1. RONTEX says

    Wow, he was so articulate and emotional. Did the Bigot line-up remember to bring their defibrillator?

  2. Brian says

    I think kids are our best weapon in these sorts of events. The bigots always blab about how horrible this issue is for kids, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid testify against gay marriage. You have a bunch of bright children making a very forceful and emotional plea for their families to be treated fairly, vs a lineup of crazy old people who can never explain why they care about this issue, and all they have going for them is they have plenty of time on their hands to sit through hearings looking deranged.

  3. Seph says

    The message of Jesus is simple: God loves everyone without exception or reservation. ~ Rev. Dr. Jane Shaw

    Children are not born with hatred, but taught with hatred. I salute Matthew Lannon’s parents for teaching him about Love.

  4. Matt26 says

    What a great speech.
    Agree, the pic is hilarious. You can see, almost feel the hate they have.

  5. szandor says

    Don’t they realize that they’ve already redefined marriage when they say “1 man + 1 woman = Marriage”.

  6. Bryan says

    Look at that sad lineup of old bigots with their rickety signs and long slobbering faces! Out with the old, in with the new! God bless this sixth grader for simplifying reality to them.

  7. simon says

    The was a dad who bought his daughter and tried to make her say marriage is between a man and a woman. The little girl seemed to be too embarrassed to say anything. It was a total failure. My only concern is he was going to beat her up once they were home.

  8. Mark says

    The bigot line-up is filled with really old and/or severely obese people who won’t be around for much longer, what do they care!

    Hate to the bitter end, what a way to go out.

  9. UFFDA says

    SIMON: “The was a dad who bought his…”? you might have at least finished in your own language, maybe: “his doter and try to make hur sey marege…”

  10. Greg says

    That photo and Matthew’s AMAZING testimony shows why we will win in the end…
    The older generation of haters is dying off and the new generation of kids who know us and accept us is rising! Thank you, Matthew…you brought tears to my eyes!

  11. I wont grow up says

    There’s only one word “WOW”.
    This young man is amazing, If only half the kids in this country were raised a well as him, what a wonderful world this would be. Matthew is the very embodiment of love.

  12. Dennis says

    I love how none of those bitter old farts could look him in the eye as he walked past.

  13. Lars says

    The saddest part of his testimony is when he explains how they have to keep coming back, year after year, trying to persuade a bunch of old bigots that their family is legitimate.

    As inspiring as a lot of the testimony is at these sorts of hearings, it pisses me off that we are forced to beg and plead, to approach on our knees with cap in hand, all in a (often) vain attempt to be treated equally. It’s degrading and dehumanizing.

  14. A says

    Beautiful speech! This is so heart warming!

    Does anyone have info on the family situation: his having “two moms and two dads”?

  15. jamal49 says

    An amazing young man! What poise and serenity. A testament and tribute to his family, in all its permutations.

  16. Ray T. says

    I am an 85 YO Gay man. Imagine a life time of being Gay and living in a world populated with these now tired old f*rts. Visualize a world where if a person like me fell in love we risked spending our lives in prison or an insane asylum. Fight on, victory is in sight! To see a boy like that from a Gay home join the fight for our freedom brings tears to my eyes. I feel I have years to go before I sleep, but when that time comes I will die a happy man saying as Dr. King suggested, “Free at last, free at last, thank God all mighty we are free at last.”