1. nick says

    Why is Perkins -the leader of an identified hate group-given credibility on broadcast television? He is a purveyor of divisiveness and hate and speaks for a dwindling number of “families.”

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    I wonder what the critical mass of Gay folk getting married is in order for society to collapse as Perkins suggests. And to think Gay folk wanting civil equality will destroy America. Something no super power has ever been able to do. No group, no attack, But simply Gay folk getting married. I had no idea.

  3. walter says

    why are the bigots always given the last word. and want perkens said is wrong nobody is making you teach your children differently you will still teach them to be bigots no matter what happens.

  4. CDMatthew says

    I sent the following email to CBS News and Face the Nation this morning, when hate group leader lying prpagandist Tony Perkins was once again given a national platform from which to spew his anti-gay lies and animus:

    “I am a longtime viewer of Face the Nation, and generally admire the program’s balanced approach to political debate. However, I must express my strong objections to allowing hate group leader Tony Perkins (of the Family Research Council) to appear as a panelist on your program. Perkins has a clear record of out-and-out lying about LGBT people and spreading false, anti-gay propaganda about LGBT people. The organization that Perkins represents, the Family Research Council, has been classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a certified hate group:

    There is also ample evidence of Perkin’s discriminatory, offensive comments about LGBT people displayed at GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project:

    Please understand that I believe Face the Nation, in presenting debates of various topics, should include opposing points of view, including conervative commentators whose opinions may differ greatly from my own liberal/progressive perspective. However, there are responsible, honest conservative spokespeople that can take part in your program who do not represent an extremist right wing hate group such as the Family Research Council. Tony Perkins has a long record of extremist, offensive anti-gay positions and comments, and he should not appear on Face the Nation. Face the Nation should know better, and should do better.


    Matthew from Boston”

  5. Caliban says

    More and more I think the truth of Wolfson’s words are starting to break through. Frank Bruni said something very similar in his NYT piece linked here yesterday, “the legalization of same-sex marriage takes nothing from anyone.”

    For years the Religious Right has been screaming hysterically that gays want to “destroy marriage.” And people are susceptible to fear so they bought that message. But unless you’re Tony Perkins you can only maintain a state of hysteria for so long and eventually reason kicks in. The obvious question once you get your faculties back is “How does someone else getting married effect me?” It doesn’t.

    It’s a right-wing delusion that rights (or as Wolfson says, marriage licenses) are finite, that if other people have them too you therefore have less. Rights aren’t like the oil supply or some other finite resource. In fact I’d say that giving MORE people access to the institution of marriage, more people seeing it as a desire ideal, strengthens it.

    It’s always seemed like an odd contradiction to me that the gay people who want access to marriage actually have more faith in it than those who claim they want to “protect” it, like it’s some fragile thing, easily broken. If marriage can withstand the Trumps and Gingrichs of this world I’m pretty sure it can withstand gay people having access, in fact it makes it stronger.

  6. says

    Finally, a voice of reason! The world will not end when same-sex marriage becomes legal…and there will not be a mass abandonment of wives by husbands who suddenly want to be with me. It does not affect anyone else’s marriages.

  7. Rem says

    Matthew, your email to CBS News and Face the Nation was perfectly expressed. I’m going to send an email as well and reference your remarks. Thanks for the effort.

  8. voet says

    The Alliance Defending Freedom is as objectionable as FRC. It is a right wing Christian organization that defines their mission as keeping “the door open for the spread of the Gospel by transforming the legal system.” It’s founders include Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and James Dobson formerly of Focus on the Family.

    While ADF is less well known, it is no less insidious.

  9. GregV says

    @Matthew from Boston: That’s a great letter with valid points.

    I can’t think of any other minority groups besides gay, bi and trans people who have to content with representatives of certified hate groups who are invited to present the flip side of equal rights to TV audiences while ofyen being allowed to make blatantly false claims without being corrected on them by interviewers.

    When Alabama was debating inter-racial marriage before the 2000 election (with 42% ultimately voting for legal sanctions against different-race couples), Meet the Press, CNN and Fox did not invite the Grand Dragon of the Klan on to tell viewers how black and Jewish people will destroy society. Nobody was invited on to cite cooked-up racist “studies” on the havoc weeaked by inter-racial couples while interviwers sat and nodded and then moved on.

    They don’t feel the need to create a panel that includes a member of the Flat Earth Society every time they interview an astronaut or a learned representative of NASA.

    I have long been tired of how hateful and scientifically unsupportable rhetoric continues to be presented on sexual orientation and gender identity issues alone as if it were simply “the other side” of some sort of valid debate.

  10. says

    GregV – you bring up what irks me most: that nonsense is given credence and weight.

    Olympic judging came under such scrutiny that new rules had to be changed in order for judges to explain their marks following a specific and explicit set of criteria. And here we have things that, you know, actually MATTER and votes still get cast and counted with their defense being, literally, “i know i can’t prove it or explain it or back it up but it’s just how i feel. so there”

  11. Isaak says

    I must have a faulty dictionary because under the definition of “moral”, I don’t see “bigotry”. Did they abridge this book like they did their collection of fairy tales (aka bible)?

  12. Bart says

    The religious values of my partner, our two children and myself are not the same as Tony Perkins. Why would he think his are more important than mine?

    It’s interesting that those who actively try and take other people’s civil liberties away are always crying that prejudice and bigotry are religious rights that they should be protected.

  13. Michaelandfred says

    I almost missed this article. My husband and I have started stretching and practicing new positions for the upcoming hurricane season. We’re going to shoot for three more than last year since the Gay Mafia upped our quota. Wish us luck. We’ll bring down this nation yet……

  14. SoLeftImRight says

    Perfectly stated, Evan. Well done. And I agree that Tony Perkins is so lacking in credibility and sanity that he does not deserve a place at the table in this kind of forum. He can blog and newsletter and spout whatever he wants, but he is not deserving of a major news outlet to do so.

  15. Richard says

    Tony Perkins is the equivalent of the Grand Wizard of the KKK. His position as president of a designated hate group should follow him like a tail, should be included in every introduction. His immunity from condemnation is baffling. GLAAD and HRC need to go after this creep. He is the personification of homophobia and our greatest enemy.

  16. Caliban says

    Despite the Right’s screaming about the FRC being called a hate group and how “unfair” that is, it’s not just reasonable but deserved.

    There is a HUGE difference between “Due to my religious beliefs I can’t support gay marriage because I believe it should be between one man and one woman” and “Those filthy queers want to b*ttf*ck your children!”

    Tony Perkins and the FRC take EVERY opportunity to lie and distort the truth about gay people, to demonize us. Because Tony Perkins has a bit of media savvy he doesn’t come across as a total loon on TV but that’s the ONLY difference between the FRC and the Westboro Baptist Church.

    That’s what’s so infuriating. None of these shows do their homework and make Tony Perkins either stand by or disavow the outrageous statement of the FRC, which he represents. He’s like the kinder, gentler face of the KKK and they NEVER call him on it! Idiots!

  17. AdamTh says

    Perkins & Numocks realize they are losing and it’s only going to get worse for their side. Their game plan now is to stall. Delay marriage equality nationwide for as long as possible.

    When the Court decides banning marriage violate the equal protection clause, they will/must strike down all of the marriage bans. The protections guaranteed by the US Constitution do not stop at state lines and wait for a majority of the voters of each state to approve.

    There will always be a group of states (mostly southern) that will never permit marriage equality by legislative action or voter referendum. The Court must strike down ALL state bans against marriage.

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