1. daws says

    Wow. This is why I find conservatives scary. How can you watch this garbage (for enjoyment and information) and not be mentally ill?

  2. kode says

    Oh dear. It’s like a little child having a temper tantrum. Also makes me wonder if he’s drunk all the time. Then again people with God complex might think that they really know The Truth.

    Or maybe he’s just playing his role what he’s paid for. Pretty sad in every case.

  3. Thomas says

    I love that Rachel Maddow can be cool and collected while she interviews a Ugandan politician who supports executing her, but Bill O’Reilly has a melt down about Medicare cuts and the tide coming in and going out.

  4. says

    O’Reilly is angry because he’s well aware that despite sitting on throne, it’s a throne built out of cowdung, and the only people sitting at his feet are the stupidest people in America.

    it aint fun to rule the idiots. that’s why he’s so angry.

  5. HELLO says

    Trillions of dollars and where are the SPECIFIC cuts? Legitimate question. Bill’s got that old New England bastard style. I was raised around it. Doesn’t phase me. The female version is even more entertaining.

  6. HELLO says

    Trillions of dollars and where are the SPECIFIC cuts? Legitimate question. Bill’s got that old New England bastard style. I was raised around it. Doesn’t phase me. The female version is even more entertaining.

  7. SC David says

    Videos like this ensure neocons do not gain support among younger voters. I googled “Obama proposed cuts Medicare” and got 5.9 million hits. Bill just comes across as an angry, irrational, mean old man, and he’s as much the face of the neocons as anybody. Republicans can’t win the under-30 vote when this sort of image is welded to their identity.

  8. Jake says

    Cow dung! Oh dear lord how insulting Kiwi. I thought cow dung was used as fertilizer?.

  9. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    If you understand that Fox News is entertainment rather than serious political commentary, the scene in this video makes sense. Fox News hired Alan Colmes to be the liberal punching bag that the rest of their commenters (like Bill O’Reilly) could attack and sometimes have temper tantrums in front of—ALL FOR THE SAKE OF ENTERTAINMENT. Fox News does not discuss political reality, nor do they try to persuade anyone; they only entertain like-minded viewers.

  10. Walt NYC says

    I hope Alan Colmes is getting paid a shitload of money by Fox News. He spent years bottoming for Hannity and now, this. O’Reilly’s tantrum would be hilarious if it weren’t so insanely over-the-top. I was waiting for his head to explode (dare to dream).

  11. woodroad34 says

    Caption for the screen cap: “I’m so angry that my d**k is this big and my balls are smaller”

  12. jamal49 says

    Bill O’Reilly is a very sick man. A rich very sick man. The highest-rated show on cable news television. How low this country has sunk.

  13. Mitch says

    Sad that in any way by anybody this is construed as journalism. Makes reality TV seem downright cerebral.

  14. O'Really! says

    if the guy O’Reilly is so pissed about is there just wasting his time why then does O’Reilly make such a big deal of it – O’Reilly such a drama queen!

  15. AriesMatt says

    @ARTIE_IN_LAUDERDALE, if only more viewers understood this. Unfortunately, millions of Americans think these shows are valid, researched journalism. Sad.

  16. says

    it really is stunning how much contempt Fox News has for its viewers. they don’t respect them one bit. and like true plebes, they lap it up.

  17. M.Scott Hernandez says

    The man needs to get laid. I know a few GOP jackazzes that need the same thing.

  18. Tim says

    It’s refreshing to see someone get mad, all you people are good for is snarky comments. Can we pay extra to get a Kiwi free site?

  19. MaddM@ says

    are we seriously surprised when Bill throws a tantrum like a 4 year old or brazenly distorts facts if not lies? That isn’t news. News would be “Bill O’Reilly has calm rational discussion with points backed up by actual data and accurate citations of reputable sources”

  20. andrew says

    O’Reilly is the classic bully. He can’t tolerate dissent. He has to try and crush his opposition. Who does that remind me of? On another point: one of O’Reilly’s comments indicates that he thinks Medicare applies to “62 and 58 year olds”. In fact you must be 65 to get on Medicare.

  21. andrew says

    Of course I was talking about Towleroad’s resident bully. Not obsessed Kiwi, I just don’t like bullies. Why not post using your own name instead of using mine. Just another example of your devious ways.

  22. Tarc says

    As per usual, the conservative press is cookoo-for-Cocoa-puffs. O’Reilly is clearly lying… but I’m sure the CBO will be called a liar as well.

  23. luke says

    he was arguing with people who work at fox? i don’t even know why or what they’re arguing about exactly

  24. tdubb says

    Typical of leftists to attack the person and not debate the facts. Yes, BO is pissed about a “president” hell-bent on running up the debt to $20 trillion before he leaves office. 20 TRILLION!!! Got news for you guys…There’s a lot of people out there who don’t want the U.S. to become Greece. Is there not ONE PERSON on this board that gives a rats ass about the economic facts of what the man is saying? Guess not. Just keep on ripping on him for how he acted and just ignore our certain destruction as a nation. It is mathematically inevitable guys. Guaranteed, 100 effing percent.

  25. steven says

    shut up
    no you shut up
    no, YOU shut up

    I hate to admit it but id like to see an on-screen heart episode and spontaneous combustion.

  26. says

    O’Reilly aside (really, what did anyone expect?), I’m continually amazed at Monica Crowley’s superb imitation of a trained dog, spouting all the loaded catch-phrases on cue. Or is it an imitation?

  27. says

    You people are only the brainless SHEEP who voted for the idiot who is in office called Obama! You will never open your liberal eyes to the truth that is in front of you, because you’re too busy kneeling and praying to your Obama god who can do no wrong. If he told you the sky was truly purple, you bunch of fools would believe it. Your leftist bleeding heart ignorance will destroy this country. But don’t think that we’re going to go down without a fight. Many many see what is going on, and who are not either Republican nor Democrat, and merely AWAKE!! Perhaps it’s time you people open your eyes too. But first, you have to get your head out of the sand!!!

  28. ronald says

    Bill O Reilly was rude and left me feeling
    uncomfortable. I will not watch his show
    any more. He needs some kind of help!
    I wonder if he is this angry with his family.

  29. andrew says

    @Michelle Lopez: Instead of name calling: “brainless sheep” and “bunch of fools” you should have mentioned specific programs of President Obama’s that you disagree with. Then mabyye we could have an intelligent dedate. Otherwise its just Lopez ranting.

  30. Diango says

    How a person can hate so much the social security program, in other words, how a person can hate the senior citizens of this country. Only in Foxnews.

  31. Diango says

    @Michelle Lopez, to what patriot militia you belong to, Amber Cummings’s, James Yeager’s…groups that “see the federal government as their primary enemy” exactly what the Talibans, Al-Qaeda, al-Jihad, Hezbola, Hamas say?