Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Right-Wing Chatter Got Her Canned from ‘The View': Report

Like Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reportedly leaving The View. However, it may not be of her own volition.

HasselbeckUS Weekly

According to the source, the show's resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences.

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing," the insider tells Us. "People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

When reached for comment, a rep for the show told Us in a statement: "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of The View and has a long term contract."

Meanwhile, Brooke Shields is rumored to be joining the table.


  1. Adam says

    Humm, they’re right., I don’t watch The View because of the crap that comes out of her mouth. I also just don’t like the show.

  2. Steve says

    It’s not necessarily that she is conservative. But the way she goes about it. Her positions are stupid and just a rehash of the usual wingnut talking points.

  3. says

    exactly, Steve.

    “different women, different points of view” – and yet hers seems to be nothing more than a regurgitation of the willfully-ignorant Faux News brand of nonsense. No particular insights, no depth, no understanding of nuance. Dixie Carter she certainly aint.

    I’ve actually enjoyed this program over the years as they’ve brought some wonderful perspectives and dialogues into America’s living rooms. But I’m a believer in responsibility to viewers; if you want a conservative female voice, get out that fine-toothed comb and find one of the few that’s got integrity, and showcase her. Just because millions of people share someone’s stupid and baseless opinions doesn’t mean there’s a free pass for those stupid and baseless opinions to be broadcast as valid. Heaven forbid we educate our audiences and expect them to grow.

    Hasselbeck wouldn’t be missed. Behar ….’j’adore. So what? Who Cares? I DO!

  4. chasmader says

    I agree with Kiwi & Steve.

    There should be a counterweight, otherwise it mght as well be an afternoon show on MSNBC. But someone who is not just going to spew back talking points from Karl Rove.

    Perhaps Peggy Noonan?

  5. David says

    I’ve been more offended by their guests… Billy O’Reilly and Donald Trump are on all the time (Nancy Grace, also annoying, but not on as much). I stopped watching because of them… If they want to improve the ratings, they need new bookers… I’m going to miss Joy!

  6. Boone68 says

    An informed, rational opposing view is valuable, and that’s what the VIEW was probably going for. However, Hasselbeck disagreed with everything despite the common ground between many issues. She was on autopilot.

  7. says

    I never cared for her, I just sort of tolerate her and don’t think much about it. The one that bothers me is Sherri Shepherd. I think she is homophobic and doesn’t even know it.

  8. shle896 says

    Like many others, I think Elisabeth is getting a raw deal. While I don’t agree with her politics, I do respect her for being the sole conservative at the table. Without her the show will be boring. If I wanted peace and harmony I’d tune into that shiteous “The Talk” on CBS.

    As for Brooke Shields, are you kidding me? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  9. jamal49 says

    What nonsense! Elizabeth Hasselbeck is “right-wing light” and is probably as inarticulate as it gets when expressingn her “conservative” viewpoints. Neither is she so intransigent in her right-wing punditry that she has been unreasonable. I don’t watch The View all that often but I have watched it enough to know that Hasselbeck is a light-weight, intellectually and politically.

  10. Caliban says

    Based on what I’ve seen, Hasselbeck didn’t have opinions, she had “talking points” which were issued to her and she faithfully parroted. That’s not a “view,” it’s being a ventriloquist’s dummy and there’s no arguing with it because it’s just a slogan or a bumper sticker, not informed opinion.

  11. disgusted american says

    I would have to say – and I cant beleive IM sayin this – but EH has actually toned down over the last 2-3yrs….I cant stand her per say – but she has gotten Less extreme to me – in my view anyways……Im a Moderate Liberal too.

  12. MK says

    EH has been better lately and has been an ally to the Gays. My complaint that it was not equal in diversity. They have 2 black hosts and when they have a guest host that is black, you get only 2 whites. where are the Asians or Latinos. We need the panel to be balanced and a few more serious journalists. Maybe Connie Chung or a Gay man?

  13. MK says

    EH has been better lately and has been an ally to the Gays. My complaint that it was not equal in diversity. They have 2 black hosts and when they have a guest host that is black, you get only 2 whites. where are the Asians or Latinos. We need the panel to be balanced and a few more serious journalists. Maybe Connie Chung or a Gay man?

