Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz Would Not Support Marriage Equality if His Child Was Gay: VIDEO


MSNBC Host Richard Lui asked Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) today how he felt about Senator Rob Portman’s reversal on marriage equality.

ChaffetzSaid Chaffetz: “Anybody who knows Rob Portman knows that he is sincere he’s honest he cares about his family he’s passionate. I mean all of those positive things. And I know this is very heartfelt and he believes it. And gosh, more power to him. He believes really does this, and I respect him for it.”

When pressed on whether he’d make the same switch for his own child if he or she came out of the closet, Chaffetz indicated that he would not:

“I would love them with all of my heart, all my heart, absolutely…I just believe in traditional marriage, that’s what i believe in. And I believe somebody who is gay can still be very happy and thrive and we want nothing with but the best for them. I don’t want to discriminate against them, but I just happen to believe in traditional marriage.”

Chaffetz has been vocal in his opposition to marriage equality in the past. In 2009 he vowed to block D.C.’s marriage equality law from taking effect, saying, “Some things are worth fighting for, and this is one of them. It’s not something I can let go softly into the night. . . . I recognize the Democrats are in the majority, but I represent the majority of Americans on this issue.”