Osmond Family Hosting Anti-Gay Rally at Utah Capitol


To coincide with the Supreme Court's consideration of marriage cases demanding equality for gay and lesbian Americans, the Osmond family is holding a "pro-family" rally at the Utah Capitol "benefitting the protection of marriage" from gay and lesbian Americans.

No word if Marie Osmond and her lesbian daughter are attending.

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  1. says

    yeah Marie and her lesbian daughter. not attending, her son who killed himself. whom the family insists was not gay, yet who had friends who insisted he was.


    oh well, remember when the Osmond’s couldnt’ even say “yeah, it’s wrong for our church to discriminate against blacks?”

  2. says

    curious: why is this about marriage? having a mom and a dad has nothing to do with marriage, really. this sounds more like a “let’s try to stop those gays from having children”, thing.

    the only way marriage comes into play is if the Osmonds dont’ want gay parents to be married.

  3. M says

    Looks like Marie and Donny have nothing to do with this, it’s some small-time cousins. Marie’s a gay ally. As for her son, she said: “My son was not gay. He wanted to be married and have a family and travel all over the world. And it wouldn’t matter if he was. I have a daughter who is gay, and it was my daughter who was offended by it, like, ‘What? All gay kids commit suicide?’ She really wanted it cleared up.” What’s the big deal?

  4. Rich F. says

    I really am sick of their whole “every child deserves a mom and dad” trope. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with marriage, yet they keep hawking it as if it justifies their argument.

  5. Don says

    Alan is the oldest Osmond, and his son Nathan is among the oldest of the “next generation.” I’m guessing other, younger Osmonds (like Marie and her kids) may have slightly more progressive views.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    The Osmond family doesn’t believe in SSM or families headed by same-sex couples but, OMG, they DO believe in the “magic” of their Mormon cult. As disgusting a hateful homophobic position as the leaders of the Catholic Church, Southern Baptists, etc.

  7. says

    Such BS.

    It is a truth yet to be universally acknowledged that gay Dads make much better parents than manipulative( as they all are ) straights.

    That’s my opinion.

  8. e.c. says

    Aside from having a lesbian daughter, Marie has been married like, what, three times? Can’t really see her getting all high and mighty about the sanctity of marriage without looking like a fool.

  9. disgusted american says

    F the Osmonds – could never stand them – even back in the 70’s – they can shove thier Mormonism all the way to Planet Kolob!

  10. Nick says

    I guess that means they won’t be wearing their rainbow magic undies to the sacred gathering?

  11. Bob says

    @Jack M and others…….
    “Anybody surprised? So much for that Mormons love gays BS.”
    IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that the official line is “Love your Gay mormon kids, so that they can stay in the temple and the community, and choose the ONLY path to complete salvation and a glorious afterlife with all generations of the family”
    THEY WANT THEIR GAY KIDS TO CHOOSE THE CHURCH — and marriage/reproduction is a bedrock element of their silly religion.
    THEY FEEL BAD for “those unfortunately afflicted with same sex attraction”
    THUS, THEY TURN A BLIND EYE TO THE HURT they have caused millions

    You see, they have NO way to retain and integrate their own Gay kids, if the kids actually act on it.

  12. Alan E. says

    At the Boy Scout National Jamboree in 2001, Osmond Second Generation (Alan’s kids) were one of the performers.

    They sucked, hard.

  13. Tim says

    There was no laboratory involved in creating the Osmonds It was just old fashioned Mom and Pop messing around.

  14. Josh says

    Yeah, I guess gays killed in Nazi concentration camps was “the wrong side of history” too. So many sides to history….but today is fantastic. Right??

  15. Mary says

    In a family as big as the Osmonds, we can’t assume that all of them will have the same political/cultural views. But it’s possible that the Osmonds may have always been embarrassed at their denomination’s anti-black bias. I remember in the early 70’s seeing a picture of Donny and Jermaine Jackson having a “soul” handshake (or whatever it’s called.) As for Marie being married three times, her first husband insisted on the divorce and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She’s always been mum about the reason for her second divorce, but she was with Brian Blosil for 20 years, so it’s not like she didn’t give it all she had. Her third husband, Steven Craig, was also her first husband, and the father of her son. So according to the Mormon church, she was actually correcting the mistake her her fircst divorce.

    But if you want to accuse the Osmonds of hypocrisy for anything, you could easily start with the lyrics of some of the Osmond brothers songs in the 1970’s. Some were really cynical – and strange, considering the Osmond image. In one song, “Flirtin” the lead singer gets angry at his girlfriend for cheating and says “gonna get a rope and tie you down.” I’m not kidding, either. Those were the lyrics.

  16. BRAINS says

    Phew!…..we passed a speeding bullet getting rid of Romney!

    F$CK you….GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans!