  14. billie martin says

    I will be sooooooooooooo glad when they remove that arrogant one minded idiot that still thinks that George Bush and his gang will find WMD in Irac….are youkidding ABC has been sinking for many years and this woman plus the giggiling morons on GMA disgust me in every way possible..There are a lot of good openminded hosts available so get your heads out of the sand and look for them…GOODBYE to your sponsors and $$$$$$$

  15. glebeboi says

    Sherri shepherd is the one who should be going. I dont watch The View often, generally its only after watching a video on YouTube and one of the options at the end may be for The View & its title grabs my attention.
    To be honest I know nothing of her, what she does or why shes even on there but when she speaks up I just find her incredibly grating. Her opinions come across as childish, ignorant and religously outdated, to the point I switch over to watch something/anything else than her babbling on.
    And yes, Disgusted American, I too agree she has toned down somewhat from years ago.

  16. The View from Here says

    Kirsty Ally and her Scient-illogical opinions will be much better, I’m sure. And Brooke Shields? Nothing against her personally, but hardly an intellectual giant.

    Is that the demographic of The View? The lowest common denominator… for women?

  17. Chriso says

    People are forgetting Elisabeth Hasselbeck changed her stance on gay marriage. She’s now for it and outspoken about it when gay rights came up. But people seem to forget that. They’re still stuck in the past.
    I find Sherri to be more extreme than Elisabeth, and I feel Elisabeth’s presence is important, just so we don’t get the same viewpoint. That’s what separates The View from The Talk.

  18. M.Scott Hernandez says

    Bring Kathy Griffin on as a regular. Ann Romney is NOT a choice, please God. Deal with Miss Wawa, The View needs it badly. The show has been dead for the past five years.

  19. says

    Hasselbeck was basically a watered-down Ann Coulter with a vagina. Good riddance to conservative rubbish. I might actually start watching if Brooke comes aboard.

  20. greg says

    Just shows you how far this country has really dropped away from the GOP brand of lunacy. The election loss was a harsh reality for most of the head in the sand repubs. When The View is even shifting away from this tarnished brand, then you know times have changed.

  21. matt says

    They need a straight-forward down-to-earth person to fill Joyce’s shoes. Somebody like Cyndi Lauper. And for a conservative replacement for Hasselback, how about Maggie Gallagher. That would be an interesting show. I’d like to see how Maggie handles being challenged by Whoopi day in and day out

  22. Pete says

    The problem with Hasselbeck isn’t so much that she’s a “conservative”, it’s that she’s about as intelligent as a bowl of puppy chow. If she had actual opinions and the intelligence to discuss them like an adult, she might be worth watching, but she puts the dumb into blonde, day in and day out.

  23. Bryan says

    While Ms. Hasselbeck is a blond bubble-head of the first order, that’s nonetheless a shame if true.

    We’ve turned the public sphere into a popularity contest, rather than a place for spirited debate. Whatever side of the Punch & Judy show we call party politics you fall on, it’s the same: no dissenting voices need apply.

    We won’t tolerate debate; we demand flattery. We fear being challenged and want only soothing media that celebrates our preconceptions and prejudices. it’s too much work to argue, fairly and rationally, against ideas we oppose. It’s so much easier to simply fire anyone whose opinions we don’t enjoy.

  24. Bollux says

    It’s more than that she is an ignorant dipshit than a party line-toeing conservative puppet. Sherri Shepard is hardly intelligent or liberal but she is somewhat funny and slightly likable. Elizabeth is the airhead cheerleader that you immediately regret marrying. She has absolutely no thoughts or opinions of her own. She just parrots what she hears other neocons spew on the radio or TV. Hence why she has a huge future on Faux News bashing her ex-“gal pals” and the liberal media.

  25. Craig says

    I actually thought it was good to have a highly visible, outspoken conservative who is very supportive of marriage equality on TV. Sure she had some other crazy views but at least she sounded crazy while espousing them.

  26. andrew says

    Who watches The View? If you have that hour free for viewing T V, why not watch CNN, MSNBC or C Span places where you often get intelligent opinions and information.

