News: ‘Functional Cure,’ Odawa, Winston-Salem, Marc

1NewsIcon At least 7 Cincinnati City Council members pulled out of city's St. Patrick's Day parade because of the parade's decision to ban the gay education group GLSEN.

1NewsIcon South, a 1959 ITV teleplay about a Polish soldier sent to the American south during the Civil War and starring tv star Peter Wyngarde, may be the first television program to feature an open discussion of gay attraction. "[Does he love] the plantation owner's angry niece, Miss Regina, or the tall, blond, rugged officer who arrives suddenly – a handsome man called Eric MacClure."

1NewsIcon Awesome: "A church in Winston-Salem has announced it will stop performing all marriages until United Methodist pastors are allowed to officiate at marriages for same-sex couples."

1NewsIcon The Odawa Indian tribe in Michigan legalized same-sex marriage and celebrated by uniting two men, Tim LaCroix and Gene Barfield, in marital bliss. The federal government, of course, will not recognize this lovely union or its historic significance.

1NewsIcon "At CPAC, gay marriage on back burner"

Kittyoven1NewsIcon Kitty knows how to keep warm.

1NewsIcon "Faux fur" jackets Marc Jacobs' label sells at Century 21 are actually made of dog fur.

1NewsIcon Kathy Bates joins the cast of American Horror Story season 3, which concerns witches and will officially be called American Horror Story: Coven. Expect to see plenty of scenes featuring Bates and Jessica Lange "going at it," says creator Ryan Murphy.

1NewsIcon Justin Bieber will do whatever it takes to be butch.

1NewsIcon New Games of Thrones season 3 international trailer features some new footage for those of you who need a fresh fix.

1NewsIcon A run down of some of the politicians and other notable public figures who have reversed course and come out in favor of marriage equality.

1NewsIcon The Boston Phoenix, an alt-weekly paper that has published since 1966, announced that it will close its doors. Susan Orlean, the New Yorker writer who got her start at the Boston Phoenix, told the Boston Globe, "It's like finding out your college has gone bankrupt and is gone. I am a
child of the alt-weekly world and I feel like it has played such an
important role in journalism as we know it today."

1NewsIcon Here's a Facebook page encouraging you to change your Facebook profile picture to show you support marriage equality.

Amber1NewsIcon Research into how revive extinct creatures continues. So what will happen to the phrase "go the way of the dodo?"

1NewsIcon Is fact action the key to slowing HIV's devastation? "Treating people with HIV rapidly after they have become infected with
the virus that causes Aids may be enough to achieve a 'functional cure'
in a small proportion of patients diagnosed early, according to


  1. GB says

    Know “The Boston Phoenix” well. Used to read the gay personal ads as a teenager. Cheap thrill

    We have “Grumpy Cat” Have to be careful or we’ll have “Flaming Cat” next.

    Loved Jessica Lange in “Francis” (no connection to the new Pope)

  2. rise says

    HIV does not cause AIDS. The pharmaceutical drugs firms sponsor a lot of this research into HIV because they want the results of that research to encourage the use of their drugs. It’s a scam.

  3. iban4yesu says

    Things happen for a reason! The Gold wheelchair or not, no more fur, even faux fur, for Gaga!

    Was trying to come up with a sarcastic joke about a porn dog for Jacobs, but hell, I won’t and can’t go there!
    Just another reason why I hate fashion designers in general!

    (And what is that ice queen female dog Wintour in the news for? ;-P)

  4. Rich F. says

    Oh, for Pete’s sake… “Raccoon dogs” aren’t dogs: they’re a completely different genus. Calling them dogs is the same thing as calling foxes dogs.

  5. Molc says

    I wonder if the ACLU will file a lawsuit on behalf of GLSEN,the way they did the student
    bigot and his shirt in Conneticut? Of course not. Joke of an organization.

  6. anna says

    @Rich F.

    There is footage of Chinese workers skinning raccoon dogs alive for their fur. I highly doubt people who wear faux fur for ethical reasons will appreciate being misled into supporting that kind of cruelty, regardless of what type of animal it is.

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