1. Moz's says

    the guy wants to return venezuela to what it was like pre Chavez when 80% of the population was poor and 40-50% illiterate, with a high infant mortality rate, where the pre chavez leader ordered the shooting of civilians which led to Chavez then a military commander leading 12,000 soldiers in a coup which didn’t work but paved the way for Chavez to be a national hero and win the election years later

    The poverty rate was reduced to 20%, the illiteracy rate cut in half…now only 20% of Venezuelans are illiterate, the infant mortality rate cut by 1/3, there are now paved roads everywhere as vs dirt roads, schools, clinics, etc

    Not all pro gay people are good people

  2. jamal49 says

    @MOZ’S: And an economy that is in ruins, an inflation rate of 500%, a destroyed private sector, the highest crime and murder rates in the Western hemisphere, oil production at nearly 50% of what is was five years ago and a Venezuelan diaspora that has Venezuela’s best and brightest residing in exile instead of in their country.

    I cannot discount the good intentions of Hugo Chavez. You are correct that Venezuela for decades was in the grip of an oligarchy (as was most of Latin America) that consigned 80% of the population to poverty, illiteracy, unequal educational and economic opportunities.

    When Hugo Chavez was elected president, one had the hope that Mr. Chavez would dismantle that ossified oligarchy and create something new. Yes, infant mortality rates were cut by 1/3, the illiteracy rate possibly cut in half, a national health-care system modeled on Cuba’s that emphasized prevention and educating the people on good hygiene and sanitation. Those facts cannot be denied.

    But Hugo Chavez wasted the opportunity to change Venezuela’s economy by creating a robust private sector, which it has never had because of the oligarchy’s past, rigid, selfish control. Instead he went down a quasi-socialist path that has promised more than it has been able to deliver.

    Venezuela is nearing economic bankruptcy and the old oligarchs were replaced by the new oligarchs of Hugo Chavez’ supposed “Bolivarian revolution”. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

    Where Mr. Chavez is concerned, he fulfilled that old adage: power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    In the end, Mr. Chavez was nothing but a clown and a buffoon. That is very, very sad. He ended up betraying his own “revolution”.

    One fears for Venezuela’s future. I predict a coup d’etat by the Venezuelan military within six months. Then, social, political and economic chaos–le deluge.

    Those Venezuelans whose lot in life slightly improved through Mr. Chavez good but misguided intentions will end up suffering the most.

  3. John says

    @Jamal49: You seem to be confusing a “thriving private sector” with a thriving economy. The fact of the matter is that Venezuela has had its standard of living increase steadily since Chavez took office and they don’t want to turn back. Pre-Chavez, Venezuela’s “thriving private sector” was controlled by the 1%, by the 1% including funneling the country’s vast oil wealth away from the people who’s country it lays beneath.

    This Capriles character seems to be another pretty face who is pandering to no end to his bourgeois base. He’d be lucky to get 30% in a face-off with Maduro.

  4. Moz's says


    a quick and admitadly sloppy google shows

    Venezuela yrly murder rate at 2,000

    US yrly murder rate at 12,000+

    1 issue though is the size of the US as vs Venezuela

    But the US has the highest murder rate in the western hemisphere

  5. Moz's says


    don’t want to forget a few good things chavez did for the US

    1- sent free heating oil and gasoline to Katrina ravaged area before bush himself had ever gotten to the area to survey the damage

    2- has yrly sent under-priced heating oil to the US to help Joe P kenedy provide heating oil to impoverished north eastern americans during winter

    3- called out Bush jr as the devil LOL in the Un which any sane person can agree with. There are many european countries where Bush jr, rumsfeld, and cheney can not travel to because they have enacted laws to arrest on site and turn over to the world court

    Was Chavez and his government perfect? Nothing and no one is this side of a Utopian dream, but he was better than most world leaders

  6. GCS says

    Unless you have actually lived in Venezuela and experienced the violence, corruption and shortages that have ravaged the nation under Chavez, your Wikipedia statistics are moot.

  7. olter says

    I’d like to point out that Capriles describes himself a Catholic. What Blabbeando actually reported was the attack on Capriles’s Jewish ancestry, not faith.

  8. venezuelan says

    GCC “Unless you actually LIVE in Venezuela and experienced the violence, corruption and shortages that have ravaged the nation under Chavez, your Wikipedia statistics are moot”

    chavez NOTSOGAYFRIENDLY, he banished his eldest son about 16year ago, so that people don’t even think he has a son, but HE DOES, lives in Spain and the reason of he’s exile is rummored to be his sexual conduct.

    Also I’m not voting this year because I moved states over the past months and I’m not registred as a Voter in my new state, how’s that 4 democracy?

  9. says

    @Olter: Thanks for catching that but I am at fault for that mistake, not Towleroad. In the original version posted on Blabbeando I erred and said Capriles was Jewish. A reader alerted me that he identifies as Catholic and I went on to correct the mistake.

  10. Dan says

    The argument that Maduro will be good because Chavez was “good” and they belong to the same party and that Capriles is bad because he doesn’t belong to that party is incredibly distorted and plain idiotic. You have primaries in this country to see the diverging points of views of different candidates and they have a very large variance, do you really believe that they will be the same? and that because they are in the same party he will do a good job as president? Also, Capriles was 26 years old when Chavez came into power, he barely lived in a Venezuela without this government so who knows where you are getting this “insight” that he will return Venezuela to the 1990s?

    @MOZ: Have you even seen Caprile’s proposals or are you just throwing random facts produced by the government that you are blindly praising? I love the one about paved roads everywhere particularly, as I am sure you have had the pleasure of driving on those lately.

    @John: 30%? really, Capriles got 45% (6.6Mil out of 14.4Mil) against Chavez (the idol and leader)… do you really believe that Maduro will do better? Also, take a look at Chavez and the fortune that he left behind ($1-2Billion) and tell me again about the evil private sector. He’s worth more than 4 times what the uber capitalist Mitt Romney is worth!

    I’d love for both of you to stop by the country and see how long you last praising the current administration. Or given the ridiculous murder rates, how long you last (Venezuela: 73 murders per 100,000 in 2012, US: 4.7 per 100,000 in 2011) @MOZ: at least use numbers in a way that are comparable.

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