1. BABH says

    I’m glad to know that I won’t go to jail when the IRS comes after me and my husband for having filed joint tax returns for the last 5 years, and I refuse to pay the $100,000 they think I owe.

  2. says

    This is what passes as clever in the conservative world vision.

    My thirty seconds before the Supreme Court would be all about Scalia, he must recuse himself on the grounds of bias.

  3. Lars says

    These people love dictionary definitions so much, but this @sshat needs to consult one. “Illegal” means contrary to or forbidden by law. It is not exclusive to the criminal context.

    If a gay couple goes to their local marriage bureau and the clerk issues them a marriage license, in 41 states the behavior of these parties would be contrary to or forbidden by law. In other words, ILLEGAL. And while the gay couple would not be thrown in jail (most likely), the clerk would absolutely be subject to some sort of sanction. Per the LAW OF THE STATE and her duty to abide by it.


  4. says


    well that was a fail. Oh, Lemon, how I want you. You perfect.

    this is like the “we’re not having an anti-gay rally, we’re having a Protect Heterosexuals rally!”

    i guess my question is this: is Ryan Anderson REALLY that dense or is he pretending to be in the hopes that if any of “his kind” are watching the program their peabrains will be unable to process it and go “das right! if you don’ go to jail it’s not a crime!”


  5. says

    Sounds like desperation to me.

    Gay marriage is criminal in states that ban it. In Wyoming, for instance, it is a misdemeanor carrying a $500 fine for a county clerk to issue a same-sex marriage license or for anyone EVEN CLERGY to perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. In other words, the state criminalizes a purely religious ceremony even if performed without a license and with no civil effect.

  6. Brent says

    As usual, trying to muddy the issue up and confuse people with outright lying. Thank God Don Lemon and John Sutter looked like the informed grownups in the room.

    Dear GOP and Religious Right- keep doing what you’re doing- it’s working great for ya.

  7. says

    Parking in a metered space after the allotted time expires is illegal too. You don’t go to jail, but there are repercussions.

    Marriage has gatekeepers. Gay marriage is illegal in the sense that in most states you aren’t permitted in the door if you don’t have the right combination of genitalia. And if you do initiate a same-sex marriage in a state that allows, then travel to a state where it is not permitted, and try to exert your rights as a married person/couple, there will be blow-back there too…

    This Ryan kid sounded like a 6th grade who just got his first dictionary. The way he was clinging to that definition of illegal, I think he knows how absolutely false his overall argument was…

  8. Caliban says

    What a disingenuous, lying idiot.

    He’s just trying to create confusion, give conservative low-information voters (aka most of them) another bumper-sticker quote they can trot out instead of giving actual thought to an issue and understanding it. They’re like jukeboxes of them; bring up any topic and you’re likely to get some Fox News or Rush Limbaugh one-liner parroted back at you as if it’s meaningful and covers the whole issue.

    Or maybe he’s just a f*cking idiot.

    Same-sex marriage may not be CRIMINAL, but in most of the country it is indeed ILLEGAL, literally against the law.

  9. alguien says

    well, that was painful. is that really the best a multi-million dollar right wing think tank can provide for making public statements? did the guy even crack a news journal or do any research at all?

    it seems to me that he went to conservapedia, grabbed a few talking points and BOOM! that’s what he gave us & don lemon.

    the other guy didn’t have to do anything since young ryan just kept digging his hole deeper & deeper.

  10. Caliban says

    The only way this anti-gay marriage activist could look any more gay is if he stapled a picture of Liberace to his forehead.

  11. John Freeman says

    This is similar to the stupid claim that same sex partners can marry – they are free to marry someone of the opposite sex. Ryan just looks like another closet case to me.

  12. jamal49 says

    I watched this and, damn it all, I wanted to smash Ryan Anderson’s face in forty different ways. There goes my resolution to be nice to white-trash, pseudo-intellectual, Heritage Foundation low-lives. Oh well.

  13. revchicoucc says

    Lars is correct. State laws control what state and county officials do. The government agency issuing marriage licenses can only issue licenses to persons who are qualified under state law to be married. If the law says you must be 18 to marry and you are not 18, you will not get a license.

    In my state, a county clerk is specifically prohibited from issuing a license to parties who appear to be inebriated, because that condition raises questions about capacity to give consent to the marriage. But if the clerk issues the license anyway, the couple can proceed with the marriage. It might come up later during the divorce or annulment proceedings.

    In a state where marriage is limited to one man-one woman, it is not illegal for a same-sex couple to apply for a license. It is illegal for the license to be issued.

    With regard to restrictions on clergy, unless there is a marriage license, the ceremony does not solemnize a marriage. It blesses the non-marriage relationship. The state cannot prevent a clergyperson from offering a blessing that has only a spiritual but no legal effect

  14. JP says

    I love the CNN guy who was not Don Lemon’s smug look lol. Said so much without saying anything.

  15. Mona says

    When are they going to stop talking about children? Marriage is not for the purposes of procreation. Procreation can occur outside of marriage. There is not procreation requirement for straight couples to get married. MARRIAGE IS NOT ABOUT PROCREATION! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!

  16. says

    I can’t tell if Ryan Anderson is a smarmy closet case or a smarmy “legacy admissions” frat boy who used his parent’s connections to get away with date-raping co-eds…..

  17. melvin says

    Never let them get away with this “redefinition” business. Extending the vote to women did not “redefine” voting.

  18. PAUL B. says

    If I didn’t have an opinion before watching this circus…I would have one now. Idiot to right seems uninformed & naive to say the least. John (CNN)engaging and polite…and of course informed. Don was understandably frustrated but could have handled it better by simply backing off. Let Anderson talk himself into the corner he belongs in with his absurd perspective that’s obvious to any thinking person.

  19. Bernie says

    why oh why do we call this absolute moron a Scholar!!!!!!!! He even makes less sense than most of his counterparts…but when they sound this stupid they make our side look so good…..and by the way, great job Don Lemon!

  20. bobby says

    I would totally make out with Ryan Anderson… if only to get him to shut his stupid little mouth for five minutes.

  21. Lynel says

    I love Don Lemon..I love how passionate, COMPASSIONATE and unwavering he is in his support of LGBT and gay rights as well as human rights. He’s truly a champion and done a great deal to change minds in my family alone. THANK YOU Don for your encouraging and inspiring voice for our community

  22. agboinv says

    OH MY GOD Ryan Anderson DINGS on my gaydar, hard. Please, please someone in the District tell me they have seen this child on grindr and the like. I just feel this one in my bones.