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    Candy is insisting that the original vote on Prop 8 is engraved in stone and that recent polls are to be ignored. “It gets complicaed” the cow bleats. But of course it doesn’t it’s very simple. And that’s why corporate whores like Candy are so upset.

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    “we care about the children”, say the anti-gay bigots whose anti-Marriage Equality stance puts the children of gay couples at a disadvantage.

    but hey, these are the same idiots who demand and tout “abstinence-only education” rather than comprehensive safer-sex education, despite the fact (FACT!) that their chosen style of *lesson* is empirically proven to result in higher teen STI rates, abortion rates, and teen pregnancies.

    ignoring the facts because your chosen stance can only be maintained when facts are ignored proves you wrong.

  3. Shum SanFran says

    keep your eyes on AG Harris. She is far-and-away the most dynamic leader in California, and a lifetime friend of and advocate for the LGBT community.

  4. iban4yesu says

    THAT’S right, you had to sleep again and again with that snake-y married man TO GET your toe in to the public servant’s life, (FF to now) so you could sit there to ponticate the ALL KINDS OF MARRIAGES! SOUNDS so persuasive from your moral high horse, that I could just die! You certainly have fine fiber required of all polticians!

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