Lawrence O’Donnell Relishes the Feud Between Limbaugh and O’Reilly on Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Rush Limbaugh took great offense to Bill O'Reilly's characterization this week of anti-gay marriage people as "Bible thumpers" and his evolution on marriage equality, so much so that he mentioned O'Reilly's name for the first time in ages.

Lawrence O'Donnell is eating it up.

"The really funny thing about Bill O'Reilly's conversion on marriage equality is that llke Rush, he hates people who change their minds about marriage equality. He hates Bill Clinton and he hates Barack Obama for doing exactly what Bill O'Reilly has done. In the very same segment last night where Bill O'Reilly announced his change of mind about marriage equality he actually attaced Bill Clinton and Bill O'Reilly for doing exactly the same thing."


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