1. Michaelandfred says

    Excuse me? Sir? Yes you. You in the dress? Exactly WHEN did God say all that because it’s not in the ten commandments nor did Jesus ever utter that nonsense. “…entitled to friendship…” Asshat.

  2. woodroad34d says

    God hasn’t told you any such thing. Your bigoted sub-conscious did. And don’t use the bible, that book of fairy tales that has been so rewritten and re-interpreted over and over, to back you up. It was re-written and re-interpreted by like-minded people. THAT’S preaching to the choir: bigots wanting to hear bigoted things

  3. Jim Stone says

    We’ve had 22 years of “friendship” but unfortunately here in Ohio that is all our relationship is legally.
    Great “words of wisdom” from a sexless man who wears a dress…

  4. PAUL B. says

    I guess “Tim Dolan-lite” has not only dropped a few pounds but some of his hateful rhetoric.
    Can they remake him to appear compassionate with the intent of reversing some of the past damage he’s done? Bring in some gay bucks?
    He’s been an enemy of gay folk for many years and this softer-edged Tim Dolan isn’t fooling anyone I hope. The sharp edges are just beneath that puppy facade.

  5. Jay says

    At this point, Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Church are being completely ridiculous.

    We don’t just hold friendships, now do we? We [gays] love and bond in ways that defy the definition of friendship. So Cardinal, please stop redefining friendship, marriage and everything in between. The comedy is getting tired.

  6. loki7329 says

    I don’t want friendship or approval from the Catholic Church. I just want to be left alone. They should stay out of politics and stop meddling in people’s lives.

  7. says

    …… …. is he saying the church should be attacking infertile heterosexuals, marriages with no biological children, and those awful parents who…uh…”adopt”?

    and why on earth are we even listening to Catholics about this?

    any gay catholics on here who want to get married in a catholic church by a priest? i don’t know any.

    and i’m not sure why a catholic should have an opinion about non-Catholic marriages.

  8. jomicur says

    Unfortunately for Cardinal Timmy, the Catholic church doesn’t get to define what gay people–or any other American citizens–are entitled to. The Constitution does that (“equal treatment under law”), and slowly but surely–inevitably–the courts are recognizing it.

  9. Brian says

    the question was very unfortunate, it was way too easy. Frankly, I don’t really care how the catholic church decides to treat its members. If they treat gays badly, they should leave. But I can’t stand that they’re front and center in the battle to break up our relationships, most of which have nothing to do with catholicism. So rather than ask, what would you say to someone who says I love the catholic church but I’m gay (just too easy to reply we love you too), he should be asked why does the catholic church care if two non-catholic gays or lesbians want to marry? He’ll have to defend the church’s battle to control everyone’s lives, and he’ll look much more bigoted than he does here.

  10. Bryan says

    Perhaps the Pope will experience a divine revelation sometime in the next few years, not unlike the one the Mormons had when refusing to admit African Americans got iffy. “Oh wait, this just in… I’m getting, almost getting it… Some static… Come in God… Over? Oh yes, yes… I understand. I’ll run out into the street and marry a few homosexuals right now. Got it. Thanks Boss. And no, I don’t much care for figs either.”

    I confess to being puzzled by the obsession LGBTQ people have with their rejection by the world’s largest child rape and torture ring. Is there no level to which we will not stoop in our quest finally to be chosen first for basketball? I mean, really… I don’t even like basketball.

  11. Joseph says

    The Catholic Church can make up whatever silly rules they want for their followers but they CANNOT tell the rest of us how to live our lives. When the Catholics or the Mormons say that I cannot marry the man I love because it is against THEIR religion, that’s going to far. I don’t understand how anyone can be gay and Catholic. This man is a liar and he is anti-gay.

  12. says

    He was very politician-sounding. When asked a question, he just talked a lot and didn’t give a real answer. Also, I don’t understand why the Church is so opposed to non-Catholics getting married, as another poster pointed out. Ridiculous.

  13. Michael says

    If anyone is interested, Jesus mentions homosexuality at least twice in the Gospels:

    1) Jesus met a gay man, via the Roman Centurion trying to heal his slave/pais (a Greek term used to convey the younger male lover in a gay relationship) and Jesus says of him, “Never have I seen faith greater than this” after asking the Centurion if He could come have dinner at his house (to which the Centurion replied “I am not worthy” (IMHO, because gay relationships were probably frowned upon by the religious reich back then too)).

    2) Jesus mentions gay men as “born eunuchs” in Matthew as a type of man who was not meant to marry women (this comes from the passage beloved by homophobes who always quote this chapter when trying to prove a marriage is between one man, one women yet this chapter deals with when a man is allowed to divorce a woman, nothing else).

    3) Matthew 5:22 – the term Jesus used, ‘raca’, when saying “whoever calls his brother…” is believed to be, when best translated to today, mean ‘fag’.

    There’s also the Secret Gospel of Mark, also the relationship which is evidently romantic between Jesus and John in the Gospel of John.

    Not to mention, besides the Gospels, the most passionate relationship between two people in the Bible happens to be between two men.

