1. Randi says

    Really? Could it not be the shameful performance at the Academy Awards and the academic failure at Yale and elsewhere? The man behind the curtain has been revealed with Franco: there’s no wizard.

  2. DIAL IT BACK says

    I love the IDEA of James Franco. But I hate the execution. He is never one tenth as interesting as he thinks he is, and you can tell that he enjoys hearing himself articulate his anecdotes and narratives and philosophies more than anyone else possibly could. He comes off as such a drone and a bore. He really needs a quality project to come through. Memo to James: Less is more.

  3. JimmyD says

    Some of his projects hit, some miss. I think he’s very interesting. At least he’s out there trying new things… rather than sitting home, trolling the internet, and posting snarky comments about those who are out there trying new things.

  4. Caliban says

    JimmyD, how is posting admiring paeans to him (or any celebrity) any better or different than posting “snarky” ones? Or is yours the only opinion that matters?

    People should only write nice things? Is this your first day on the internet?

  5. Randi says

    @Dial It Back: For someone offering such praise for ingenuity, you certainly like to pull out the tired old tropes. I understand why you need someone ‘creative’ like Franco to fill this void in your life. At some point, to wear the label of ‘innovator,’ I think Franco needs to finish something he starts in startling fashion.

  6. says

    it’s a reality. fun fact – 1969 – every actor in the original production of The Boys in the Band was dumped by their representation.

    Queer as Folk – USA version. even the non-gay actors found they were suddenly losing out on other roles. why? because people still freak the F out about “gay” anything.

  7. Rick says

    Well, I hope this shows those of you who think he is benefiting in some way from exploring gay themes in his work–or exploiting gay people–to realize that he is not. He gains nothing in terms of his public image generally–and since gay men are typically ungrateful to and not really supportive of any straight MAN (as opposed to straight woman) who embraces them, it is highly questionable at best whether he derives any benefit even among gay people themselves (just look at some of the negative comments in this thread, already).

    All that said, his career does not seem to have been seriously damaged by his interest in gay-themed projects–he still lands plum roles in blockbusters like Oz and The Planet of the Apes prequel, so I doubt losing a few advertisers is going to put him in the poorhouse any time soon.

    Regardless, thanks James for being you–a rare, intellectually-inclined and genuinely open-minded individual in an age where few people are either…..especially in Hollywood.

  8. Rick says

    Pardon me, sorry, but I realized that I forgot something. I was writing too fast and forgot to state that I’m a gay man who hates most other gay men, mainly because most other gay men are openly gay and date and have friends and sex lives and love lives and I’ve never had anything resembling any of that stuff.

    I hate women, I hate gay men who aren’t scared of straight men, I hate blacks and I hate knowing that when I finally die I’ll have not done a single noteworthy thing in this life.

    Also, I stick tampons up my bum because it makes me feel like a natural woman.

  9. Matt26 says

    It’s become daily routine but I write it anyway: I like him, he has guts. Keep doing what you’re doing James.

  10. Jake says

    Sorry, but I would not want my company to be associated with leather, dungeons, S & M, orgies, and other subculture kink. The problem is not that he makes gay movies, it is that he makes nasty amoral kink and fetish fare.

  11. Jake says

    Rick, most gay men are not open, and even less bisexual men are open. The closet is bigger than those outside it.

  12. GregV says

    @Kiwi: In industries like acting and music (where careers for EVERYONE are so unpredictable) I always look for solid proof when claims are made that a gay role (or coming out) ruined opportunities.
    Looking at the Queer As Folk cast’s various IMDB profiles, nobody’s career appears (at least at a glance) to have suffered because of QAF, and most of them (Gsle Harrold, for example) were previously pretty much unknown and made a much bigger name in QAF, with by far their most successes only since QAF premiered in 2000.
    Granted, I don’t know where Hal Sparks has gone (since he was so good in his role), but on the other hand, if not for QAF I would probably never have heard of him.

  13. JimmyD says

    Caliban: My comment was a mixed bag. I wasn’t being snarky regarding the subject of the story… but I was being snarky towards those who immediately jump in with snaky comments.
    No. This is NOT my first day on the internet. Thus my original comment. It’s pretty clear to me that it’s not yours. I’m willing to bet you spent much of your time posting snotty comments under most articles you read. I’m also willing to bet that 99% of the time, the first words out of your mouth (or keystrokes) are nasty and negative.
    Seems that nothing can be written about ANYONE without the comments being full of hate. From a so-called “community” of folk who were bullied… it seems very weird to me that a very large percentage of people who post here, and on most sites, are just as snotty and mean.
    Your turn. But, honestly? I won’t be scanning the comments to see what you reply with.

  14. ratbastard says

    I know it’s all in the eye of the beholder and all that, but if you as a gay or bi guy don’t find Franco ridiculously physically attractive, check your pulse.

  15. anon says

    Considering he’s now in what appears to be a hit movie, he should be able to, as they say, write his own ticket. Bankable is bankable.

  16. jaragon says

    The handsome Mr Franco is starring a in “OZ”major blockbuster from Disney so he can’t get any more mainstream than that (but please James keep making your gay art films)

  17. Caliban says

    @Jimmy D

    “Thus my original comment. It’s pretty clear to me that it’s not yours. I’m willing to bet you spent much of your time posting snotty comments under most articles you read. I’m also willing to bet that 99% of the time, the first words out of your mouth (or keystrokes) are nasty and negative.”

    And you’d be wrong. I’ve written posts in admiration of Chris Kluwe, Brendan Ayanbedejo, the UFC fighter who recently made a statement in support of gay marriage, and many many other “straight allies.”

    I just don’t like James Franco, for reasons I’ve given elsewhere and won’t go into again here. But when I *did* give those reasons I made sure to include that I was not telling anyone else how to feel about him, that I didn’t expect others to agree with me, despite my reasoning. That’s just it. People have a right to their opinions, positive or negative, about celebrities and many other issues. Fine. You like James Franco. Maybe I would if I met him personally but I don’t like his public persona. That’s not a symptom of me being a generally bitter person, “self-loathing,” or any of that hoo-hah, it is what it is, a personal distaste for him.

    And my “Is this your first day on the internet?” was meant to be tongue in cheek, not a personal slam.

  18. Francis says

    Good he’s still getting movies, but unsurprising, sadly, advertisers are dropping their support of him. At the end of the day, unfortunately, a lot of companies simply don’t want their brand to be associated with homosexuality. If James actually came out of the closet or stated his sexuality without being as ambiguous as he is about it now, you can be sure he would lose roles. Until an out non-heterosexual man plays a romantic leading role, or is portrayed in a sexual or heroic way, as someone to honor rather than in comedies or fluff movies, then yeah, it’s clear that being non-heterosexual is a career inhibitor.

  19. mikeflower says

    If you read the tabs, the OneDirection boys are possibly all shagging each other but i don’t see a drop in fan-girl support. Perhaps Franco needs to sigh on to a younger marketing demographic.

  20. FFS says

    How could I have possibly been so remiss as to not notice that televised & print ads are completely populated with Yale graduates? I can be so thick.

    On an unrelated subject: Go back to bed, Rick.