  17. cheryl says

    I do not understand the anti gay stance of anyone!!! Especially when it pertains to marriage and civil rights. What if ,because you are Mormon, you were not allowed to have children because the rest of us don’t want any more of you Mormons around? Or,, because you are Mormon your community decided you all had to go to intervention counseling to STOp you beliefs?? All we want are human rights. If you don’t approve of gay marriage..
    by all means, don’t marry one!!! My marriage has not affected you AT ALL, however, I know every aspect of yours due to media coverage. I suggest you fix your house before trying to burn down mine!! Thanks, Cheryl Neff

  18. walter says

    if it weren’t for donny and marie the osmonds would be cleaning outhouses on some ski slope in utah. the rest of the family are a bunch of hacks. they must be proud they hated enough to drive their nephew to suicide.

  19. Mary says

    Even if Michael Blosil, Marie’s son, were gay, we don’t know that his family drove him to suicide over the issue of his sexual orientation. Marie is accepting of her lesbian daughter, so I assume that she accepted Michael also. Uncle Jimmy Osmond referred to Michael once as “a sweet little boy,” so it sounds as if he had at least one other ally there. The Blosil household ended up in divorce. Rachel, Marie’s other daugher, was so upset with her father that she wanted to change her last name. Maybe it was family trauma that caused Michael’s pain. Also, he was adopted. Adopted children often have psychological problems.

  20. KC says

    Let’s face it… the LDS never have, and never will, support marriage equality. It is in direct contradiction with their belief that the males will ascend into heaven and be given virgins and such (despite any devotion to their wi[ves] and family here on earth). Blah blah blah. SSM doesn’t threaten their family structure so much as it threatens their belief that males will ascend into some sort of Utopia in the afterlife. That was the big push behind their engagement in the Prop 8 battle. Family Values? Please. Insecure male ego? Yup.

  21. lanell says


  22. Fred says

    You people are such hypocrites. You label the Osmonds as participating in hate speech. All they are doing is standing for something they believe in. They do it without saying hateful things about people who do not share their opinion. The same cannot be said about most of the these comments. Shame on you.

  23. AnotherOsmond says

    This is hosted by Alan Osnond and his wife. The only other Osmonds involved are his own kids and grandkids. Alan’s unfortunate opinions do not represent the rest of the Osmond family. He’s on his own with this one and it’s a shame the Osmond name has to be tarnished by such extreme views…

  24. xyz says


  25. millerbeach says

    Where does it say that in the Bible? Listen to Jesus…you are a Christian, aren’t you? Jesus says to LOVE your neighbors…all of ’em, even the gay ones. If they use a platform of hate, they cannot consider themselves Christians, and they are doomed, like all other unrepentant sinners, to burn in Hell for eternity.

  26. jamal49 says

    I wanted to toss out all my Osmond CD’s. Then I realized I don’t have any because they didn’t make CD’s when the Osmonds were, uh, popular.

    So, let them have their rally. Why don’t we have a counter rally? That’ll show them.

    Anyway, if you go, expect lots of big, white teeth. The Osmonds have an abundance of them.

  27. Everyone has a Right says

    Why hate on the Osmonds? Aren’t they allowed to have their personal beliefs, just like the rest of you? Just because they’re beliefs are different doesn’t mean they aren’t as valid as yours. Remember the gay hate crimes that went one (and still do today)?? You’re doing the same thing in reverse.

  28. says

    Whenever I see the comments like “Aren’t they allowed to have their personal beliefs, just like the rest of you? Just because they’re beliefs are different doesn’t mean they aren’t as valid as yours”, I have to wonder if the person is being intentionally stupid or if they’ve really made it to adulthood without the ability to be intellectually discerning.

    it’s very simple – just in case you actually are incapable of intellectual discernment, i’ll break it down for ya: if this was just about the “personal beliefs” of the Osmonds, they’d not be having a big old rally. they’d simply have their own personal beliefs.
    by hosting an anti-gay rally, and thus promoting an anti-gay ideology, they’re working to make their beliefs not just “not personal” anymore, but actually codified into law.

    to make it clearer for any remaining simpletons – it would be like the Jewish community rallying together and successfully banning non-Jews from eating pork products.

    that’s why they’re being criticized.

  29. Acronym Jim says

    Shorter Everyone has a Right (“EHAR”): Why won’t you tolerate my intolerance!

    EHAR honey, the participating Osmonds DO have the right to be intolerant, just as we have the right to criticize their ignorance. Welcome to America!

  30. Evy says

    All I see here is exactly what I see with the rally…people voicing their opinion. Okay, so the Osmonds are hosting a rally. So what? They want to meet with others who share their views. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with the commenters voicing their displeasure with the rally plans. What’s wrong here is that you’re picking at personal things that are hurtful. Michael obviously had issues…what they were is no ones concern but his. Hoisting blame for his suicide is not going to bring him back…again, no one but he knows for sure why he did it. Adoption? Maybe. Sexual orientation? Maybe. Past demons…drugs, broken romance? Maybe. For goodness sake…let Michael’s memories, and those that love him, rest in peace! As for same sex marriages, its not my thing but if it comes to fruition, so be it.

  31. Evy says

    One thing…I have no problems with those who share their lives with someone of their own gender…my problem is calling a legal union between them “marriage”. Calling it another name works for me.

