1. says

    And Ricky will be to blame for his own children’s sadness in life.

    If you know what I mean….

    gotta love CPAC, though. anti-gays? a-ok! racists? a-ok!

    gay republicans? no thanks.

    face it Gay republicans, your party hates you even more than you hate yourselves, as if that was even possible.

  2. Nick says

    Frothy discovered that Will and Grace was only one of the Gay Agenda items we employed to brainwash Umerica. You caught us Frothy-
    (and who says you are intellectually challenged? Your brain cells work overtime.)

  3. Lymis says

    There are no endings or beginnings. Stonewall? Will & Grace? The friend of Dr. Hooker who had her rethink the idea of homosexuality as an illness? Lawrence? Romer? Safe and reliable contraception? The Protestant Reformation? Polyester fabrics?

    However, if Santorum wants to blame Will and Grace, then thanks to everyone involved in Will and Grace. It was a delightful show, and if it forwarded civil rights in the US, so much the better!

  4. Abel says

    Well, this is gonna be how Frothy Mix continues to make a living I guess. No doubt he plans a White House run in 2016. I don’t know if the man is as stupid as we think he is, but he is certainly evil. I wish he’d go away, but he won’t. Not any time soon.

  5. Concernedaboutseemingold says

    I hope this doesn’t date me, but isn’t this the same story as Dan Quayle blaming Murphy Brown for single mothers being okay?

    Of course, Rick Santorum is no Dan Quayle – one is worse than the other, but I’m confused as to which is which.

  6. Caliban says

    If I thought he was right I’d stucco over my butthole.

    But he isn’t right. What’s worse locally is ALL the guys are online are married. Their wives must be thrilled.

  7. says

    MTV’s The Real World did much more to open the minds of Americans to gays and lesbians, I think, because it depicted real people (Norm, Pedro, Danny, et al.) struggling to live as LGBT folks.

  8. Jay says

    Well this further proves Rick Santorum has zero authority to talk about gay issues. A matter he has not taken the time and effort to begin to understand.

  9. says

    If Will & Grace was responsible for ANYTHING it is showing a section of middle America that gay people are not that different from themselves.

    It also helped paved the way for gay characters in sitcoms and drama.

    But if we are REALLY to give credit to a TV show, TRUE credit goes to…

    SOAP (1977) for the character of

    An American Family (1973) documentary about the Loud family featured gay son Lance Loud.

  10. jleo71 says

    What would even be the purpose of making such a ridiculous claim. Surely he knows better. I guess even negative attention is good attention in his book.

  11. AJ says

    W&G didn’t do much of anything. The only thing to “blame” for this sudden change of heart is old people dying off and being outnumbered by people who don’t care or who have gay friends that they don’t want to see get shafted by the system. I also think Obama being in favor of it did a lot; more than most here will ever admit to. That was HUGE.

  12. FFS says

    W&G was also responsible for his fap blisters. Still not healed, eh Frothy?

    I’d recommend you dial back on your viewing of Lifetime: Television for Women & Gay Men, but . . . we all know that self-control is practically nonexistent among the religious right.

  13. Bernie says

    wow…..Santorum is so smart……..he figured this out all by himself……I don’t even know if this man can tie his shoes…..he is dumber than dirt

  14. Firestorm says

    Oh no! He’s caught onto Operation Just Jack! He knows that we’ve been broadcasting pro-gay messages subliminally during Will & Grace! ABORT!

    That goodness he still hasn’t discovered Operation Wet Carpet, where we broadcast invisible radio waves that cause homosexual urges during Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show.

  15. Carter says

    Santorum has single-handedly moved marriage equality forward without even realizing it. When he goes to spew his bile to his bible banging CPAC audience and says things like “homosexual’s have dirty anal sex”, the men in the audience are thinking “Hey, I have done that to my wife” or “wish I could do that to my wife”, they think to themselves, “actually I have no problem with that”. With regards to “man on dog sex”, how many times have I seen people french kiss their dogs? Dozens!!! One step away from . . . ? Liberals were all ready convinced that marriage equality was right. The Corruplicans are the ones changing their minds. Thank you Frothy Mix! Keep reminding your audience how much they love anal!

  16. Mary says

    OK, I was all ready to defend Santorum here,claiming that all he was saying is that TV has the power to influence cultural/social views. But then I listened to what he actually SAID. And yes, he did say that “marriage stayed the same” 30 years after the sexual revolution and then was successfully challened due to “Will and Grace.”

    Today has not been a good day for social conservatives whether they are opposing SSM (Frothy) or supporting it (Marie Osmond.) Osmond managed to sound flaky and childlike supporting it, and Santorum totally loopy in analyzing how it came to be supported by others.

    Cultural conservatves born after 1958 were trained and guided very poorly by those who came before them in the conservative movement. Buckley, Rusher, Kirk, etc…. These people spent the 1960’s and 70’s preoccupied with the young people of the New Left and didn’t pay enough attention to their own young people, resulting in a serious “sawdust in the brain” problem for these children, now adult leaders/celebrities.

    Marie sounds like a 13 year old – there are far better ways to defend SSM, even from a conservative perspective. Rick Santorum seems to think we’re still living in 1975 and blathers on about “the values that made America great.” I have always been a big fan of these two people. But now they both embarrass me.