  27. says

    I wouldn’t mind Hasselbeck if she didn’t tow the Republican party line’s stupid so strongly. Keyword there being stupid as there have been multiple occasions where the things she chose to spout off about were completely false but she stuck to them like glue. Worse yet, when Republican mistakes were clearly laid out and undeniable – she’d toss out some random thing a Democrat (somewhere in history) had done wrong as if it made things right. If she didn’t do that she’d just sit there tight lipped.

    I’d hate to think she’s that willfully ignorant and given that she’s been known to pop up at Republican events – my guess is that it’s more tactical. She gone so overboard at times in support of Republican party talking points that it just feels too staged to be real. However, if she’s just using those View moments to make herself more marketable to the Republican party it begins to make sen$e.

    She spouts off and loud talks over the other View hosts and she gets invited to appear at Republican event here, a Fox broadcast there – kaching, kaching! I think much the same holds true for the other talking heads like Coulter and Limbaugh. They come out with such off the wall crap and hope it catches fire because that just means more money.

  28. Gry says

    S.E. “Get That Check Anywhere You Can!” Cupp just elbowed her way to the front of the audition line.

  29. Maguitac says

    How can anyone say that EH is FOR gay marriage when all she does is overtly and quite forcefully support right-wing nuttery?

    It’s like saying I have gay friends, yet I vote Republican. It is absurd. You are supporting the group that belittles your friends, and thrives on every turn to deprive them not only of their American rights, but of their human rights as well. Some good friend you are.

  30. David Hearne says

    I don’t watch the View, but my mom says that Hasselbeck is a biitch, Mom stopped watching because of “Elizabitch”.

  31. jd says

    I disagree with her about almost everything, but she’s downright moderate for a conservative, and usually pretty respectful in expressing her views. I mean, if anyone should be hired for stupidity, it’s Sherri.

    I suspect that she’s being ousted because “the young one” is now 35, or because they have a more interesting replacement already lined up.

  32. DickG says

    Replace EH(empty head?) with Megan McCain, Bring back Rosie and dump Sheppard.Joy will be missed.

  33. David Hearne says

    OK so EH isn’t our favorite donut dolly.
    So what exactly has she said that we don’t like?
    I honestly don’t know because I have never watched her.

  34. Sue says

    Elizabeth can only see through her tunnel vision. She is allowed to be conservative but she could use a little more education on liberal views. She is obsessed with ,government interference, yet she doesn’t seem to realize that government touches all aspects of our lives…from income taxes to the FDA,EPA,TVA,DEA,SSA. Lest we forget it is right there for Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services. Eliizeth, which would you discontinue because of government interferance? In EH favor she is not filled with as much hate and resentment as Hannity. He can dress up his views in sheep clothing but it is not working, HE HATES AND RESENTS AFRO_AMERICANS!!! NOTE: To Sherri, stop interrupting others in order to repeat almost verbatiam the topic Whoopi has just introduced. We heard Whoopi initially.

  35. Dback says

    Several posters have commented that Elisabeth has come a LOOOOONG way from the rigid, shrill woman who joined the show some 11 years ago, as a clear sop to George W. Bush voters. (I’m still surprised they didn’t go with Rachel Duffy, who is Latina as well as Republican.) But give the woman credit, she’s become looser and funnier as the show went on, she’s now VERY pro-gay, and she’s never been less than gracious when either of the Obamas were on. (She was unafraid, however, to ask the president some fair but very pointed questions about policies he’d been side-stepping explaining–and I say that as an Obama voter.)

    Rachel Campos would still be a good person to come in, but I think they have a bunch of kids she home-schools. Megan McCain would be even better, and appeal to the young demographic. Throw in Ali Wentworth to replace Joy, and that’d be a really fresh and fun panel.

  36. DC Arnold says

    As an infrequent viewer, I feel the loss of a Repug is no big deal but I do hope it won’t turn into a all liberal setting either.

  37. GB says

    Barbara Walters on Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “We Have No Plans” for Her to Leave The View. US Magazine 3/11 Consider the source but is she going or not?