1. David Hearne says

    The underwear he’s wearing is nasty looking and distracting. It looks like he’s wear lace panties under a Speedo. Also, he needs to step away from the wax and he’s wandering dangerously close to the Sharpie.

  2. Thomas says

    Somehow this “interview” format has managed to make even a guy I’ve always found ridiculously hot seem sort of pedestrian and maybe even annoying.

    I will now have to spend a couple hours just viewing pics and muted video of him to get things back to normal.

  3. Rich says

    Huh. Usually I’m nervous that watching videos like this will ruin my fantasy of a certain model because they turn out to be too feminine for my taste (nothing wrong with that, just not a turn-on for me.) But this was the opposite. He might be too straight for me… or maybe just too Long Island. He seems nice enough, but not remotely my type. Fantasy ruined. When will I learn to stop watching these things?

  4. markt says

    This is good. One less jerk-off fantasy to keep me from living my actual life. I liked him though. Wouldn’t mind him coming over to use my pool or whatever.

  5. David says

    “Somehow this “interview” format has managed to make even a guy I’ve always found ridiculously hot seem sort of pedestrian and maybe even annoying.”

    Well, working out excessively IS usually compensation for something else that’s lacking…

  6. Frozen North says

    Awe. You guys are mean spirited and hyper critical. He’s seems upbeat and all around nice and adorable.

    Don’t like the underwear they have him in, but I doubt it was his choice. And it’s an interview for The Underwear Expert, what do you want? Questions on world politics?

    Lighten up. And drop some of the negativity.

  7. trees says

    What a spectacular man! He blows kisses and likes to spend the night at home with candles and a movie, has a perfect body and has a sweet, unassuming smile. Thank you for this wonderful vignette.

  8. luke says

    it’s not like they’d ask him serious questions, not that i think most of the ones asked were all that great either. but there’s no point saying he’s stupid if they’re asking him to pick between two singers or what profession a famous person should stick to /shrug

  9. Seattle Mike says

    Oh, dear. Talking is not his strong suit. And as for his reaction to the last question, I’m thinking he hasn’t even heard that Lance Armstrong confessed to doping.

  10. TANK says

    What is it with all the vicious, hateful comments from the usual cast of bitter, middle-aged queens around here? Philip Fusco is a great guy. I was never a big fan of his, but I actually exchanged some e-mails with him one time in connection with a possible modeling gig for my brother’s company. He won me over instantly… very polite, humble, and a genuinely nice guy. Yeah, sure, he’s no Rhodes scholar, but he came across as a real person. I can’t say that about every male model I’ve ever chatted with… some of them really are —holes who don’t deserve to have any fans. But Philip is one of the really nice guys out there.

  11. scooternva says

    TANK, it’s a cliche because it’s true: haters gonna hate. I think Philip is adorable, and on top of that he’s a friend and ally.

    Some people were obviously not raised with the wisdom to know when to shut up if they have nothing nice to say about someone.

  12. says

    I think that people need to remember the purpose of this interview. It isn’t to discuss geo-politics or neuroscience–it’s part of an underwear ad. It’s suppose to be fun and sexy. I still thing Phil Fusco seems like a nice, down-to-earth guy…and he has a great physique, too.

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