  17. someone has to say it says

    I say that the Catholic church is to blame for Rick Santorum.

    All those dopey priests pontificating in front of impressionable youth!

    He can’t help it, it’s how he was raised. Low intellectual standards.

  18. says

    What about the gays who applied for marriage licences in New York in 1971 ?
    Will and Grace were hardly even born then.

    But let’s get back to that obscene despicable moment when Frothy brought home the dead foetus in a plastic Tupperware box to show his kids their dead sibling ….
    I want to hear more on that story.
    Anyone got the links/refs ?????

  19. Bill says

    @jleo71: “What would even be the purpose of making such a ridiculous claim.”

    … easy if you are cynical about politics. The Republicans realize that they are on the losing side of an issue. Hence, several Republican legislators have just stated their new-found support of same-sex marriage. But, they need to explain it to their wingnut “base”. So, we have Rush Limbaugh announcing that they lost and that same-sex marriage is inevitable. Santorum is trying to place the “blame” on a silly TV program. What they obviously don’t want is for the “blame” (in the eyes of their wingnut base) to be placed on the Republican Party.

    Two hypotheses that sort of fit are (1) they really are idiots and (2) they are not idiots but think that many of their supporters are idiots and they have to pander to their idiot supporters. The fact that they seem to be abandoning a sinking ship faster than the proverbial rats supports (2) more than (1).

    If (2) is true, the fact that they wanted to throw us under the bus once strongly suggests that they’d do it again without blinking an eye if public opinion started to go sharply in an anti-gay direction.

  20. Max says

    We should really encourage more such idiotic Republican views – an excellent way to prepare for 2016. You don’t want them to start talking sense.

  21. UFFDA says

    When you’re sure you’re right, when you assertively, militantly, resistively KNOW it – then, as polar opposites, you attract each other to the point of fulfilling one another in another kind of “equality.” You know, an “I’m rubber your glue…” thing. Rick is perfect. So are we.

  22. Mary says

    Uffda, I always enjoys your posts, but I can’t enjoy this once since I truly don’t understand what you mean. Not being critical, just curious about what you’re trying to say. Please clarify,


  23. Darrell says

    Will would be a great President (though the actor is a fellow Canuck) LOL

    Grace would be the first lady

    Karen Walker could be the defense secretary

    And Jack could be Vice-President…….LOL

    Santorum is a wingnut….plain and simple does he even realize that former hit show has been off the air for years???????

  24. cmh says

    I’m not disparaging will and grace though I wasn’t a huge fan. But really a show where will never made out with anyone (accept his friend as part of a protest) or even married anyone? Okay rick.

  25. says

    I hate to agree with Santorum on any issue, but he’s partially correct. Culture changes people’s thinking. I think Will & Grace and all of the other positive and enlightening cultural portrayals of the LGBT community have helped to make America more rational. Though Santorum – being an idiot – wouldn’t recognize the rationality. But even morons, once in awhile, hit upon partial truths.

  26. Sean says

    Will and Grace lol. I wouldn’t watch that show cause there was absolutely no evidence he was gay. If all it took was Will and Grace it should have been easier than it has been.

  27. Bill says

    @HalWLanse : While TV programs and films supportive of gays have helped, I think it partly started with Harvey Milk’s attempt to get everyone to come out. He thought that coming out would reduce prejudice as people realized that some of their family members were gay. He might not have been right about that, at least not completely – having a large number of people come out meant that there were suddenly a lot of pro-gay messages flying around, and that, just like mass media, influences public opinion.

    (Also, just in case there is any confusion, one other person was using “Bill” as a name while commenting on this thread.)

  28. UFFDA says

    Mary – I am of a metaphysical mind set, an enthsiastic follower of Abraham-Hicks – see lots of her on You Tube. The more you resist, the more you attract what you resist. The remifications of this simple premis are far too complex to follow here. But I believe they are very much worth thinking about. In fact I believe that in the power of Mind to create both circumstances and reality itself there lay all the power to shape both individual and universal life.

  29. newz4i says

    Demise of the entire traditional marriage. Here’s how:

    Jesus had two dads: Joseph and God. These two used a surrogate, Mary, to carry and deliver their child.

    Easy …

  30. Rio says

    Yay. I LOVED Will and Grace. I still watch reruns and am amazed at how witty and the writing is. And how engaged you got to characters who were meant to be dense and full of punchlines, but each had genuine heart.

  31. Mary says

    Yes, newz4i, Jesus had two “Dads.” But Mary was not a “surrogate,” she was his actual mother and she functioned in that role. In Christian theology, Mary was the biological mother of Jesus the human being. She did not create his divinity. This came from God the Father. Joseph was actually his foster-Father.

    But this only proves that God can create exceptions to a rule any time he chooses to. Jesus, being the Son of God, was going to have a unique set of circumstances. We are told to model our behavior on his, but this doesn’t mean that the circumstances of his life could or SHOULD be a blueprint for society at large. For example, Jesus died at age 33, which is quite young. Secondly, he never married or had children. Clearly a society where most people die at 33 childless wouldn’t survive very long.

    But there is no need for the demise of the traditional family. Gay families can exist alongside traditional families – each serves a purpose. All progress in gay rights will come to an abrupt halt if people are convinced that the gay family is going to replace traditional hetereosexual family in America. Why are you making things harder for yourself then they have to be?

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