Boxer Orlando Cruz Wins 2nd Match Since Coming Out While Wearing Rainbow Kilt as Sign of Gay Pride


Professional boxer Orlando Cruz, who came out of the closet last October, last night won his second match since coming out against Aaron "The Bomber" Martinez in a 6th round TKO, and did so in a rainbow kilt, Blabbeando reports:

He dedicated the fight to a number of people including his trainers and he almost couldn't contain his emotions as he thanked his grandmother who passed away last year. He also thanked the LGBT community for their support. 

During the fight he wore a multicolor boxing kilt with Puerto Rican flags on both sides. One of the flags was red, white and blue, the other flag's stripes reflected the color of the rainbow as a sign of gay pride.

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  1. Jose says

    I was ignorant about the meaning of the rainbow flag (was raised in a homophobic surrounding) until I recently read a book and watched a documentary on LGBT history. profoundly moved by it now. The rainbow flag represents diversity, love, unity, acceptance and has soo much beautiful history behind it. It makes me proud to have that symbol.

    And what a brave man to use his platform to stand up for so many voiceless. Congrats on all his success!

  2. 2 Dads says

    This, this right here is the kind of thing that leads to change. Exposing society in various brackets that we are gay, and aren’t ashamed of it, and have been through a great deal of prejudice to be where we are, and have been through a great journey to have self acceptance, and now that we are comfortable in our skin, we want to use our voice to foster a more accepting envrionment for the next generation. THAT is what creates profound, long lasting, prominent change folks.

  3. Duration & Convexity says

    Why haven’t gay rights groups used Cruz more often in campaigns or exposed him more considering how passionate he is about this issue, and how much pride he has to be part of our community? I’ve heard his quotes about LGBT youth and inspiring their lives and it’s extremely powerful. This man could be an incredibly resourceful tool for us if he is used to his full advnatge. Much like Ayanbadejo. These are people who touch lives and minds.

  4. Luke Morgan says

    Anyone know if he’s on twitter or facebook? I want to thank him for this display and all he’s done, but can’t find the right venue to do so on social media.

  5. USC Trojans Fan says

    I wa reading some article (ESPN?) a few months ago about the really positive effect his coming out has had not only in the boxing community, but latino community and among his fans. People expressing how they never knew a gay person before, but looked up to Cruz and knowing he’s gay makes them rethink their prejudice toward gays. It was a really insightful article. Have to see where I saved it.

    Anyhow, love this man’s convictions. Congratulations to his hard work and earned success.

  6. Sam says

    Just the fact that he’s so comfortable in his sexuality, proud of his convictions, and a strong force in the gay community makes him so appealing. Thank you Orlando Cruz. It’s thanks to unaplogetic gay men like yourself that our community has seen so much progress.

  7. ripper says

    Good grief. Ratbastard can’t post a positive remark without his de rigueur gay insults. It’s like he suffers from Generalized Douchebaggery Disorder.

  8. DC Arnold says

    What Mr Cruz has accomplished just to be able to step into the ring is worth way more than shilling for LGBT Groups. Visibility alone in Hispanic/Latin circles notwithstanding sports arenas, and this just the beginning.

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