1. George F says

    OMGoodness I can’t believe this made it to Towleroad!
    I live in Colombia and this has been making headlines for an entire week here already… The good thing is that most people are ridiculing her and understand how outrageous her claim is…
    I am pleasantly surprised by how most Colombians are becoming more and more gay-friendly.

  2. Thomas says

    Dang, I’ve had a chicken allergy much of my life and had to avoid it. I guess I’m one of those natural gays like they used to have before hormone injections. Cool!

  3. Steve says

    Even if it were to take it seriously for a second, she is confusing sexual identity with sexual orientation. Maybe men eating lots of chicken could grow breasts, but it still wouldn’t turn them gay.

  4. ratbastard says


    But as far as the hormone thing, she is at least partially right. Our food supply, especially processed food, is tainted with all kinds of bad stuff.

  5. ratbastard says

    Another issue is the substances used by almost all major manufacturers of food, cosmetics, etc., to cut their products, making them less expensive to produce. Basically, they do the same thing that drug dealers do; they ‘cut’ with the cheapest ‘base’ they can get their hands on. It’s this base of various substances that are the main cause of food and cosmetic allergic reactions, and other health problems.

    Much of what we eat and put on and in our bodies is cr*p.

  6. MikeSin says

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I remember that back in Colombia the local radio station would host a yearly pageant of the most “yucca,” meaning the prettiest/dumbest girl. Students would call up and nominate all the time and I believe Natalia was in the running every year I was in High School – that’s right, CNG p*tas! Mind you this was 15 years back when the label of model was still applicable to this human receptacle.

  7. aj says

    Looks like we might have another dumb female homophobe on our hands. The world is full of them. Note how she didn’t say anything about lesbians. She reserved her comments to gay men only.

    The homophobia of women is often directed to gay men exclusively because women fear both our sexuality and our maleness.

  8. Lee says

    what i’d like to know is why so many parents were so cruel to deny some of their children chicken while one of them got to eat it all! i mean, that’s the only explanation as to why there’s often just one gay child in a family, right?


    OMG, with these ‘informed’ comments, Columbia is on the fast track to becoming the intellectual equal of ‘Florida’ of South America!!

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