1. says

    And the gay brother was played by Robert Moore — who was gay in real life. A director as well as an actor his most famous directorial credit was the original stage production of

    (wait for it)

    “The Boys in the Band.”

  2. chris says

    I was 10 or so when I saw that “MTM,” with Moore and Harper’s lovely work, and I remember two things about it: It made my parents uncomfortable and it made me think, probably for the first time, that being gay might not be as horrible and lonely as virtually every other image out there suggested it was.

  3. Terry says

    I fondly remember that episode…the casual “he’s gay!” from Rhoda to Phyllis. No big drama or controversy. And this in the early 1970’s. Amazing. Yes, Valerie Harper is a class act.

  4. Alan says

    Anon – Cloris never left . . . she’s always popping up.

    Just looking her up in my database of things I’ve seen (I’m a geek) – “Tale of the Allergist’s Wife” and “Death Defying Acts.”

    And yet, I don’t seem to have cataloged a show that Valerie toured in with Anthony Zerbe – “Dear Liar”. It came to my college and I worked as a stagehand. I helped Valerie offstage and she grabbed my beard – “oh I like men with beards.”

    And during the Q&A the next day she, or Anthony, referred to me by name. It was very exciting. And a really long time ago.

  5. antisaint says

    Seriously. According to imdb, 1998 is the only year since Mary Tyler Moore that Cloris *didn’t* appear in something. She’s been on ‘Raising Hope’ since 2010.

  6. AZEXPAT says

    What I love: Valerie tells the whole story. And even when it comes to where Cloris could have said her lines, she lets Valerie tell the tale. A friend lets a friend shine.

  7. jamal49 says

    I remember watching that particular episode of MTM with some friends when it first aired. It was as hilarious as Ms. Harper described. We all howled with laughter. I was still struggling with coming out but that moment, hearing “he’s gay” uttered so nonchalantly by Rhoda and then Phyllis saying “Thank God! I’m so relieved!” really was something positive and almost revolutionary. Such a simple thing but it changed my life.

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    well–an even funnier moment was when the whole cast were all dressed up to go to a formal affair of some kind, and Ted and Georgette both wore tuxedoes. After everybody gushed about how cute they looked, Georgette said, “Well, I don’t care what anybody says: I think we look like a gay wedding cake.”

  9. sam says

    From this side of the pond, MTM was a joy of a show. We had been drowning in an ocean of sexist and homophobic dross for ages, when MTM arrived I was hooked – made me laugh, I loved the characters and I well remember the ‘gay’ brother episode; I laughed until I cried. Lovely to see Ms Harper and Ms Leachman in such great form. From this side of the pond, I wish them both well with my grateful thanks for many an evening laughing in front of the TV.

  10. anon says

    I just watched the episode and my guess is that the brother latched onto Rhoda to try to get her to like classical music and to make sure his sister wouldn’t be around. The “he’s gay” line was very well handled indeed.

    I guess what happened to Cloris is that she went from A-List to B-list, and the talk shows and guest appearance heavy shows (like Love Boat and Fantasy Island) that relied on B-Listers fell by the wayside. If you’re not familiar with how many times she was on Carson or Merv Griffin, or a variety of game shows, then you don’t know what I mean.

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