Marriage Equality Virtually Assured Passage in New Zealand After Winning Critical Vote

New Zealand is poised to pass marriage equality as lawmakers approved the legislation in an overwhelming vote of confidence in the second of three readings today, the AP reports:

NewzealandLawmakers supported the bill 77 to 44 in the second of three votes needed for a bill to be approved. The second vote is typically the most crucial one. The third and final vote is likely to be little more than a formality and could be taken as early as next month.

Wednesday’s vote came after a committee of lawmakers considered emails and letters from thousands of New Zealanders.

More than 200 people crammed into the Parliament’s public gallery to watch lawmakers debate the bill before they voted at about 10:15 p.m. The mostly young crowd clapped and cheered for lawmakers who spoke in support of the bill, and sat in silence for those who spoke in opposition.

The New Zealand Herald adds:

The bill is likely to return to Parliament for the committee stage at the end of the month, when MPs would pick through the legislation clause by clause.

It could be passed as soon as next month, after which there was a four-month stand-down period before same-sex and transgender marriages could take place.


  1. Hoydenista says

    Hats off from an Aussie. You guys always get there before us:

    1st country to give women the vote
    Had a female pm before us
    Now gay marriage. Credit where its due. Fu$@k size. You’re not our little brother, you’re our big brother.

  2. SFshawn says

    In 2010 Atlantis did their first gay cruise to Australia/New Zealand. The incredible friendliness and beauty of the men was amazing. So glad to see that a few years later they are embracing their GLBT tribe into full equality.
    Can’t wait to visit again.

  3. Howard says

    I never thought I would live to see the day when gay relationships would be respected anywhere in the world, but the change towards accepting gay marriage is happening so FAST it’s taking my breath away!

  4. Dan says

    The 4 countries in the world most like the United States are Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. These are the major nations of the Anglosphere. By the end of this year 3 of the 4 will recognize marriage equality.

  5. DB says

    Hallelujah! We are praying this will happen by Easter. New Zealand would be the first country in Australia (meaning the continent and all of its associated islands including New Guinea, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia) to have full equality. It also means that there would be at least one pro-family country on every inhabited continent except for Asia – New Zealand in Australia, Canada in North America, Argentina in South America, South Africa in Africa, and Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland in Europe.

  6. Icebloo says

    New Zealand has always been WAY more intelligent than their backward Australian neighbors !

    GO KIWIS ! After all the disappointing news in the U.S. with the Democrats stabbing us in the back it’s great to read some positive advancements are happening around the world.

  7. bandanajack says

    in a stretch, you could call china “pro family” as you put it. as far as laws are concerned. not so much the people, and i think they only have civil union, or its equivalent.

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