christ was supposed to take the forbidden name of Peter but he took Francis so Malachy prophecy proven wrong

  4. pedro says

    A old decrepit man for a decrepit church….the whole thing is such a farce. And they still chose a white man…

  5. Thomas says

    I’ll probably be endlessly flamed for this, but he’s among the least bad choices. He’s a Jesuit and he’s chosen the name Francis. Both of those signal an interest in social justice and the poor. The new Pope was never going to be pro-gay, or pro-choice, or any of those things. He would not have been appointed a Cardinal if he held those views.

    We could have had a Pope more centrally concerned with matters of sex and with taking the Church in an even more traditional and much more virulently homophobic direction (like Turkson, or even the North Americans). It doesn’t appear that has happened. And, frankly, that’s a relief considering he influences so much of the behavior of billions of people worldwide.

    I’m taking a wait-and-see approach for now.

  6. Janice says

    Another old out-of-touch homophobic right-winger who preaches that gays & lesbians are evil while his club is ridden with pedophiles in dresses. Hmmm… now who is really harming society and children?

  7. Moz's says

    exactly pedro

    see see , he is from argentina to all you the majority of the church = latinos

    wink wink nudge nudge but still white and heritage is european as it has always been

  8. LCR Jay says

    Is “gay marriage” the only thing some people care about? Is it your be-all/end-all? Is there anything else? How about things like famine, homelessness and poverty? But I suppose those issues are not as glitzy and self-indulgent as who gets to exchange rings with who all in the name of social validation. There are a thousand and one other issues to be passionate about, and to look to world leaders for guidance about, than who care marry who.

    That said, I’m sure Bergoglio will make a fine pope and I hope people don’t spend his entire reign scrutinizing him about his stance gay marriage. There are so many other, more worthy, topics for him to address.

  9. EchtKultig says

    I agree with Thomas. A crazy reactionary cult has chosen a crazy reactionary leader…but it’s one of the better crazy reactionaries they could have chosen.

  10. john patrick says

    “The Archbishop stated flatly “we are not naive: it is not just a political struggle… It is not just a bill (this is only the instrument) but a ‘move’ from the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.””

    Yes, Francis. You are naive. Marriage of same sex couples is about love. It is not an evil tool of Satan.

  11. dw says

    his positions on gay related issues are no surprise – they’re mandatory for a cardinal.
    BUT – his chosen name of Francis – and the fact that he’s a Jesuit – communicate a very surprising turn of events for the Catholic church.

    The majority of current cardinals have been appointed by the past two (very, very) conservative Popes. I think most people expected another cut from the same cloth.
    This man seems different.

  12. melvin says

    With most of these cardinal appointed by the last two nut jobs, this is probably as good as it gets. A quick check with a couple catholic friends, who told me “it could have been worse.”

  13. Matt26 says

    Very interesting. We’ll see what happens. It is clear the Catholic Church needs to change a lot. But when very conservative men choose a new pope of course they choose a conservative man. But the first one from Latin America, but still white.

  14. SFshawn says

    As USA Today reports he didn’t even have enough influence to win the GM battle or contraception battle. Considering all the recent upheaval in the church I hope the old ignorant dog get the sh*t kicked out of him. Hopefully anyone listing to his ‘inquisition tone’ will be RUNNING from the church and into the realm of human reality.

  15. Chrisme says

    @LCR What a silly thing to say! They do “good stuff” so we should ignore all the bad stuff? This isn’t about getting to have a glitzy wedding! LCR you are either not gay or a traitor.

  16. DJ says

    He’s the Pope, what do you expect?! Do you really think he’s going to be an advocate for gay marriage? That is ridiculous.

  17. DB says

    MOZ’s – Italians are much more Latin and much more Latino than any Hispanic people or Latin Americans. The majority of Argentinians are of Italian ancestry and the overwhelming majority are white. What do you mean by ‘Latino blood’? Hispanics can be of black, Indian, white, or Asian ancestry and any combination of these. Blood does not speak Latin or any other language, but Italian is closer to Latin than Spanish; Italians are much more ‘Latino’ than Hispanics.

  18. Thomas says

    @DW–Very true. We’ve had a string of quite conservative Popes since John XXIII. That Bergoglio could become Pope from a College appointed by all conservative Popes is remarkable. And many options existed in Latin America who were *much* more conservative and much more elitist.

