1. woodroad34d says

    Just to add to the Karen Armstrong thing, in the TED seminar she states the obvious that “Religious leaders prefer to be right, rather than compassionate”.

  2. Sandy says

    What else would he do? Accepting “gay” is one thing “gay marriage” is a bit much. He’s a Catholic. You like the sound of your own voice
    Rachel. Do the Boyscout thing and “take a hike”

  3. candide001 says

    @sandy You must not follow things very closely. 53% of American Catholics support gay marriage. Catholic doesn’t mean anti-gay marriage. Freedom of conscience is important to most Catholics.

  4. Jerry says

    Are we back to being single-issue political animals again? I mean, good on Cristina Kirchner for the gay rights thing, but thereare SO MANY OTHER REASONS to have problems with her and her policies.

  5. Steve-ATL says

    @ Sandy
    F-CK OFF you religious nut case. You catholics are responsible for more travesty in society than any other entity. Go take a hike off a cliff(with your cross)

  6. IonMusic says

    @ Sandy

    That man written fairy tale you believe in says nothing about gay marriage. Stop using your buy-bull as a facade to advocate your own prejudice.

  7. USC Trojans Fan says

    Why do trolls like yourself waste your short time on this planet on our blog? Don’t your type have something more productive to do…you know, like being a good Catholic and cheating on your spouse 6 days a week, then going to church one day and being all forgotten and forgiven? Ya know…the standard practice for your kind.

  8. Verno-C says

    @ Sandy

    How about the Pope NOT commenting on marriage equality?

    How about the pope not endorsing hate groups that campaign against gay rights?

    How about the pope keeping his cloth out of law and politics?

    How about the Pope not interjecting his beliefs into other people’s justice and law of the land?

    I know it’s a hard notion to grasp. Go take a quick hike and think about it.

  9. Klien says

    Sandy: go take a hike off this site.

    Rachel: You’re a Goddess. Keep speaking the truth and holding the believers of this child sex trafficing institution accountable.

  10. Lymis says

    @ Sandy

    If he were actually to follow the Catholic teaching, he’d separate out civil marriage from religious matrimony – just as Catholics do with their own divorced members who remarry without an annulment, and how they treat the marriages of every other non-Catholic.

    Nobody is saying that civil marriage equality requires, or should require, any Catholic to “approve” or any Catholic clergy to participate in any wedding they don’t acknowledge.

    The Pope, like any other Catholic, is perfectly free to declare that a same-sex civil marriage has no sacramental validity – and that’s where their authority ends.

    The idea that “he’s a Catholic, expecting him to respect civil authority and the rights of people who aren’t Catholic is a bit much” is patently offensive – and clearly bigoted. Of you.

  11. Michael C says

    Sandy- doesn’t matter if you’re a catholic or vile christian, you’re till part of the hate machine known as MAN MADE organized religion and for that, your ilk deserves to be called out for your bigotry and plain ‘dumbassness’ ….get lost monster.

  12. anon says

    Catholic orthodoxy would put into doubt most Catholic marriages, let alone gay ones.

    The list of requirements for a Catholic marriage is fairly long, but the key ones to put in perspective are:

    They must be virgins.
    No cohabitation before marriage.
    Both must be Catholic.
    Both must go to confession before getting married.
    Both must receive communion, and have received communion consistency since either confirmation or their last confession prior to getting married.
    Both must receive Catholic marriage counseling (no effective birth control for you) from a priest prior to getting married.
    Both must make donations to the church (her father’s donations will suffice).
    Both must pledge to raise their kids as true Catholics.

  13. Cole says

    “Sandy” is a troll who’s been going from thread to thread policing the behavior of commentators by responding with how their parenting skills will be. Typical homophobe who is brain dead, clueless, and miserable, and determines character by child raising. As if all of us want to be around smelly, stinky, nasty kids to begin with. What a dumb witch.

  14. Melon says

    Sandy, we don’t need to accept, expect, or appreciate bigotry from anyone. Hiding behind religion to practice your anti gay bigotry doesn’t fly anymore. It’s a facade and excuse and will be justly called out.

  15. Sandy says

    I’m not a member of the gay thought police. You’re all losing at hate charades. A lifetime of oppression has created your wonderful personalities. Any group that puts so much emphasis on the ass must ultimately stink.

  16. Sandy says

    I’m not a member of the gay thought police. You’re all losing at hate charades. A lifetime of oppression has created your wonderful personalities. Any group that puts so much emphasis on the ass must ultimately stink.

  17. Guy says

    This pope is full of excuses. He was pressured by conservatives to declare a war of God on marriage equality. He was pressured by the violent military junta to support the junta publicly and to withhold protection from his own clerics.

  18. Fiat says

    Sandy, aww another typical hetero who is bitter their marriage failed in divorce? you heteros are only good for a few things, BREEDING, divorcing, and getting terminal illnesses. Hope you have two of the three, hatersexual. Now go make yourself a useful hetero and go cheat on your spouse, then file for divorce. That’s what you heteros do best.

  19. andrew says

    The views of Pope Francis will have as litle effect on the lives of the people of the world as the views of Cardinal Bergoglio had on the lives of the people of Argentina. Recent surveys show that fewer than 10% of the Catholic people of Argentina attend mass regularly.

  20. Squeak says

    Maddow is a rich, gringo, ignorant, arrogant Jew. Her honourable academic education has been submerged in aggressive egoism. Wisdom & respect are alien to her and her sycophants. Remember what Time wrote of her: “nice is the new nasty”. She and the Towleroad commentators provide daily fare for homophobes. I’m gay, of no religion and fortunately not American.

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