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Homophobia in the Music Industry Called Out in Matt Fishel's 'Radio-Friendly Pop Song': LYRIC VIDEO


We've featured out singer-songwriter Matt Fishel's music videos about young gay love and nostalgia ("The First Time") and repression, tradition, marriage, religion and celebration ("Testament") in years past and now Fishel's about to come out with a debut album featuring those songs and his new single "Radio-Friendly Pop Song".

BoysandboysFishel writes us:

I'm really excited about this song and I hope you enjoy it. It's about my (and others') experiences of the music and entertainment industries as an out gay artist, and the often-apparent homophobia that underpins them.

Radio-Friendly Pop Song is the 5th single from my debut album - 'Not Thinking Straight' - which will be released internationally in 3 weeks time, on 8th April. It's a blend of heavy guitars, big vocal harmonies and anthemic choruses, and contains 13 tracks that deal with themes and issues surrounding gay life, relationships and experiences.

Watch the lyric video for "Radio-Friendly Pop Song", AFTER THE JUMP...

Check out his earlier videos at the links above, and his website here.

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  1. WOW! This song is awesome!

    Posted by: BenDaviz | Mar 18, 2013 11:18:31 AM

  2. Radio friendly pop song, indeed! I hope it becomes this Summer's anthem, it's terrific.

    Posted by: RONTEX | Mar 18, 2013 11:29:45 AM

  3. Well that was brilliant. Great message, lyrics and melody. Keep up the good work!

    Posted by: Lister | Mar 18, 2013 11:32:37 AM

  4. I really like it, and I'll never hear it on the radio...

    To be fair, I live in a place where I've barely heard, "Call me maybe" less than 10 times. lol

    Posted by: Pete N SFO | Mar 18, 2013 12:03:13 PM

  5. Was a lot better than I was expecting.

    Have to be honest - most 'gay' pop stars don't break out because frankly they're not very good (ditto most 'gay' movies are pretty atrocious).

    But this was catchy and clever and the (simple) video was fun. Good luck to him.

    Posted by: Remote Patrolled | Mar 18, 2013 12:22:30 PM

  6. That is a great song: lighthearted and incisive at the same time, a singable indictment of old guard hollywood and a dissolving cultural perspective. I'm buying this album.

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Mar 18, 2013 12:24:10 PM

  7. It's like Freedom '13!

    Posted by: Feral | Mar 18, 2013 12:25:58 PM

  8. Sorry, but that song is dreadful. It sounds like a bad Broadway track from some awful musical like Rent or Rock of Ages.

    If you think that sounds like pop radio, you need to clean out your ears.

    Posted by: Sucks | Mar 18, 2013 12:43:52 PM

  9. Actually Christie. They have nice lines. A fun, frisky use of color. All and all, I'd have to say they're really not bad!

    Posted by: David Hearne | Mar 18, 2013 1:04:25 PM

  10. On balance ~ Meh. Shrill. Preachy. Old Style. The scrpt gets old too. Not really catchy. Lots of strong energy though and it almost carries the day.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Mar 18, 2013 6:40:33 PM

  11. I wouldn't say this is horrible, but it's very... Glee. That's the best thing I can use to describe it. It's very Glee.

    Posted by: Steve P | Mar 18, 2013 7:44:21 PM

  12. Hell yeah! This is empowering and positive and fun and catchy. I'm totally obsessed with this song, as are my friends who sent it to me. Go Matt! So great to hear a rock song like this. Just downloaded it.

    Posted by: ORANGEFUZZ | Mar 19, 2013 7:36:37 AM

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