Final Design for NYC AIDS Memorial Unveiled: RENDERING


The New York City AIDS Memorial's Board of Directors unveiled new renderings for the final design of the memorial at a press conference Wednesday night.

Said organizers via press release:

The effort to build the memorial, which started in 2011 as a grass-roots advocacy campaign led by two young men, Christopher Tepper and Paul Kelterborn, will feature an 18-foot steel canopy as the dramatic gateway to the new St. Vincent's Hospital Park at the intersection of West 12th Street and Greenwich Avenue in the West Village neighborhood. The memorial also will feature a central granite fountain, granite benches and a granite paving surface carved with educational and commemorative text. The text will be curated by a team of historians, artists, community members and activists led by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner.

"The goal of the capital campaign is $4 million, with donations from both the private and public sectors," said Keith Fox, President, NYC AIDS Memorial Board of Directors. "To date we have already received $975,000 in private commitments needed to fund the design and construction of the new memorial."

The private funding has come from generous gifts across the LGBT and AIDS communities, including an important lead gift of $250,000 from the Arcus Foundation, and a $105,000 grant from Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

The NYC AIDS Memorial organization, which is responsible for raising funds for the design and construction of the memorial, is also seeking funding to provide for the memorial's ongoing maintenance and public programming. The objective is to utilize the site to teach current and future generations about the history of the AIDS crisis and the ongoing struggle to defeat the disease.

The memorial will be constructed by the Rudin-Ofer Development Team alongside a new park that is part of the redevelopment of the former hospital complex. "We are proud to work with the New York City AIDS Memorial organization to deliver a beautiful new park to the neighborhood and a fitting tribute to the important role St. Vincent's and the local community played in the fight against HIV/AIDS," said Eric Rudin, President of Rudin Management.

The New York City AIDS Memorial's official site is HERE and can be found on Facebook HERE.


  1. Mike says

    WTH??? Fugly. Walking by no one will have any idea that it is associated with the victims of AIDs. Geez …

  2. ratbastard says

    Too vague to pass judgement on it. I’ll tell you this: if this were in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the monument would be a 30 foot tall penis with brass testicles base, and no one would bat an eyelash.

  3. anony6 says

    Meh, aloof geometric art. Maybe there is some historical significance with using triangles. At worst, modern design crap right out of Ikea.

  4. Arrant says

    I’m 53 and lost two lovers and a dozen good friends to AIDS in the 80’s and early 90’s– and I consider myself an exception in that most of my friends lost many more. This ridiculous memorial says absolutely NOTHING to me. If someone hadn’t told me it was an AIDS memorial I would mistake it for an ugly, outsized bus shelter that doesn’t even keep off the rain. If the architect can’t communicate his message to the survivors of this plague, how is his memorial supposed to move those who never experienced the enormity of the tragedy of AIDS to empathy and understanding?

    Please, please don’t contribute money to this travesty, our dead lovers and friends deserve so much better.

  5. Tatts says

    What a let-down. It’s completely wimpy and generic. It could just as easily be a cover for a hotel patio at the shore or a trellis that hasn’t been covered by vines yet or a carport.

    This really looks like design by committee. Where is the focal point that will make a STATEMENT? It doesn’t have to be a 30-foot penis, but it should be a 30-foot SOMETHING.


  6. unruly says

    When I think park, I don’t really imagine it to be paved over with stone. Hard, cold, unfeeling. Carve what you want on it, that’s all the take-away will be. Looks more appropriate to be a bus stop. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to enter and explore the space.

  7. Ruddigore says

    @ anony6: The triangles I assume relate to the Nazi era pink triangles, as well as the inverted pink triangle that Act-Up used as their symbol (along with Silence=Death). At least they removed the circle in the middle of the triangle from this incarnation of the monument so it doesn’t look as much like a Ouija board pointer. The whole talking to the dead thing was a little creepy. This version just looks like a bus shelter instead of a memorial. Perhaps the designers are too young to have watched friends die a horrible death from a cruel disease and don’t understand what it was like to lose so many people from a generation of gay men. This is not the way I would memorialize the friends I lost, but then I don’t live in NYC and won’t be asked to donate towards it.

  8. Justaguy says

    I’m apparently a terrible gay person…but I’ve never really understood what exactly is the point of this monument? I mean it’s a disease. Are there monuments to those who died of lung cancer?

    Wouldn’t a better use of this effort and $$ be in research on a cure and education on how not to get it in the first place?

  9. says

    yes, you are a terrible gay person. now use this internet thing you’re currently using and get reading. i mean come ON.

    rent How To Survive a Plague. go to your nearest drama/lit store and read The Normal Heart. rent Longtime Companion.

    it’s 2013 – there are no excuses for you not getting it.

  10. Apparatus says

    This structure is a mess and doesn’t achieve its purpose. A bunch of sharp triangle shapes straight out of George Costanza’s apartment? That doesn’t even offer shade? And what’s with that big slab with the lettering on it? Looks it should read “NYC PORT AUTHORITY” instead.

    There were a million different creative and respectful ways to honor the victims of the AIDS epidemic, and this isn’t one of them.

    It’s a damn shame. This isn’t memorable. It could be on any quad on any college campus, or outside any office building in America, and still be completely soulless and meaningless.

  11. nefter says

    @ just a gay, shame on you, you can start your research by reading Arrants comment above and apologize.
    That said, the use of so many triangles is trite, all I see are bio-hazard symbols in the pattern when I look at the rendering. I wonder if that was intentional.

  12. tinkerbell says

    Total lack of imagination—I agree with 99% of the comments above— how could they get it so wrong? Who are the architects and what was their “personal” involvement with this project to end up with such a result that lacks all emotion? Also, I wonder what political powers might have been attached to this…

  13. says

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  14. jim says

    That piece of trash is absolutely devoid of any, or any sense of, emotion. When I look back at those years, the loss, the pain, the fear, the rejection of those infected by their government, the desperation of a community, it’s ALL about emotion. Fail. Massive fail on all fronts.

  15. Tom says

    Ugly, useless, expensive, and stupid.

    It’s the PERFECT representation of the scam that is AIDS.