    I also kind of agree with LCR JAY. Most of you need to grow up. This is a 76 year old man, who was raised in a very different generation, and under a religion that most of you are clearly unfamiliar with. This is about as much of a break from the last few Popes as you could get. To have someone who at least cares more about helping the poor than about cracking down on nuns or cracking down with doctrinal declarations will be a nice change of pace, I think. Frankly, his anti-gay rhetoric pales in comparison to what many of the other candidates spewed during their lives.

  19. Varela says

    From a Nazi to a collaborator with Argentine death squads.

    And that really is progress.

  20. says

    Remember that study that was all over the net last year, showing that homophobic men got the biggest erections over gay porn? The stronger his outward hatred, the bigger his stiffie. And the more completely he refused to acknowledge it, even when shown the data!

    Any bets on the proportional increase this guy gets when he thinks of guy-on-guy action?

    Sardonically yours….

  21. Moz's says

    LOL jackfkntwist


    Jesuits believe in withholding info and if you infer wrongly from what they say then its your fault and they never lied

  22. blakfoxx says

    There was never gonna be a chance in hell (pun intended) that there was going to be a pro gay or pro choice Pope, so don’t know why it’s even an issue.

  23. disgusted american says

    Bergoglio called gay marriage “the destructive attempt to end God’s plan.”

    ALRIGHT – now thats what Im talking about!!!! Scrap this Mythical Man-made Gawd’s Plan and lets deal with REALITY!

  24. Satty says

    I fail to understand what this costume wearing psycho has anything to do with people’s lives. Religion is the great mind control of all mankind. Its poison, silly, and downright irratating. We need to wake up from this “reality” that this is going to affect us.

  25. Dawson says

    Please someone explain to me which is the worse sin—Murder, Child molesting or gay marriage?

    Yet which of these is the Catholic Church obsessed with?

    We have to fight fire with fire. We cannot let them off on the issue and lack of responce to Child Molesting.

    Obviously this was a vote to their strengh—South America. Politics never die in the church. Would have been smarted to pick someone from Africa.

    Remember the church is about hate not love otherwise they would be reaching out to those they consider sinners. Isn’t this what Jesus did? But I don’t consider what I do to be a sin so go figure.

  26. RichB in PS says

    There’s a circulated photo of Pope Francis I that reminds me of Leslie Jordan! A new role [model]??

  27. disgusted american says

    I like his positions. Perfect for a Pope. Let the bitches moan.

    Posted by: TJ | Mar 13, 2013 3:39:20 PM

    ahh haaa – yeppers those Bitches aka Alter Boys will be moaning behind closed doors….and so it goes!

  28. Dawson says

    If Francis was/is so concern about ‘God’s Plan’ wouldn’t he be distributing the church’s wealth on the poor?——–Nahhhh. Easier to control the poor. Isn’t this what the church is all about?

  29. says

    Didn’t that seem sorta quick? Maybe they just picked this fool to hang it around his neck and let him be the one in charge when the cathlick church finally comes crumbling to the ground and we finally get to see what all the vatican has stuck away in it’s basement…

    We barely got a peek in Angels & Demons…

  30. Firestorm says

    Welcome the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Good thing I didn’t hold my breath expecting the Vatican to elect a more liberal Pope. I’m going to enjoy watching the Catholic Church continue its downward spiral into oblivion.

  31. Bill Perdue says

    Wherever you look the roman cult has deep interconnections with Italian and Spanish fascism and Nazism. That continued after the war. “Gerald Steinacher, a research fellow at Harvard University… (compared) lists of wanted war criminals to travel documents… The documents – which are discussed in Steinacher’s book Nazis on the Run: How Hitler’s henchmen fled justice – offer a significant insight into Vatican thinking, particularly, because its own archives beyond 1939 are still closed. The Vatican has consistently refused to comment. Steinacher believes the Vatican’s help was based on a hoped-for revival of European Christianity and dread of the Soviet Union. But through the Vatican Refugee Commission, war criminals were knowingly provided with false identities.” Guardian UK 04 25 2011

    Argentina was one of the favorite destinations for SS and other criminals after the Red Army, with a little help from the US and it’s satellite states destroyed the German Reich. “Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Bolivia. Other destinations included the United States, Great Britain, Canada and the Middle East. There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America; the two routes “developed independently” but eventually came together to collaborate.” Wiki

    In Transatlantic Fascism: Ideology, Violence, and the Sacred in Argentina and Italy, 1919-1945 by Federico Finchelstein he that Argentine nacionalismo was not the wholesale imitation of Italian fascism that Mussolini wished it to be. Argentine nacionalistas conflated Catholicism and fascism, making the bold claim that their movement had a central place in God’s designs for their country. Finchelstein explores the fraught efforts of nationalistas to develop a “sacred” ideological doctrine and political program, and he scrutinizes their debates about Nazism, the Spanish Civil War,
    imperialism, anti-Semitism, and anticommunism.