    Sorry, I just find it obnoxious the Church, a group of cowardly closet cases, wants everyone else to believe the world should be as ashamed with homosexuality as they are with their own.

  14. chris vogel says

    Hmm, “friendship”, eh. Let’s see what that means, exactly. Until recently, when modern secular governments put an end to it, that meant persecution, torture, murder. Now that the Roman church considers us only “objectively disordered”, and our desire for equality to be the “product of satan”, it means that the Roman church has never, ever, not anywhere, done or supported anyone else doing anything like decriminalization, protection from being fired or evicted (having done some of that themselves), or from violence or bullying, let alone allowing all of the hundreds of legal implications for a relationship that depend on being married. Oh wait, of course, the Roman church has heatedly opposed, always, everywhere, every step towards fair treatment of homosexuals. Looks like the Roman church’s idea of “friendship” is the same ridiculous fabrication as are all of their other beliefs.

  15. Bernie says

    wow! he “blesses” the fact that we are entitled to friendships……what a stupid cop-out of an answer! and again, love the sinner, hate the sin bull….

  16. Jerry says

    Friendship requires responsibility. It’s not enough to say “let’s be friends”. You have to demonstrate you’re worthy of friendship. Catholicism, based on its disgraceful history, is completely unworthy. I’m not surprised that Stephanopoulos didn’t pursue any follow-up questions; it’s Easter, and his father is a Greek Orthodox priest (& Adjunct Professor of Eastern Christian Thought Saint John’s University, Queens, NY).

  17. walter says

    this from the man who was deposed as what he knew about pedophile priest and what he did to cover up for them. there aren’t enough hail Mary’s to confess the lies told during that deposition. and to top it off he is the biggest closet case since cardinal spell man

  18. Craig says

    Just show me where it says “and so the clergy can molest and rape the choir boys at will” in the Bible and I’ll start showing interest in anything these hypocrites have to say.

  19. Mitch says

    I understand that your organization suggests that life begins at conception. I hope you’ll also weigh in on when relationships goes from friendship to sexual. Holding hands? Kissing? OMG, if it’s kissing, does this mean I’ve had sex with both my parents and, for that matter, two sets of grandparents? Does sex start when I see his penis? Does this mean I had sex with the entire football team? (I saw their penises in showers after games.) Is it possible to have sex if we remain entirely clothed or do we remain friends after extensive touching as long as that touching is only through clothing?

    Oh, one final question: Do your rules apply to me? I’m not Catholic.

  20. Rich says

    “We gotta be – we gotta do better to see that our defense of marriage is not reduced to an attack on gay people. And I admit, we haven’t been too good at that.”

    Here is the crack in the Easter egg.

    Assuming that clergy have the right to officiate at marriages in New York as they do in California. If Cardinal Dolan wants to do that as an act of repentance, even outside of St. Patricks, I’d welcome it.

  21. Kevin thor says

    My loathing for this morbidly obese buffoon knows no bounds. he is a prince of one of the largest hate groups in the world. and we allow it!

  22. Scooter says

    Intentions are meaningless when the results are the same! You DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE MY FAMILY FOR ME! Let me make that perfectly clear! You have no say with whom I may build my family nor create any doom over my destiny! My future is NOT under your control! So, please F.OFF you Catholic Thugs!

  23. andrew says

    Didn’t Dolan secretely transfer sexually abusive priests from one parish to another when he was the Bishop of another Diocese prior to his NY assignment?

  24. Joe says

    So I’m allowed to be “friends” with my lover and partner/spouse and that it? Is that what you mean to say you morally corrupt s.o.b.? Dolan, you must be very unhappy living in New York- I don’t think “the gays” are paying you any attention.

  25. Lynel says

    I refuse to befriend or be in a relationship with a gay catholic. Done it in the past and it always ended with them almost shaming me for being unwavering in my support for gay rights. Every gay person has a right to be Mormon or Catholic, but not all of us have to join you in that ride as an observer.

  26. Hal says

    Dolan said that “I admit, we haven’t been too good at” reaching out to gay people.


    He and his church teaches that gay people whom they want to greet with a “warm embrace” have a “strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil.” His now-retired boss, Pope Liberace, described gay people as “eschewing their God-given gender identities to suit their sexual choices – and destroying the very ‘essence of the human creature’ in the process.” (Whatever that means….)

    If they are trying their “darndest” to reach out to gays, it must be like when the good Cardinal told his doctor he is trying his “darndest” to lose weight!!

  27. Hal says

    Dolan said that “I admit, we haven’t been too good at” reaching out to gay people.


    He and his church teaches that gay people whom they want to greet with a “warm embrace” have a “strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil.” His now-retired boss, Pope Liberace, described gay people as “eschewing their God-given gender identities to suit their sexual choices – and destroying the very ‘essence of the human creature’ in the process.” (Whatever that means….)

    If they are trying their “darndest” to reach out to gays, it must be like when the good Cardinal told his doctor he is trying his “darndest” to lose weight!!

