Lech Walesa on Anti-Gay Remarks: ‘I Will Not Apologize to Anyone’

Former Polish President and Nobel Peace Pize winner Lech Walesa stands by his remarks earlier this week that gays should be "behind a wall", CNN reports:

WalesaA devout Catholic and father of eight children, Walesa now says he has nothing to apologize for despite a mountain of criticism heaped upon a man who was once venerated as a champion of Polish liberty. He stressed he did not "feel homophobic."

"I will not apologize to anyone," the former president said in an interview Monday. "All I said (was) that minorities, which I respect, should not have the right to impose their views on the majority. I think most of Poland is behind me."

Since his comments went nationwide, Walesa has been on the receiving end of furious criticism.

"Why does Lech want me to sit in the back row?" asked Robert Biedron, a member of parliament from the opposition Palikot Movement and Poland's first openly gay politician. "If we accept the rules proposed by Lech Walesa then where would blacks sit? They are also a minority. And what about the disabled?"


  1. Paul R says

    Whatever. He has forever disgraced his memory and history. His own son came out against his comments.

  2. simon says

    In other more enlightened countries, it is not a minority view. It is the view of the majority and supported by the ruling party. He seems to have been under a rock and not up to date about what happened in other European countries.

  3. rise says

    According to Lech Walesa’s warped logic, blacks in America don’t deserve equal rights because they are a minority. Same with Jews, Italians, Asians etc etc.

    One wonders if Lech is suffering from senile dementia. Perhaps he’s a great big closet case.

  4. Travis says

    With eight children, he probably ought to be apologizing to one of them, the chances are one of them might not be straight.

  5. Bollux says

    Lest we forget that he is also a staunch supporter of child rapists with his vocal allegiance to both the Catholic Church and Roman Polanski. I hope this doddering old fossil chokes to death on an undercooked kielbasa.

  6. Rob says

    He consulted with his child raping priest before doubling down on his hate filled and ignorant comments,

  7. kpo5 says

    Shrinking majority syndrome:

    When the historically-favored majority starts getting treated like the rest of us, they feel an immediate sense of persecution and try to pretend *they’re* the oppressed.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    As the old saying (kinda) goes: there’s no fool like an old white devout Papist male who was caught in an infidelity scandal yet has a ton of kids fool. Tag, “Lech the homophobe”, you’re it!

  9. Paulie says

    Wow, the comments at the CNN link are absolutely vile, depressingly so. There are some very proud bigots out there.

  10. Houndentenor says

    It’s sad to see so many Poles embracing the racism and homophobia of the fascist era. Walesa should know better. But it’s his reputation he’s tarnishing.

  11. Francis says

    Although Poland has it’s fair share of issues, I’ve seen even many conservatives come out against Walesa’s comments. So hopefully this can spark as change in the country and it’s respect towards LGBTQ persons and minorities in general.

  12. LCR Jay says

    I find it refreshing that he’s standing by his words and isn’t apologizing or rescinding, despite how many feathers he ruffled. So many people who spout their non-gay friendly opinions are quick to cower to the fallout. This man has my respect.

  13. MateoM says

    LCR Jay is clearly not a serious person, but a troll who’s just trying to get a rise out of people. No self respecting gay man would respect the homophobia of others.

    I get the joke, LCR Jay. Funny.

  14. Buddy Cole says

    If you think I’m going to make a joke about black Poles you’re sadly mistaken!

  15. kode says

    If I remember correctly Lech Walesa has been anti-gay practically from the beginning. It’s pretty sad that a person who fought for human rights is just like the people he used to fight against: someone who uses his power to oppress others. He clearly doesn’t see us gays even as real human beings.

  16. Casey says

    For years and years he’s espoused small-minded thoughts and beliefs. Not shocking given the Catholic background of Poland the fact that people of his generation grew up behind the Iron Curtain and had little exposure to open and free thinking. Additionally, given that he came from the working class his life experiences were less expansive. Sadly he never evolved given his rare opportunities.

  17. KZ says

    I don’t want a forced and fake apology from him.

    He should apologize to HIMSELF for opening his mouth and sounding like a complete homophobic dipshit.

  18. Firestorm says

    Looks like some of the old school Poles didn’t learn anything from the Holocaust.

  19. EdA says

    It’s too bad that Lech Walesa should embarrass himself and the valid parts of his legacy. In some defense, albeit an invalid one, he is still a creature of his time and upbringing, during much of which he got inspiration from Pope John Paul II and, simultaneously and subsequently, his minion Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict.

  20. Krystian Stronski says

    He is just another example how Poland as a country is still in the stone age. They call themselves a democratic country but would stone you to deat if you are openly gay. In order for Poland to embrace the democratic beliefs they need to wake up and get with the program like rest of the Europe did.