1. Caliban says

    Madonna didn’t INVENT that “mouths as eyes” image idea. It had been done before, SHE “lifted” in for her own use and now someone else is using it again. Big deal.

    Madonna is very good (or used to be) at marketing herself- I’ll give her that even though I can’t stand her and never could. But she’s hardly an original creative arts genius. She just hired talented people and recycled like mad from some of the better cultural dumping grounds. Can’t we just let this leathery piece of beef jerky continue on to her richly deserved obscurity?

    And FWIW I’m not saying that out of preference for some other “pop diva.”

  2. Firestorm says

    “The Corinthian” in DC’s The Sandman comic was rocking this look way before either of these gals.