1. says

    either he’s a bisexual, or he’s one of many people who cared way too much about bigots’ opinions.

    PFLAG could have helped him. Heck, PFLAG can STILL help him and his family.

    of course an ex-gay would oppose gays marrying. heaven forbid other people have the happiness he’s denying himself for life, eh?

  2. Thomas says

    Dear moron politician,

    Okay, so let’s assume it’s a choice.

    Religion is clearly a personal choice, and yet discrimination is not allowed on the basis of religion. Legitimacy status is not genetic. It’s based on the behavior of your parents. But discrimination is not allowed on the basis of legitimacy status. National origin is not genetic. Familial status is not genetic. Veteran status? Disability status? Nope. All these protected classes are based on personal choices and behaviors. Some not within our control, others clearly tied specifically to our own choices.

    So take the “it’s not genetic” argument and stick it.

  3. says

    i guess they still think that being anti-gay will ensure their children are straight, eh?

    good luck with that, folks. enjoy burying your children, rather than walking them down the aisle.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    So this f**cking MN politician Gruenhagen thinks I’m lying about why I’m gay? He’s an idiot. Not only that, he’s stupid, backwards, uneducated, dumb and a GOPer. Can I decribe him an plainer than that?

    As to his “ex-gay” friend, he’s a sad and confused excuse for a back-in-the-closet male.

  5. Michael says

    “And how do I know he’s not gay? Because if he were, he would have swallowed my load yesterday instead of spitting it out.”

  6. says

    as for gay not being “immutable” – i dunno about anyone else on here but was labeled the “neighbourhood f@ggot” before I was 8 years old.

    the only way i was able to avoid that very specific bullying was to be transferred to school district at the other end of the city when i was 12 years old, and then adopt a wholly-artificial manner and way of “being” as a disguise.

    immutable my @SS.

  7. aut1st1c says

    I sincerely hope that preacher of dimwit tried ye goode olde electro shock therapy to “cure” himself.

  8. Thomas says

    BOBBY–Thank you :) I wonder why opposing politicians don’t make this argument more often, frankly.

  9. Bill says

    Let’s see. This guy claims the “The human genomap was completed in 2003. There is no gay gene. Okay?”

    Meanwhile, we don’t have a clue as to what most of those genes do. It’s like looking for a specific straw in a haystack when you don’t know what that specific straw looks like.

    Even funnier, all his ex-gay friend with his three kids show is that sperm is sperm and that, if straight guys can be “gay for pay,” then gay guys can be “straight for pay,” even if the pay is merely social approval from one’s Calvinist minister.

  10. SammySeattle says

    @ Brian G. Active status means that you’ve practiced homosexuality during the past fiscal year. If you decide to discontinue practice for a time greater than one year you may request an inactive status. If at some time you decide to once again continue to practice you can change your status to active, provided that you’ve brought your dues up to date including those dues covering the period when you were on an inactive status. It’s all in the membership handbook.

  11. Hugh says

    As much as people love Lady Gaga, her “Born this way” campaign was pretty much a double-edged sword for LGBT rights. It helped a lot of teens to come out, but it was heavy-handed, reductive, and was pretty much negated by transgender people who literally feel like they weren’t born “that” way.

    It shouldn’t matter how you got to where you are in your sexual identity; the argument should be about not letting sexual identity be a cause for passing discriminatory legislation.

  12. Bill says

    @Brian G: I think “active in the gay lifestyle” means trying to hook up. I was sort of wondering when the wisecracks about this “ex-gay” becoming an “ex-gay” due to insufficient time in the gym resulting in a lack of attractiveness start to appear.

  13. SammySeattle says

    @Bill, Homosexual thoughts apply to practice as well. If, during any fiscal year, you look at someone of the same sex and think, “I’d hit that.” you’ve fulfilled your requirement to maintain active status.