    Watch the video

  32. Vint says

    @LCR: You can hardly be surprised that gay marriage is a leading topic on a gay website. Is towleroad a famine website? A homelessness website? A poverty website?

    And a case can be made that the Catholic church (which clearly intends to be an active political and moral obstacle in the path towards marriage equality) at least doesn’t *intend* to be an obstacle in the way of solutions for poverty and homelessness (even though its stance on birth control and capitalism are *actual* obstacles). So confronting them on their active, bad-faith opposition to equality doesn’t seem all that far out of line.

  33. ratbastard says

    I wonder how much the monthly cocaine bills are for Marc Jacobs and Harry?

    *snark off*

    One more time: What is ‘Latino’? It excludes ‘white’ [i.e. European descent] people? Are ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ inter-changable? Do they only refer to ‘mixed’ people [i.e., mestizo, mixed white/black and so-on?]? The former president of Mexico Fox is part Irish and Spanish, possibly among other. He appears ‘white’…is he also ‘Latino’ or ‘Hispanic’?

  34. bobbyjoe says

    So he called gay marriage “discrimination against children”?

    A Catholic leader talking about discrimination against children is like a fox talking about discrimination against chickens.

  35. JohnAGJ says

    @Moz’s – So what? Somewhere around 80% of Latin Americans are of European heritage. I expected nothing from the new pope on gay rights, so am not surprised, but on the rest we’ll see.

  36. candideinnc says

    Hey Jay–No, same sex marriage isn’t the only thing. Gay adoption is important. Social Security benefits for gay partners is important. Immigration policies for gay couples is important. Priestly pedophilia is an important issue. Poverty is important, and I address that when I vote Democratic. Global health is important, and I contribute to Doctors Without Borders. But the Catholic Church is an evil institution that has branded our kind as so-called “sinners,” and has done all it can to discriminate against us and encourage bigotry world-wide. I had 13 years of indoctrination by those bast*rds, and their lies kept me and my family apart for many years. They are a hateful superstitious cabal, and I wish nothing for this pasty faced prelate more than complete and utter failure and the disappearance of his cult!

  37. anon says

    My guess is that his selection signals that the church is in part betting its future on the third world, rather than Europe and the US. However, it mainly signifies that Jorge was a popular guy among his fellow cardinals. Wags that are trying to claim his selection was in response to sex scandals and other church problems are silly. His selection has precisely zero to do with any of that. He’s also 76, so I won’t expect him to accomplish very much in the next eight years or so.

    Having read up on his history during the Argentinian dirty war, it seems he towed the line of publicly supporting the regime while doing what he could to help those in danger. He is being accused, though of turning over communistic priests (liberation theology advocates are essentially “god-full” communists) to the hunta for torture, and was forced to testify at a trial. However, nothing came of it. I suspect that the case will be brought before the European Court of Justice.

  38. David Hearne says

    As I was driving home, I wondered how the idiots who think that “latino” is a race would respond to the new pope. The American habit of saying things like “was he white, black, asian, or hispanic” brought home for all its stupidity.

    So apparently Mel Martinez and Marco Rubio aren’t latino and neither are most high end Cubans. Che Guevara wasn’t a latino according to such people, and I suppose that Castro is only honorary. But the illegal aliens in the US, the Mexican ones, have decided that they aren’t latino or hispanic either. They have declared themselves to be indigenous” and the owners of all of North America. Fook these people.

  39. David Hearne says

    ANON – How do you figure that Argentina is “third world”? Even Mexico isn’t third world, it’s first world compared to Guatemala.

  40. David Hearne says

    One more time: What is ‘Latino’? It excludes ‘white’ [i.e. European descent] people?
    Posted by: ratbastard

    AS far as I can tell “latino” and “hispanic” are used by “Progressives” and other anti-caucasians to narrow the definition of caucasian to “white people” by which they mean bright white and preferably blond.

    Part of this idea has been promoted by so-called academics who have taught these moronic followers that the Irish and the Italians weren’t considered “white people” until the 20th century. Of course, this is demonostrably false because the miscegenation laws of the US never criminalized marriage between a WASP and an Irish or an Italian. Just because Irish and Italian immigrant groups were treated badly by mainstream Americans and each other doesn’t mean they were considered nonwhite.

