1. Craig says

    Interesting reaction in the crowd: stand back, whip out the cell phones and cameras, and wait patiently. Note the airport screener just standing back and not adding to the confrontation. I’m guessing had this been at a US airport the guy would have been tazered, tear gassed, and body slammed by a few dozen cops before being dragged away. Which country is the all powerful totalitarian state again?

  2. ger says

    JC, this man was born before the the one child policy was implemented, and he actually has 2 sons. The rich can have as many children as they can afford. I kind of wish North Americans thought a little more about the cost of having a child before having them,

  3. BreckRoy says

    It’s important to read the article. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5% which is (slightly) larger than the 3% difference in respondent’s position. And if you make the generous assumption that they polled half men/half women, the margin of error for those subpopulations doubles (if I recall statistics correctly), meanining that 64% against could easily be only 57% against. It’s hardly groundbreaking or newsworthy that the population still hovers at about 50-50 for thee state. But as with all polls and especially the way this one is reported, it wilbe used for political purposes.

  4. kdknyc says

    Considering the nosebleed that is created by having to jump the hurdles to get on a plane these days, this is oddly satisfying to watch. Appalling, but a fun fantasy to run in one’s head.

  5. John Farmer says

    @Craig: Would it really be “totalitarian” for police to intervene to stop a grown man acting like a petulant child, throwing a temper tantrum, and physically destroying property in a public space because he cannot manage his time appropriately?

    It is curious how certain reactions to videos like these always devolve into comparisons between the US and China with arguments over how one is better or worse than the other. What is that impulse? Can’t we all just agree that no country has a monopoly, or even preponderance, on jerks engaging in jerk off behavior?

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