  14. RyanInWyo says

    Jack M: Exactly. Someone will post screenshots of Mr Petersen’s Grindr profile (or some other such incrimininating evidence) in 5…4…3…2…1…

    And btw, I’ll feel sorry for Mr Petersen’s family (though not him) when that happens.

  15. Lukefromcanada says

    just because he’s married and has three kids does not mean he isn’t still gay. I bet he’s getting plenty on the side.

  16. Jesus says

    This guy is a fake gay Christian or a gay guy who still looks at gay porn and hooks up when he can. Another Ted Haggard.

  17. says

    Jesus: Hey everyone, J.C. here. Just wanted to let you know I couldn’t cure cancer or AIDS today, or stop child rape or poverty or war because there’s all these sadsack gay white people in America tying up my prayer lines, hoping I can help them develop a taste for poontang. I’m all like “Dudes, I don’t care that you’re gay. Gays rock. I love them.” And then they’re all “No! I don’t want to be gay! It goes against God!”
    ANd then I’m all like “Gurl, i AM God, so you need to listen to me and go find a nice man. And also, join a different church. Check out those nice ones”

  18. says

    Some times it hard to distinguish a political or religious moment… they sound the same. I believe if you can believe in religion… you can believe in anything, as that man who took a bow at the end of the video clip for thinking he is now straight!

  19. RyanInWyo says

    His Haggard Moment (or should we name it after Larry Craig? It is Minnesota after all…) will come. Just you wait.

  20. ken says

    Someone said the ex-gay friend must be bi. If the ability to impregnate a woman made you straight, or bi, my homosexual lover and I would both be living a lie.

  21. woodroad34 says

    Really, some screwed-up Ex-Gay is going to tell me how to live MY life? Why is religion the only thing that has more rights and privileges than any other right? Religion is a fantasy and a choice and I choose other forms of fantasy.

  22. charz says

    Someone should find out who this Petersen guy is. I. bet he secretly looks for guys on the internet, or goes to gay bars like John Paulk.

  23. andrew says

    Kevin Petersen MAY have changed his sexual behavior but you can be sure he has not changed his sexual orientation. And the one who knows that best is Kevin.

  24. Marshall says

    A partial understanding of science can be a dangerous thing. They’ve mapped the 23000 human genes. I don’t think anyone’s asserted that they understand what each on does. There may still be a gay gene in there – not that I think it’s important to find which one it is. Sexuality may also be influenced by a combination of genes – many human characteristics are.

    Beyond his bigotry it’s frightening to remember idiots like this have an influence over what’s taught in our schools.

  25. Lymis says

    They haven’t identified a single gene that universally is linked to homosexuality, no. But twin studies show a far higher than random chance that homosexuality is biologically linked in some form.

    Besides, this “there is no gay gene” idea involves the assumption that there is only one genetic cause for homosexuality – and that all homosexuality is identical, which involves simply assuming that that androgynous, physically delicate emo artiste, RuPaul, Richard Simmons, and the butchest hairy leather Daddy bear are all “caused” by the same single gene – and that seems pretty damn unlikely.

  26. Hardiee says

    I think LilKiwi protests waaaaaay too much, for a supposedly secure and out gay man…

  27. anon says

    The mapping of the genome was a transcribing of base pairs. They also found the end markers for twenty thousand genes. You can then use the base pair map to figure out the amino acid sequence for each gene but that’s all you’ll end up knowing. What the genes are for can only be determined through animal testing where they block the gene and see what happens to the animal. Even that can be very vague so it’s extremely tedious work. They aren’t finished. Also, even without a specific gene (most traits don’t have specific genes), the trait can still be there from birth and still be immutable. Think of birth marks.

  28. Bernie says

    when I first read about this, I didn’t realize this was the brain trust “scientist” who quotes his insane interpretation of the human genomap…and by the way I am ELATED he paraded out his ex-gay friend who looks gayer than a goose

  29. Rationalist says

    There are people who identify as ex-gay out there guys. Just because it hasn’t been proven by science doesn’t mean it’s not real. Show some tolerance.