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Jon Hamm's Massive Trouser Snake Requires Retouching


The new season of Mad Men is almost upon us, so what's going to get people talking about it?

Perhaps a few items in gossip columns, like this one, via NYDN Confidential:

An AMC insider tells Confidenti@l that during filming of the sixth season of the hit show — when the ’60s-style clothing was a tight fit — Hamm was politely instructed by a staffer at the network to please wear underwear while shooting his scenes.

“This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination,” a source tells us. “Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.”

AMC's marketing team had to Photoshop certain areas, according to their source:

“His privates are the inside joke. (Hamm) knows what he’s got. Imagine how distracting that would be on the side of a bus or building."

Well, we really don't have to imagine. It's well documented.

Still, the show doesn't want people talking about it:

A rep for Hamm said: “It is ridiculous and not really funny at all. I’d appreciate you taking the high road and not resorting to something childish like this that’s been blogged about 1,000 times.”

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  1. Wearing underwear when you have, umm, a lot of equipment is quite unpleasant. Haven't done it in 25 years, and I'm not trying to brag because I don't actually care about it. Just runs in the family.

    Posted by: Paul R | Mar 20, 2013 12:06:31 PM

  2. @ Paul R: As we say on Fark, "Pics or it didn't happen."

    Posted by: Rich F. | Mar 20, 2013 12:13:47 PM

  3. "Still, the show doesn't want people talking about it"

    'Please, Brer Fox, please don't throw me into the briar parch of free publicity!'

    Posted by: BABH | Mar 20, 2013 12:25:56 PM

  4. Move along,folks! Nothing to see here, did you notice there's not one single comment under the "document" since it was "posted 03 December, 2012" ? LOL

    Posted by: iban4yesu | Mar 20, 2013 12:27:21 PM

  5. Don't believe his rep for a second. They are THRILLED to have people talking about Hamm or the show in any way. A publicist would talk about Jon Hamm's a$$hole if they thought it would improve ratings or popularity...especially the gays.

    Posted by: Jerry | Mar 20, 2013 12:30:25 PM

  6. @ibanyes4u do a search under "Hamm bulge" or "Hamm crotch" and you'll see that yes, it's well documented. LOL.

    Posted by: Cataluya | Mar 20, 2013 12:34:16 PM

  7. Suddenly I'm hungry for Eggs and Pork Sausage.

    Posted by: zack | Mar 20, 2013 12:56:36 PM

  8. I'd tell him to embrace his trouser snake, but he probably has. Many times.

    Also: Having a large c*ck does not mean that underwear is uncomfortable. Tighty whiteys are obviously going to feel constraining, but free-balling can actually be just as bad, depending on how the weight is distributed. Boxer briefs or trunks are a good option, and if Hamm doesn't want the attention he should consider them. Otherwise it'd be like Christina Hendricks not wearing a bra and complaining if people look at her chest.

    Posted by: Thomas | Mar 20, 2013 1:56:16 PM

  9. Free Willy!

    Posted by: Jack M | Mar 20, 2013 1:56:38 PM

  10. The pic in the photo link has been photoshopped. I know because I use photoshop professionally. Hamm may have a free willy but that pic is a fake snake.

    Posted by: rcndc | Mar 20, 2013 2:10:58 PM

  11. He seems so much more human to me now that I know he has real problems too. *wipes tear

    Posted by: Jerry | Mar 20, 2013 2:11:08 PM

  12. Jerry: LOL. Thanks. I needed that :D

    Posted by: Thomas | Mar 20, 2013 2:38:51 PM

  13. hehe it is a little funny. i can't wait for Mad Men! IMO they don't need to do those retouches, we all know Don Draper would be just as hung.

    Posted by: NE1 | Mar 20, 2013 3:12:45 PM

  14. Good advertising.

    Posted by: GB | Mar 20, 2013 3:20:52 PM

  15. I'll touch it, and retouch it!

    Posted by: Clint | Mar 20, 2013 3:47:10 PM

  16. Fun with the Hammaconda:

    Posted by: Jerry | Mar 20, 2013 7:14:01 PM

  17. I like a large trouser snake as much as anyone but there is a point where major moose knuckle and/or camel toe on a woman becomes just plain vulgar.

    Posted by: hmmm | Mar 20, 2013 8:50:41 PM


    Please work on the thematic consistency of your metaphors. Perhaps "writhing trouser snake?"

    Posted by: Bryan | Mar 20, 2013 9:52:59 PM

  19. @Rich F i think you mean on the internet, as opposed to just or it didn't happen is not unique to a single site you venture.

    i also don't wear underwear, but am not hung, it's just nice not to have to adjust everytime it starts to be a bit irritating

    Posted by: luke | Mar 20, 2013 10:36:26 PM

  20. The Hamm picture - bad Photoshop.

    Posted by: Steve | Mar 20, 2013 10:39:43 PM

  21. You really have to wonder about someone who would characterize a serious discussion about massive, dangling dickmeat as "childish."

    Posted by: FFS | Mar 21, 2013 12:17:11 AM

  22. I'm a graphic artist too, but you don't need to be. Google "Jon Hamm bulge." There are other shots with the same clothes, same location, same walk. That's not PhotoShop. That's HAMM.

    Posted by: Jamie in Las Vegas | Mar 21, 2013 1:52:17 AM

  23. ummm...not that it matters (jon hamm is hot, i'd be all about it) and maybe my standards are too high, but i'm sorry his penis is not anything out of the ordinary. massive trouser snake? more like massive disappoint after taking the time to look at these supposed bulge pics

    Posted by: jaeyden | Mar 21, 2013 7:38:14 AM

  24. Thanks! Now Instead of watching Mad Men I'll be watching for VPL all season.

    Posted by: bambinoitaliano | Mar 21, 2013 7:45:54 AM

  25. I'm still waiting for the porn version of Jon Hamm. Zack Efron's porn incarnation is Brent Corrigan (nee Sean Paul Lockhart).

    Posted by: Manny Espinola | Mar 21, 2013 9:52:18 AM

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