    Hating on all of the Osmonds, or any other person, simply because of their views makes you no better than the person you’re hating on! Don’t hate on the Osmonds talented musical talents just because they are showing support of their views. As for the lyrics of some of the songs they sang…mighty tame words compared to today’s “music”.

    And no, I’m not a Mormon, or a Christian for that matter. My belief is that we all honor the same God, we just call him different names!

  32. says

    too bad you’re 100% incorrect, “Evy” – there is no “they’re just voicing their views” when what they are doing is rallying to deny a targeted group their Equality.

    for example, you yourself have a problem with the word “marriage” being used? too bad you will not be able to intelligently explain why.

    how does the use of the word marriage negatively impact your own life? i’d challenge you to explain that intelligently, but you won’t be able to.

    so, no – it doesn’t make us “no better than them” for standing up against, and fighting against, their continued bigotry and prejudice against us.

    it’s not about “different views” – but about specifically and inherently prejudicial ones. specifically bigoted ones. specifically discriminatory ones.

    this is something everyone with a functioning brain understand.

  33. Dennis says

    THIS IS NOT AN “ANTI-GAY” RALLEY!! THIS IS A PRO-TRADITIONAL MARRAGE RALLEY. Learn the difference. My goodness. Interesting how when gays have a parade hetros donโ€™t call it anti-straight! Do they?

  34. rRose says

    Parents of gay children are suffering as do parents of drug addicted children. If you are a true friend you should pray for them & with them & not be condemining them. God loves the sinner not the sin!!!!

  35. Evy says

    My, my Little Kiwi. It is interesting how people choose to see things only in their way of thinking. I don’t need to, as you say, “intelligently” explain why I have a problem with the term “marriage” being used for a legal union between two people of the same gender. It is plain and simple, it is MY opinion. Just as you are saying that the hosts and everyone involved is, by your words, “their continued bigotry and prejudice against us” is yours. No one person is better than the other…we simply have different opinions. Neither is right or wrong in that individual’s opinion. Plain and simple. Or is that not “intelligent” enough? Like I said before, I have no issues with people selecting someone from their own gender as their lifelong partners. I, and I said “I”, have a problem with the union being called “marriage”.

  36. EJC says

    Why does anyone give what the Osmonds’ have to say even the smallest amount of credit. In the Morman Church they should be consider cheap white trash, white trash with no taste and a extremely small amount of intelligence,
    Don’t give them any credit as human beings!

  37. jamal49 says





  38. says

    Fun Fact – everyone defending the Osmonds reveals themselves to be complete f***ing idiots.

    Of course it’s anti-gay: and only cowardly troll or inbred dunce wouldn’t be able to see that.

    clearly some of y’all are both.

    as for pride parades, Dennis you Pathetic Troll, there’s nothing anti-straight about Pride Parades. I’d know – my straight family members march in them every year. Being pro-LGBT Equality in no way embodies or encompasses anything “anti-straight”, whereas a “protect traditional marriage” rally means one thing only: don’t let gays marry

  39. says

    And sorry “Evy” – you just proved me right. You have an opinion that you can’t intelligently explain. Because there is no intelligent explanation for it. You know, sorta like “i just don’t like the idea of blacks and whites marrying, or blacks drinking from my white drinking fountain. its’ just how i feel. i don’t have to explain it.”

    your opinion is inherently prejudicial and bigoted. gay couples marrying, and using the word “marriage” in no way affects your life at all. and yet you still have a problem with it. why? because you’re a bigotty idiot.

    may you fall snatch first onto a traffic pylon and never breed. ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. says

    you cowardly trolling apologists might as well be saying “it’s not an Anti-Black day, it’s a PROTECT WHITE SUPREMACY day!”

    which, considering you’re defending the LDS, you probably would support.

  41. Holly says

    It’s just Alan and his family taking p[art not the rest of the Osmonds. Donny, Marie, Jimmy, Jay, Merrrill and Wayne and their families are not taking part. It’s just Alan the bigot who is using his family’s name to get attention.

  42. Richard says

    They are not hosting a hate rally. First off THE OSMONDS do not have anything to do with this JUST ALAN and it is a celebration of marriage… not hatred of gays. I dont see eye to eye with Alan’s beliefs but he isn’t a gay hater. ALSO Marie is very much an ally of homosexuals and has been even before her daughter came out. Again this is NOT a hate rally. I am gay and proud to be one, but this is the gay media now doing what the straight media has done for years… twisting the facts.

  43. says

    Too bad you’re utterly wrong, Richard.

    How is it “just a celebration of marriage” when it’s SPECIFICALLY “protecting the marriage between a man and a woman”?

    Did you not read that part or are you some trolling hack who’s choosing to ignore it?

    “benefitting the protecting of marriage between a man and a woman” – which means “raising funds to stop gays from marrying”

    this is not twisting the facts. it’s seeing them clearly.

    did you not read the poster? a celebration of marriage would be a celebration of all couples who marry, or seek to marry.

    so either wise up, or get bent. ๐Ÿ˜€