1. says

    Classy, that’s a real twitter apology. Good for this guy, you know, talking a word out of your lexicon is very very hard to do. It will always come to mind if it used to come to mind, so it’s great that this guy is making steps. I hope no punishment comes down, this is a perfect use of a “warning”.

  2. Jack M says

    Getting really bored with the ignorant tirade followed immediately by the contrite apology. Seems to be an epidemic.

  3. Bucky says

    I agree with Fenrox. This is what a real apology looks like. Stepping up and being accountable for what you have said. In the heat of the moment, he said some ugly, hateful things. And then he manned up and was accountable for what he said. This is a big win. And, even though it might not seem like it, this is — ultimately — a classy man.

  4. Pig says

    Bucky, are you stupid? Classy man my ass. He had no choice to be accountable for what he said considering it was filmed.

    I don’t care about these people who go on these anti-gay rants and then say “sorry” afterwards. Words like that don’t come out of someone’s mouth repeatedly unless they are words they find OK to use on a regular basis. People who uses those words show they have no respect for gay people and think that we’re less than.

    So sick of the excuses.

  5. Caliban says

    Well I suppose the TNA could sentence him to running around in skimpy trunks, surrounded by sexually conflicted and not terribly bright men who won’t admit that on some level they’re sexually attracted to him.

    Oh, wait….

  6. Randyowen says

    Yeah i would not call that a contrite apology at all, he could have said something like “i am sorry your feelings were hurt…” or some such with out acknowledging that it was his issue to correct, I am impressed with the class of this professional wrestler… OK so maybe the world IS about to end… :-)

  7. Goodcarver says

    Hope they throw the book at this a..hole. Class??? And I notice a lot of posters call him an ” Athlete” LOL

  8. MFinBH says

    Textbook professional spin control here.

    That tweet and the original rant were not in the same voice, which is to say the tweet was written by a TNA publicist or attorney.

    Even by the standards of spoken vs written English, someone capable of saying:
    “you should’ve did something already…”
    will not then turn around and construct a sentence like:
    “I personally apologized for my careless choice of words and my ignorance with regard to certain slurs I used.”

    Nobody’s grammar differs that greatly from spoken to written (particularly in the informal writing used on Twitter).

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    That was a pretty vicious rant with multiple anti-Gay slurs.

    But how easily the apology was accepted by some of y’all.

    If Chris Culliver visits Towleroad today and sees video then reads the comments– he’ll be saying, “…you believe this sh.t?”

  10. Dee Vee says

    I really thought that Science would have come up with decaffeinated steroids by now.

  11. Pro Fag says

    I don’t want his f*cking apology, he can stick it up his a**! I’m not glad he apologized the only thing still resonating whit people is the video filled whit bigoted machismo bs. Why can’t they make a video of their apology are they afraid it might show their full of sh!t.

  12. Pro Fag says

    P.S. But then again even if he’d apologized on camera, stupid people believe pretty much anything easily.

  13. Danny says

    I’m surprised anyone even cares, or pretends to.

    He apologized. Get a life and move on, people.

  14. Icebloo says

    Why does no one say anything when John Cena says anti gay slurs ? Do we only speak out when the homophobe is not sexy ?I

  15. Bill says

    The whole thing is staged, scripted from start to finish. Anyone taking anything said by the pro-wrestling crowd will believe anything. The writers took it too far, though, and someone had to clean up the act. The man probably had too much of a conscience to let this go without some sort of a statement about how he felt about it.

  16. Kenny says

    @Bill so this justifies it? Wrestling has been homophobic for years act or not most of the wrestlers ARE homophobic and this caveman is no different act or not. Quit trying to make excuses for this by claiming its just an ACT.

    I guess some gay kid taking their life due to hateful denigrating and cruel words like the one this man used is also just an ACT. Rolls eyes.

    @Danny take your own advice some of us arent willing to forgive especially when there are so many celebs singers and so on who have also made so called MISTAKES then immediately APOLOGIZED. It gets old after a while .

  17. Kenny says

    @Icebloo excellent point I spoke out about John a few years ago hes one of many hypocrites in the WWE or WWF or whatever the hell it is.

  18. LincolnLounger says

    At least it was a real apology, instead of one of those phony “if anyone was offended” messes.

  19. Armando says

    It seems that some of you have been hurt in your personal lives so much that you have lost the ability to forgive, even a stranger that you have never met. Yeah, apologies are just words. What really matters is how he acts and speaks in the future.

  20. Charlie_ATL says

    Unless an apology begins with, “I was wrong, . . .” it’s nothing but Bullcrap!

  21. Kakapo says

    Forgive me if I’m not too terribly offended that a professional wrestling character named “Bully” went on a homophobic tirade. And the apology was nothing if not unequivocal. Leave the fellow alone now.