Band Scheduled to Perform at NOM’s Anti-Gay Marriage March Drops Out After Discovering What They Stand For


The Lee Boys, one of two musical acts scheduled to perform at NOM's upcoming March for Marriage in Washington D.C. around the time of the Supreme Court hearings, has dropped out after being informed by blogger Jeremy Hooper about NOM's agenda.

Writes Hooper:

I informed the team of what they may not know about the NOM agenda, why this booking is sure to garner a lot of unfavorable attention, and how they might be able to make a better choice.

I'm happy to now report that better choice. A band member has confirmed for me that the group is PULLING OUT OF THE GIG. They were not aware of what NOM was all about and they want no part. The only statement this band member wanted to give beyond simple confirmation is to say that "music is about love" and the band "would never want to offend."


  1. says

    So happy to read that an all-African-American-family band with a strict religious upbringing has rejected NOM’s offer to play at their upcoming hate-rally. Salut, to the Lee Boys!

  2. Paul R says

    I have to wonder how stupid they were to sign up for an event without any idea of its underpinnings.

    Obviously good on them for dropping out, but it seems odd.

  3. Mikey says

    Paul R.

    I’m starting to think that NOM is going out of its way to misrepresent itself. The fact they consider themselves “pro-marriage” is already a calculation.

    Saying they were having a pro-family or a Christian celebration rally wouldn’t, in their minds, be a lie.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    PAUL R,

    As Mikey said, they (or their manager) probably thought it was some religious event.

    The only people who know what NOM is are activists on both sides of the marriage equality issue, some politicians, financial donors on both sides of the issue, some news media folks, and people who go to Gay blogs.

    If we went to any Gay nightclub tonight and asked 100 people, “What is the National Organization for Marriage?” The answer would probably be a lost look, a shrug of the shoulders and, “…to get us Gay marriage?”

  5. Shelly says

    Just bought their latest on iTunes and dropped ’em a thank you note in the reviews section. I think this is a great way to show our appreciation, especially given the risk they have taken in standing by us as Christian artists.

  6. Belthazar says

    BTW, Dig, Joe, & Mag — good ideas!

    @Paul, so Jepsen and Train (pulled out of the Boys Scout event) – STUPID.

    The LGBT people that patronized a number of companies that donated (recently pulled) to the BS’s before it was brought to their attention – STUPID.

    The LGBT people that ate at Chick-fil-A before their policies were made known to the LGBT community and the public at-large – STUPID.

    Like most have stated, they were informed and they did the right by withdrawing. That does not make them Stupid. Bravo is how I would define it!

  7. woodroad34d says

    Went to their Facebook page and thanked them, “Liked” them, put them on MY Facebook page and bought the “Testify” album…

    I’ve never heard of them before, but their music is Rockin’/Blues/Gospel and makes you wanna dance. They’re truly terrific musicians and people.

  8. Jed says

    I LOVE THE LEE BOYS! I have worked with them here in Atlanta a handful of times, and they have always been the nicest and FONKIEST dudes around – and Roosevelt (the steel guitar player) is an untouchable talent. I am not at all surprised that they decided against performing for a bunch of bigoted haters. They may be a religiously-oriented band, but they are about rejoicing and celebrating, not telling anybody how to live their life.

  9. RexT says

    And a BIG Thank You to Jeremy Hooper – for his hourly, daily, weekly – non stop tireless work! This is an excellent result and a great decision by The Lee Boys!

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