1. Michael Heynz says

    Or maybe they could just rename the video to The Harlem Stake: Burn The Witch!!

    Or maybe
    The Jamaica Shake: A country that’s proud to be ignorant.

  2. BANNOCK says

    Glad that you provided so many screen caps, so that I didn’t have to contribute to the view count to get the gist as to how awful and hate filled these people are. They have so much else to worry about in Jamaica right now, they should concentrate on rebuilding their country. Best wishes to the LGBT crowd in Jamaica.

  3. disgusted american says

    Dear Jamaica,

    When the next hurricane comes and destroys your filthy little island, do not ask for aid.

    You can eat your bibles.

    AGREED X 100!!!!!

  4. talibaptist says

    This just reinforces my decision to never travel to Jamaica nor buy any products from Jamaica…They can rot on their little Fourth-World island for all I care…

  5. Will says

    The whole Caribbean is just a giant mass of disease disguised as paradise by resorts. I hate when people go down south and claim its so beautiful…step off your resort and see what happens!

  6. Francis says

    I hope this goes viral because I want to see the backlash against Jamaica when it does. That will be good to see, because there hasn’t been enough attention on Jamaica’s disgustingly inhumane treatment of LGBTQ citizens.

    The only concern needs to be for the gay community in this country and their safety. The rest of the country can burn.

  7. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    One note about climate change. Here in South Florida, we have got hurricane preparation and revised building codes down to a science. In Jamaica, they are still in the Dark Ages concerning hurricane preparation and building construction. I will have to agree with ALLBEEFPATTY and DISGUSTED AMERICAN. When global warming bears down on Jamaica in the form of stronger hurricanes, Western nations should NOT provide aid until Jamainca halts their reign of terror against gay and bisexual people. Not one dime.

  8. PAUL B. says

    If you’ve ever been there, you understand it’s not a hotbed of education/enlightenment. Plenty hocus-pocus…boog-a-boo and superstition. The hallmarks of ignorance & poverty. Looking for the good in all people, I’m hardpressed to find any there. But, then again when I go home to my sicilian relatives…none there either.

  9. Jesus says

    @GwynethCornrow Right on. I don’t know why Andy tolerates such blatant racism.

    To all the people bashing Jamaica, does anyone stop to think about the LGBT folk, on the island and around the world, who have been fighting tooth and nail to change hearts and minds? Overturn buggery laws and open people’s hearts? One video made by a relatively small group of people doesn’t represent the entirety of Jamaican people, culture, or ideologies.

  10. jamal49 says

    Of course, the cowards hide their faces.

    Avoid Jamaica. It’s a cesspool and a toilet. The people are rude, crude and petty. They wallow in their own ignorance. They sustain a decadent, decrepit culture in a decrepit, corrupt country.

    Avoid Jamaica like the plague.

  11. Elizabeth says

    Firstly, I want to say that racism is really stupid. And the people who are using this video as an excuse to make racist statements are just lowering themselves to the level of the people in the video. Please remember that the most pro-equality president in U.S. history is black, as well as many pro-equality advocates.

    Secondly, as someone (a black heterosexual woman) born and raised on a Caribbean island, who, thankfully, got a scholarship to an American University, I can’t even begin to explain the mentality of these people. They are incredibly uneducated. Most of them have never read a whole book in their lives. I no that none of the people I grew up with certainly have never even read 1 whole book in their entire lives. They believe in black magic…Think about that for a minute — imagine how primitive the thought process has to be for a person to take black magic seriously. They don’t even know what they do not know…

    I am not trying to excuse their disgusting message, just clue you guys into the world I come from. They are trapped in so much ignorance it is insane. As a person, raised by persons like these, I have sat many a days in wonderment as to just how stupid, yes literally stupid the adults who raised me were and are. I consider it a miracle that I was able to get out of that mental fog. It was only because of books that I was able to break the bonds of ignorance that surrounded me and allowed me to see much of the world outside my little island. These people, in their unique way are, in a state of what I call “savage innocence” that is how dumb they are.

    My father never learned to read, my mother could read, but was obsessed with a fear of black magic, and terrified of homosexuals. Adults would sit around at night and talk about witches and other evil creatures in very serious tones. They truly believed that these beings existed. None of them could explain the natural world in any scientific terms, it is all magic. Add to this indescribable ignorance, obsessive religiosity and you have a recipe for disaster. I assure you that these people believe that God, himself, literally sat down and wrote the bible. When I told my mother that I didn’t believe in God, she looked at me like I was the devil incarnate and threw me out of her house. They know nothing about the role that Constantine the Roman Emperor played in the formation of Christianity, they have never heard of the Nicene Council… As the Christ they believe in is reported to have said,”Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

  12. Sargon Bighorn says

    Race and age are easy targets as no one can do anything to change those facts. Race nor Age motivate people to hate, Religion does. “Good people will always do good things, bad people will always do Bad things, but for good people to do bad things takes Religion”

  13. PAUL B. says

    @Elizabeth…thanks for sharing that. I think it’s easy to forget that there are lots of other places in the world where people are of color…or not…and ignorance is prevalent. Look to eastern europe…oh, for that matter look to the vatican…or kansas. The easiest handle to grab is the color thing…and it’s cruel. I think most of us here know this…but are angry when we watch this garbage. This isn’t about color, it’s about poverty, ignorance & religion…a recipe for some nasty cake.

  14. says

    You don’t have to watch it in order to report it for Hateful or abusive content > Promotes hatred or violence.


  15. MANGA CHICK says

    I am a Jamaican who can honestly say this group does not represent us all. Jamaica is a Beautiful country with many LGBT friendly spots. You can search online and find blogs made by LGBT tourist who talk about amazing accepting places they have visited. Please do not use this as a reason to not want to visit my lovely country.

  16. bobbyjoe says

    One of the reasons why they made this video is because there are brave Jamaiacans who have been fighting to get rid of homophobic laws. Hence, the video’s lines about keeping the “buggery laws.”

    So let’s not condemn all of Jamaica with one large brush. There are good people there as well, fighting the good fight and putting themselves at risk to do so. The people in the video aren’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but the very existence of their video points to the fact that the good people have been gaining more ground.

  17. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    What? You thought something GOOD coould come from an Internet dance meme? Did you not SEE the intellectual and choregraphic down syndrome that was Gangnam style? SMH.

    Other than seeing shirtless straight fraternal boys getting down withe each other I see no reason for their existence. And really if I wanted to see that bad enough I’d just watch porn. -.- Anyway, these douchebags are just mad cuz they are completely irrelevant. Whether they like it or not social progress has already started winning globally. No matter how much they kick and scream all they can do is delay the inevitable. Even the GOP is starting to admit defeat and that full civil equality for lgbt people is just a matter of time, and it will be the same way in Jamaica.

  18. Dback says

    Elizabeth, thank you for your insight. I’ve never wanted to visit Jamaica (despite Whoopi Goldberg’s brilliant Old Raisin monologue–YouTube it). It seems as if the only pretty parts are those fenced resorts catering to white tourists; step off the property, and it seems like hell. With so little vacation time and a limited budget, I’ll make sure my guy and I go someplace we’re really wanted and where our tourism dollars will hopefully do some good.

  19. SayTheTruth says

    Come on people, it is not like the could change illiteracy and religious indoctrination overnight. They could not even grasp the basic concepts of humanism even if their lives depended on it. Homophobia is just the tip of the iceberg of disastrous country and backward society. They deserve to be confronted though.

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