Colorado House Gives Final Approval to Civil Unions in 39-26 Vote: Governor Will Sign into Law

ColoradoColorado's House just gave final approval to SB-11, the Colorado Civil Union Act, on its third reading in a 39-26 vote.

All Democrats and Republican Representatives Cheri Gerou and Carole Murray voted in favor of the legislation, according to LGBT rights group One Colorado.

Said Brad Clark, Executive Director of One Colorado, in a release:

“This historic victory belongs to the thousands of committed couples across the state, who have worked tirelessly for three years to make it possible for all loving families to have the protection they need to take care of one another. Across the country, we’ve seen a sea change in public opinion on this issue. A vast majority of Coloradans support providing committed same-sex couples with the security they need, and these fair-minded folks are glad to see civil unions finally passed."

One Colorado adds: "SB-11 includes commonsense exemptions for faith leaders to ensure they’re never required to perform or certify a civil union. Despite some faith-based opposition to the bill, the coalition advocating for civil unions includes more than 200 faith leaders.

Said the Rev. Nancy Bowen, executive of the Mountain Desert District of the Unitarian Universalist Association: "As a faith leader, I celebrate the passage of civil unions. We believe that our congregations should honor all that is holy and what is more holy than love? Civil unions protect our religious freedom to recognize the unions of all loving couples in our congregations. We are honored to stand with the legislature on the side of love."


  1. says

    Not meh to the people who worked hard for this in CO, though it’s a testament to how far we’ve come that something that didn’t exist 15 years ago is now seen as backwards. Today’s CUs become tomorrow’s marriages.

  2. danswon says

    It’s a step in the right direction. But do any gay couple in Colorado really want a civil union now when they could get married elsewhere in the US?

  3. Zlick says

    Well, Congrats. I’m glad they’ve finally reached 1995. But it’s better than a stick in the eye. And Obama’s 8-state solution now has its eye on you, Colorado!

  4. Sam says

    I am curious to see if the anti-gay side will attempt to repeal this by referendum. The anti-gays are in a bad spot. They are furious that their state now has civil unions, but they probably know that they would lose if they tried to repeal.

    If CUs aren’t repealed, then they will serve the same function they have served in every other state. They will be a transition to full marriage, as support for marriage goes way up after CUs are in place.

  5. KC says

    Um, once again… FYI to those who still feel the need to make uninformed, snide/passive-aggressive remarks: Colorado currently cannot – repeat, CANNOT – legalize marriage equality due to a 2006 constitutional amendment banning that. “Civil unions” is the best we can do for now, and much better than what we had before. For too many other states, even civil unions are still an impossibility.

    So rather than issue a “meh” or “welcome to the 90s,” how about a big thanks to the lawmakers who (1) made this a priority and (2) made it happen. They didn’t have to. But it was the right thing to do. And full marriage equality will follow soon enough.


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