1. robroy says

    I never understood how anyone with half a brain could think football locker rooms -or basketball, or lacrosse, or swimming- were meccas of tradional/religion based sexual morality. They have borderline prostitutes lined up three deep. Half the guys have step offs and side pieces in other towns. And the go to community activity is hitting a club or making it rain at strip clubs. But somehow a gay guy would make it all come to an end. I’m positive that it will be just like the military and when people start to come out we’ll find out other people had figured it out years before.

  2. danswon says

    Why do you insist on giving this madman the attention he desperately craves? Does anyone take him seriously? I swear he’s on Towleroad more than anything else. Everything he says by now is utterly laughable and predictable.

  3. Jay says

    Last Friday I was running late and taking cab to work. AM radio on, driver listening to sports radio call in show with somebody really all worked up about “allowing” gay “people” (read “dudes”) to play. The ONLY issue they could site is what would happen in the locker room (I guess gay people’s ability to play an actual sport isn’t at all a question).

    Let’s break this down:
    1) I thought it was “football”, “baseball”, “basketball”…not “I’ve gotta wash my balls”. How the EFF often are these guys in the shower versus on the field or court…?
    2) Direct quote fromt the fool on the call in show: “You wouldn’t put men and women on same team cause they can’t shower together.” Seriously? Anybody can shower with anybody. You can’t put STRAIGHT men in a shower with women because straight men can’t be trusted to not rape the women let alone keep their eyes on their own paper. Lets face it…if there were 30 guys in a shower…at most 3 will be gay. Does anybody seriously think a gay man will start anything with odds like that? Gay folk want on the team to play the game, not to play with your pock-marked butt and steroid-shriveled little man.
    3) I can imagine it would feel uncomfortable if someone you didn’t want looking at your body was looking at your body.
    A) welcome to the world the way women are forced to live in it because of a$$hats like yourselves…and…
    B) I would think for the amount of money each contract offered you, you could learn to get over it. Course, if it still annoys you a$$hats so much, do what Fisher says the men in the military have been doing for the past year…they get out! (FYI…making barely more than minimum wage and dealing with a tough, grueling environment, being sent into dangerous areas where lives are lost…apparently there has been no significant losses in military staffing due to attrition over the repeal of DADT…hmmmm).

  4. jamal49 says

    As if Bryan Fischer would know anything about football. I’ll bet he gets tight in his tighty-whiteys just thinking about bending over the ball waiting for the QB to place his hands under Bryan’s butt cheeks and yell “HIKE”! Bryan would probably forget to hike he’d be loving it so much.

  5. says

    well, that’s the thing: they don’t want to be treated the way that they treat women.

    which is odd – it’s always the ugliest motherf***ers who are freaking out about gays.

    don’t worry – we’re not gonna be into you. we’re paragons of taste and style, remember? 😉

  6. GregV says

    Before I came out to my friends, I remember them commenting one day when we were showering after basketball, “Can you imagine what it’s like for gay guys in a locker room? They would have a constant erection, so they they would probably have to hide under a towel and stay away from the shower.”

    After I came out, I took them back to those comments and told them that no, it’s not like how you IMAGINE you would react in a room full of naked women.

    That thinking reminds me of a Saudi guy who told me he couldn’t see how men can function walking around all day with women’s entire heads exposed, or even on beaches that are not sex-segregated.
    It is normal life here to see women’s faces in the office, and women’s legs at the beach, and we’ve also been changing and showering and using adjacent toilets and urinals with same-sex friends and strangers and teammates since we were old enough to go out in public. It’s normal life, and it’s not a “sexual” situation.
    Once I explained that to my friends, they seemed to understand immediately and never had any issue about hanging out with me. They knew I’d never sexually attacked them before they knew I was gay and there was no reason I would start once they knew I was dating guys.

  7. EchtKultig says

    These freaks are the gift that keeps on giving.

    We know the real problem is the thought of a Gay NFL player causes a grenade-like explosive erection in this closet case’s crotch.

  8. Brian says

    Eventually, all the old fossils who think like Fischer will be dead and their rhetoric will be merely historical footnotes regarding those who were on the wrong side of history. I don’t even bother listening to this crap anymore. These people aren’t worth my time or energy. I have better things to do.

  9. Anthony says

    Let’s be honest: gay men can’t be trusted to behave or keep their eyes to themselves in a locker room. Even if a few manage to not act up, many of the other players might be uncomfortable. It’s just better that gays not play team sports.

  10. Tom in Long Beach says

    the gay shower panic excuse. Oh please! and I agree with little Kiwi, it is the guy that really has nothing to worry about is all in a snit that the gay guy is going to be attracted to him.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @RobRoy: Once upon a time, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was big in major league locker rooms. The organization started with high school and continued through college. I think it was even active under Dungy.

    Didn’t the team have a prostitute ready in the sauna for Magic?

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