  28. Bill says

    @woodroad34d: Whether it is his “subconscious” or something else, research using MRI has shown that the same parts of the brain light up when you ask someone about their beliefs or what God believes, but not when you ask them what others believe. describes the research.

    In the case of a cardinal, it is a bit more complicated – like any upper manager, he is expected to tout the official opinion of his organization in public, so it isn’t that easy to determine what he really believes.

  29. someone has to say it says

    He showed up in basic black with a simple silver necklace and his red beany hat slightly askew. I remember when Cardinals were arrogant pompous creatures giving out their benedictions with a solemn waving of their ring-bedecked hands in a sign of the cross.

    This guy signed off with a salute! How cute! How media savvy, the new friendly church. They must have had some PR advisors at that convocation.

  30. says

    I, as a gay man, am entitled to friendship.
    Yippee kiaaaaaa !

    That’s a staggeringly profound summary and dismissal of my very core being, my very essence of meaning and affection and love and the whole reason for delighting in my existence……not my “lifestyle”- my being.

    Now I should be just entitled to friendship……..

    It’s like those nutters who talk about “a personal relationship with Jesus”.
    It’s meaningless verbiage dressed up to sound profound ……
    It’s phrases pulled from an incoherence at the heart of what they have convinced themselves they have to believe ….

    And most of all it is pathetic.

  31. Bill says

    Soooo glad this bigot – sorry, no other word for it – glad this bigot wasn’t appointed Pope. All the Cardinals are shameless, homophobic bigots but this American one is particularly despicable in his hail-fellow-well-met, phony gregarious, “just a regular guy” BS he blathers on and on about on the Catholic Channel on Sirius Radio.

  32. John says

    Screw him and all the members of the hierarchy of this heinous institution. If I believed in hell or prayer, I’d pray that he would rot in hell. Along with the child molesters and the pope.

  33. S. says

    What the church has forgotten, are the teachings of love and taking care of the poor and infirm. If the church involves itself in politics, then it is not a true church. Instead, it is a political organization and should be treated as such. Amen

  34. Miguel says

    What an imbecile.I hate religion.The bible’s idea of what marriage is is a terrible outdated nonsensical idea.marriage was a property transaction.Women belonged to their husbands,and the bible has horrific laws that demanded execution,such as a woman being stoned to death if she wasn’t a virgin when she married.This is the modern age.Religion needs to die.

  35. Bill says

    (the comment above about “this bigot” was made by someone else with the same name)

    @Michael : the Biblical story about the Roman centurion probably does not mean what you think. In ancient Rome, it was OK for a man to have sex with another man, but sexual rolls had to mesh with social status. It would be OK to for a male full-fledged Roman citizen to have sex with a male slave, but only if the slave was a bottom. A centurion would simply view the sexual taboos of the locals as being rather quaint, and if a local preacher tried to berate a centurion for being a sinner, the only question would be whether the preacher would be ignored or punished. For a centurion to not feel “worthy” of having a local preacher visit his home would have been unprecedented, so the story might have been an attempt to make Jesus appear rather special.

    The term “born eunuchs” in the Bible possibly refers to males born without testicles, or at least without ones in the normal place. They didn’t know what was going on at the time.

  36. TonyJazz says

    What a hateful man…. What did he say about the morality of people who get legally married without the church? Are they just ‘friends’ to him, too? (actually, that answer may be ‘yes’ in his mind, but that doesn’t mean that he would conduct political campaigns against the right of those people to be civilly married…)

    Again, don’t marry them in your church, but also don’t conduct campaigns against civil rights for others….

  37. Book says

    GRRRRRR. Can’t stand him. Even my mother says he’s such a phoney.
    So, no one is ever allowed to have sex outside of marriage, and marriage is only for a man and a woman. Terrific. Good luck with that.
    I wish the pro-gay marriage party line would focus on ‘religions can restrict marriage to whomever they like, but the US constitution must guarantee equal access to the law to all.’ Just remind the religious that marriage has nothing to do with religion! Let’s start with equality and then put whatever frills you want on top.

  38. Jerry6 says

    Some of these Priests, Bishops, etc should start to read there own history.

    Originally, the Clergy were married, and had children. Some of these children entered the same business as their Fathers; i.e. They became Priests, and because of “Daddy” they got promoted to some nice job titles. When daddy died, some became the next Pope. (Why let a family business die?) Some Church property ended up in the kids hands, etc. Finally, the solution to the problem was to make all Priests, etc to be single; Unmarried; no Wives or kids to get their hands on Church property.

    Time flies; Now they are talking about Priests getting Married. La De Da!

  39. Dan Cobb says

    Well thank you for throwing us a bone and allowing us to be friends with other men like us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Could you imagine if this human train wreck ACTUALLY had real police and political power!? He’s have us on his approved list of people entitled to “friendship” by which I’m sure he means “friendship” and nothing more. So we would be legally allowed to have friends… a right granted to us by the church. WOW! I think he purposely used the word “friends” knowing that liberals would interpret it as “lover/partner” and conservatives would interpret it as “friend, and nothing more”.

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