    Two cases really bring this home for the latinos. One was the case of a Mexican woman in Los Angeles prosecuted for marrying a negro male. The other would be Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz being openly married and on national TV. Clearly Latinos have always been considered Caucasian in the US.

  41. rick scatorum says

    I understand that he also referred to marriage equality as the machinations of the devil

  42. Cycledoc says

    A 76 year old “tradition” priest is not an agent of change. Many questions regarding his church’s behavior during the disappearances of the 70’s and 80’s in Argentina. The church there as during the Holocaust was strangely silent. Don’t expect much.

  43. stranded says

    @Moz’s: Don’t get confused. Latino is a culture, not an ethnicity. The “latin” label applies to anyone whose ancestors come from countries where romance languages are spoken: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Romania, therefore, anyone of italian descent can safely be regarded as latino.

  44. David Hearne says

    I see that we’re going to be treated to an endless barrage from the folks at DU and other worthless POS people who are obsessed with the “genocide” of failed communist criminals in Argentina.

    Please- put on your Che Guevara t-shirt (you can borrow mine if you like) and go hang out with the other crazies at Civic Center.

  45. Warren C. E. Austin says

    Perhaps the best choice of a bad lot; but, none-the-less The Vatican has once again chosen to go with the status quo rather than exhibit real leadership and promote change.

  46. says

    Although he is not as open-minded as we would like, he does have some good qualities. Like another poster said, he is supposedly very philanthropic. He has also acknowledged that gays and lesbians deserve respect…so I guess that he is a step in the right direction.

  47. candideinnc says

    Musclemodel–I am sure you are a good person, but why on earth would you want the respect of the hateful institution that is the Catholic Church? Their disapprobation, for me, is a badge of honor! I stopped looking at the bigots for any scintilla of self-esteem many, many years ago, and I highly recommend you do the same. They actually still believe that some of us care what those assholes think, I can honestly say I don’t!

  48. Rich says

    John XXIII was also an older man at his elevation that was expected to serve as a placeholder. Francis may be as much of a surprise to his electors.

  49. David Hearne says

    As much as I despise the Catholic Church, if you don’t think it serves a vital role in the world then you are blinded by your own opinions.

    The Catholic Church and Islam are like rats and snakes. If you kill the rats the snakes will take over.

  50. Thomas says

    @DAVID HEARNE–Very, very true. It might be worthwhile for all those who want to just b*tch and moan (despite much of it being completely true) to consider the alternatives to Catholicism. Most of the world’s population will continue to be involved in some organized religion. This is especially true in the global South, where the message of most religions tends to have more purchase than, say, secular humanism. “Do X, go to paradise” sounds pretty appealing when you’re living Hell on Earth, right? And the more fundamental the message, the more pure and inflexible the doctrine, the more welcome it seems to be. And even if it doesn’t convert people, you can always bribe them with stuff.

    All churches evangelize, and there will always be a population ready to suck up the most fundamental aspects of these religions. There is a war right now for the people in the fastest growing parts of the world, and do you know who is winning it? Evangelicals from the U.S. (and other Protestant denominations that are similarly fundamentalist), and Muslims. Catholics have played a much smaller role in the last couple generations in these regions.

    Now, as much as you might hate Catholicism, and as much of it might be valid, do you really want a world dominated by Evangelicals and Muslims? Last time I checked, their doctrine and their culture toward gays skewed much further right than just “don’t let them marry” and went into “let’s kill them” territory. I know that’s not universally true. You have good and bad in each faith community that buck the stereotypes. But generally, Catholics are among the least offensive religions when it comes to homosexuality, hard as that may be to believe.

  51. simon says

    Not only Muslims want to “kill the gays”. Uganda introduced a “kill the gays” bill. The house speaker visited Vatican and received by the ex-pope. She is supposedly a Catholics.

  52. andrew says

    In a short amount of time, he will have few supporters. The Right wing will dislike him because he is a lefty on economic and social justice issues. He is no friend of unregulated capitalism. The left wing will oppose him because he is a conservative on the social issues. He opposes women priests, opposes allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to recieve communion, opposes contraception and equality for LGBT people. For all the fanfare about this guy today, he hasn’t been able to stop Argentina’s drift away from Catholicism. Fewer than 10% of Argentinian Catholics attend mass regularly.

  53. simon says

    I checked her biography. The house speaker of Uganda is actually an Anglican. Definitely not a Muslim.

