1. grench says

    I wish the Repub trolls in these comments, who are so blatantly and crassly trying to create a divide between gays and blacks, would just go away.

  2. lucas says

    What does black culture have to do with this…? Oh, sorry, I just realized you’re just a troll. I won’t disturb your work again.

  3. jamal49 says

    sonnyd and tyler, white culture f*cked this country a long, long time ago. You’re proof of that. Oh, and for the record, if it wasn’t for our brothers and sisters of African heritage, American wouldn’t have any culture.

  4. reality says

    the only black person in these videos was FOR marriage equality … so the trolls lose again.

  5. Hagatha says

    if it wasn’t for our brothers and sisters of African heritage, American wouldn’t have any culture.

    Posted by: jamal49

    How do you figure that?

  6. WinnDixie says

    Not tryin to hate, but I don’t think Kimmel is very funny…guess I shouldn’t be watching the vid then, huh?

  7. ratbastard says

    The black dude was my favorite. I like his answer regarding Justin Bieber. He also seemed the most sincere.

  8. says

    Yeah, white culture is entirely toxic and horrible. It seems like other cultures are destroying it but in reality, white culture is just finally realizing how small it is.

    Black culture is America. White people have always been the minority, a loud, abrasive, mean-spirited minority. Your (tyler) whole ideological viewpoint is entirely framed around people of color, around race. You are defined by black people because its what you care about most, what you love, you love obsessing over black people dude. It’s your identity.

  9. MateoM says

    Lucas and Sonnyd are likely aliases of the resident towleroad troll, who posts the same racist crap under the name Ratbastard all the time.

    Just ignore it/them and hopefully they’ll go away.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Actually, MateoM, I’m thinking Tyler and Sonnyd are “working class” characters created by Old Lady David Hearne. She’s also calling herself “Hagatha” recently.

    There are some crazy motha’ f.ckas visiting this blog now.

  11. Hagatha says

    Derrick – I call myself Hagatha because you call me a hag. Also because when this site was messed up I changed names to see if I was on “miserable user” or something.

  12. Rick says

    Hagatha was what my dad called me when he made me dress up in blackface drag. I hate effeminates!

  13. tonnd says

    Too funny…Just glad I live in a white area with no black “preachers” or “ministers” just saying these posts are right..

  14. Markt says

    Wow not very supportive for a Hollywood cross-section. In regards to the comments above : Everyone in those videos was from one cultural source – America.

  15. ratbastard says

    Know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking there a few pernicious trolls on here who post ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’ stuff, just so they can respond and act ‘outraged’. Yeah…that’s what I’m thinking.

  16. andrew says

    It is pathetic the way some of the posters on this site, right and left, can turn the enjoyment of a FUNNY BIT into a hate match.

  17. Dback says

    Well damn, here I am a former Tacoma boy and current Oregonian, and I have two of the troglodytes representing the Northwest. So much for the myth that we’re all liberals up here!

    And I think Vin Diesel would like to marry Paul Walker.

  18. parkrunner says

    The haters are the best; really ugly chained backyard dogs waiting for anyone to bring some light into their miserable lives. You gotta know they’re sitting in their crusty stained underwear in front of a ten year old computer with keys that reek of fecal matter.

  19. Caliban says

    Weird. 1st video, Hippie McFuckwit would be the black sheep at my family reunion. You’re going to buck tradition by having flowing locks but you’ve got a stick up your @ss about gay marriage? Well OK, but my granny still thinks you’re a disreputable long-hair!