1. Mike says

    Wonder what twit at SNL talked Justin Timberlake into doing an extremely bad impersonation of gay icon Elton John singing a tribute to Hugo Chávez. Could have at least said something like he was not ALL that bad, at least he justifiably slammed that idiot George W. Bush a few times. As it was he could not have been more lame.

  2. Giselle says

    Justin Timberlake is seriously talented, very gifted, I never realised how much. That was uncannily brilliant. I bet Elton John loves it, or at least it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. andrew says

    I’m no fan of the late authoritarian leader Hugo Chavez, but I recognize bad taste when I see it. That bit was insulting to the many, especially lower class Venezuelans, who really liked the guy.

  4. Latino Guy says

    It was absolutely awesome and true. if you don’t know what I mean you don’t know about Venezuela’s history and I don’t blame you most Americans don’t. But as a Latino I can say IT WAS VERY FUNNY AND VERY TRUE. Get over it, it’s just a joke. You guys are lame not Justin Timberlake. He makes millions and all you guys do is say bad stuff on line… Good job guys. Great accomplishments. Losers

  5. Frank says

    I thought it was pretty damned funny. Maybe you guys didnt get the references because you were doing meth at a rave or something instead of watching the news. I dunno, but Im glad I still have my sense of humor in tact, unlike most flaming liberals.

  6. DC Arnold says

    Good job JT but all you made me do was miss SNL circa 1984 when Martin Short and Billy Crystal really knew how to impersonate. Check out Crystal’s Sammy Davis Jr.

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