  54. GCS says

    And just so you know, yes, while racially-charged terms like “latino” (not hispanic, which has a much broader and global history), they have been reclaimed and embraced, specially amongst non-white hispanics who are by virtue racial minorities, in much the same way as words such as gay or black. There is no “anti-caucasian” sentiment present at all, but rather pride in one’s history that is often dismissed in the presence of white rule.

  55. andrew says

    @LCR Jay: Of course we care about other isues: like women’s reproductive rights and about a Papacy that tells the people of the world not to use condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS and thus condemns them to death or a life of illness. The Papal policy is helping to create tens of thousands of orphans in Sub Saharan Africa.

  56. andrew says

    @Musclemodelblog: On a lighter note: I want to join the church that worships ALEX TURNER. He is off the charts SMOKIN HOT.

  57. andrew says

    If you read the bible and believe that collection of hunan fables, horrors and contradictions, gods plan was that a man could have many wives and concubines.

  58. simon says

    The notion that Catholics somehow are intrinsically nicer people than Evangelicals and Muslims is contradicted by history. They are as capable of murder and burning people as other religious fanatics. It just happens that house speaker of Uganda is not Catholics. They will have the same bill even if they are. Hitler also happened to be a non-practicing Catholics. That doesn’t mean his action was dictated by his religion.

  59. millerbeach says

    Some of these comments have me RPTFLMAO, but not in a good way. So very, very disappointed with this choice, even if he was the most mild of the bunch.

  60. Wilberforce says

    It was a brilliant political move by the church. Their future is in Africa and Latin America, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Franciscan who cares about economic injustice.
    The social justice stance should also please American progressives.
    For the whining crowd here, what did you expect on gay issues? Try choosing strong leaders with brains and character to defend you, instead of hot looks and bodies. The facts and arguments are all on our side. We just can’t make them because our leaders are incompetent, chosen by you ignorant ghetto queens.

  61. simon says

    We are not whining. We are just happy for the Church and congratulate them to have chosen a pope which will destroy the Church from within. It is yet the strongest proof that there is a God.

  62. andrew says

    @Wilberforce: Jorge Bergoglio is not a Franciscan. He is a member of The Society of Jesus.

  63. Bill says

    I wouldn’t be that hard on him at this point – let’s see what he actually does. His past statements against same-sex marriage may have been made because he was told to make them.

    People who have known him for some time indicate that he is not likely to introduce significant shifts in church doctrine, but he may suggest a change in focus towards helping the poor and economic injustice.

    He’s been criticized for he actions or lack thereof during Argentina’s “Dirty War”, where people were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the government. There are some claims that he did nothing, and other claims that he spend effort behind the scenes trying to get arrested priests out of jail, and occasionally helped people sneak out of the country, but never publicly took credit. He criticized leftists enough that the government would not see him as an enemy. So, he
    didn’t go out of his way to help the junta, but he didn’t take any substantial risks either. Basically, he played it safe with a bias towards being socially responsible, at least if the articles I saw are accurate.

    Apparently as a cardinal, he avoided being pampered like most are so he’d cook his own meals and take a bus or subway to get to work.

    If we are lucky – there are no guarantees – he may keep the anti-same-sex marriage doctrine but suggest that the church not make a big fuss about it. That would be consistent with a “play it safe” approach to things – with public opinion changing, ranting against same-sex marriage will cost them a lot in terms of attracting new members. A compelling internal argument might be “We can pipe down about same-sex marriage or we can cut back on the perks you get for being a cardinal because we won’t have the cash flow to support the perks.”

  64. Bob says

    First, he is completely of Italian heritage (easy to look it up), which is very common in Argentina, and probably got him the votes of some Italian cardinals. To expect a Latino with native blood was a bit optimistic in that generation.
    Second, I pity the fools calling him “most Gay hating”– there is a long line of bishops worse than he, of which one is archbishop of San Francisco, at present.
    I say “worse” because this Francis guy is very unlikely to make attacking Gay rights as high a priority as Benedict, his ex-boss. He is going to make a show out of his humility, while cleaning up the vatican a bit.
    I am NOT saying I think he will be pro-Gay. I am saying that he will not push hatred like Benedict.

  65. BZ says

    Nice to see that the new pope has taken the name of Francis, after the Talking Mule (the unnatural love child of a horse and an ass.) Seems like that bodes well for the future, does it not?

  66. StevyD says

    My God, this IS the Catholic Church. You want trendy, try twitter. Leopards are even older than this interminably hoary relic and still haven’t changed their spots, neither will this church. If modern is your game, try the Episcopalians.