1. Bill says

    @jamal49 : don’t use them for target practice. In addition to it likely being illegal, someone might be injured (you would be shooting into the air, and the bullet could hit something on the ground – even a “spent” bullet can cause an injury).

    If you can find out what frequency they use, a transmitter for jamming and a highly directional antenna so you don’t impact others should be highly effective and hard to detect. With a loss of control, the drone will probably crash – at best it will wander off (e.g., if it can fly autonomously). At least it might keep the paparazzi at bay. If you try that with a government-owned drone and get caught, you can expect to be in some trouble, although probably not as much as you would be if you used a rifle.

  2. Stephen says

    I shall henceforth imagine “Flight of the Valkyries” in my head is I see one of those. And I live in Canada (so not expecting them to honour international borders at all)

  3. Bill says

    @Stephen: the Ride of the Valkyries” starts the 3rd act of Die Walküre, and depicts Valkyries arriving on flying horses carrying the bodies of dead warriors. The drones are far too prissy for that.

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