1. Firestorm says

    Why is anyone surprised at this?

    Mrs. Bachman (I mean Michelle, not Marcus) is employed the usual Republican tactic of making up BS and repeating them until they become “fact”. When called out on her lies, Michelle relies on mores tricks from the GOP playbook: avoid the subject, deflect the issue, parrot the same inanities (“FOUR DEAD AMERICANS!” is the new GOP mantra), and run like a coward.

    Congrats on Dana. These shysters can’t keep pulling these dog & pony shows if they keep getting called out on it.

  2. Hamish says

    “Lying coward” doesn’t even come close to adequately describing her. Part of the problem is that the media has let these excrement-for-brains-bigots get away with their lies for so long, that they know that *can* tell the most outrageous lies with impunity.

    This woman is proof of biological atavism.

  3. Tim says

    What a piece of stuff she is…..she is what I hate about the Republican Party. She is all about lies and she is a coward. What keeps her around?

  4. walter says

    michele the queen of government handouts . she and her husband, mrs. doubtfire have taken money money from both medicare and medicaid for their therapy sessions, she has taken money for all her foster kids plus healthcare for them and her family has taken farm aid plus on top of all that she still takes her salary. leech!

  5. e.c. says

    Hey Michelle, you know what that disabled vet would like more than a White House Tour? How about some decent Veterans BENEFITS so he doesn’t end up living in poverty like so many of our brave soldiers. Try that on for caring.

  6. trees says

    She is necessary in the American political system: Someone has to be the lowest of the low and the most despicable.

  7. Michael in Toronto says

    Such a vile, cowardly, stupid, pathological, intolerant, lying, conniving creature she is.


    I don’t like her!


  8. dbaudit says

    Even if the idiots in her district keep electing her, why, I repeat WHY, does the press keep giving this obviously deluded woman a forum? And why do the rest of us watch. If we all just turned off CNN/Fox/CBS/NBC/ABC/HLN and all the other outlets that waste airtime on the verbal diarrhea of Coulter,Bachmann,and the rest of the hit and run “pundits,” their loose grasp on the truth would not longer get airtime.

  9. Marc says

    She’s just so Christian, isn’t she? Nothing says “I love Jesus” like making false accusations about someone and then running from it when confronted. What an ignorant _________.

  10. Rexford says

    She barely won re-election this past November in her own congressional district (50.6% vs. 49.4% for Jim Graves), yet she gets this kind of national exposure, because she’s willing to spread lies.

  11. Bernie says

    This is one of the dumbest and hypocritical women and one of the biggest liars out there! She says some of the stupidest, most ignorant things and then either denies or runs away when questioned. I would not vote her in for dog catcher nor would I trust anything that comes out of her mouth. And she calls herself a Christian…….her words and behavior are neither

  12. Dback says

    The Republicans have such short memories; George W. Bush spent almost 1/5 of his presidency (or nearly 2 1/2 years out of 8 years) on vacation or at his ranch, let alone the endless rounds of golf (“Now watch this drive”). But Obama goes out for an afternoon of golf, or goes home to Hawaii for the holidays, and it’s a national scandal. (Translation: the lazy black man is taking your money.) The hypocrisy never ends with these folks.

  13. Opinionated says

    Ugh CNN is also annoying for calling it “questionable comments”. A lie is a lie CNN, call it what it is.

  14. andrew says

    Bachmann is a pig. She belongs on the CPAC stage with fellow pigs like Donald Chump and the Defender of Marriage, the serial adulterer Gingrich.

  15. John Johnson says

    What Michelle Bachman needs is what she has been missing for quite sometime – and that is a good spanking by a her gang bangers. She is not only a disgrace to all women, but a disgrace to any scum who crawls under a rotten rock – she is the reason for giving these scums such a bad name.

  16. millerbeach says

    Keep her out there. Keep an open mic on her at all times. She is the best thing for the DNC since Sarah whatsherface. No, don’t keep this loon in a dark corner…trot her out in front of a camera or mic and let the looniness it will, most assuredly. Every time she opens her mouth, three more voters go to the Dems. Give her a show on Fox…seven days a week! Let’s prime that loony pump (otherwise known as the GOP) and let them have all the airtime they want…all the more rope to hang themselves. Make a drinking game out of it…every time Michelle lies, take a drink! You may be passed out by the first commercial break, however.

  17. Tom says

    I agree with the poster “millerbeach”.
    Let ’em talk, and keep talking. Their ignorance & bigotry know no boundaries.

  18. says

    Brian (above) suggests that it is a Republican tactic to keep repeating BS until people start to view it as “fact.” Maybe someone should start a rumor about Michelle Bachmann and see if it sticks. Did you hear that in her church there’s a secret ritual where MB and others drink wine as a way of symbolically drinking the blood of Jesus? Something like that. LOL

  19. says

    Even though perhaps the President’s spending habits aren’t appropriate considering the state of the economy…how many times did George Bush go on vacation to his ranch in Texas? Did Bush scale back his lifestyle once the economy slipped into recession? Double standard here.

  20. says

    Even though perhaps the President’s spending habits aren’t appropriate considering the state of the economy…how many times did George Bush go on vacation to his ranch in Texas? Did Bush scale back his lifestyle once the economy slipped into recession? Double standard here.

  21. DC Arnold says

    What happens when you’re not getting any from your gay husband. I blame Minnesota for returning a nutcase to Washington.

  22. Burt says

    Just like the pastor in the pulpit…exude the ‘look’ of authority and spout lies and deceptions because they know you haven’t read the book…