People Are Already Waiting in Line at Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Prop 8. and DOMA: PHOTO

(image patrick terpstra twitter)

A line has already begun forming at the Supreme Court to hear arguments on Proposition 8 and DOMA which are next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The line apparently began forming yesterday.


  1. K says

    Audio, but not video. I’m sure listening won’t compare to being in the courtroom and experiencing the arguments in person. I seriously considered waiting for tickets like these people are, but then I decided to camp out for the overnight on Monday instead. I wish I could be there.

  2. UFFDA says

    Poor people, ready to be disappointed.

    The wise justices of the big court will retain the status quo recognizing that being gay is just a phase and that all the current hysteria around the subject will die down in time to allow all men to marry women and all women to marry men, regardless of the small number of human lemons who refuse to support God’s plan.

  3. Chris says

    @UFFDA LMAO I really hope you’re a troll. Please tell me someone cannot really be as stupid as you. If this is what we’re up against, I consider it to be good news.

  4. Paul R says

    Waiting in line for 5 days for a couple hours of arguments seems excessive. The Supreme Court isn’t the most accommodating place to start with…

  5. Randyowen says

    I have to say, if i had the time, and the money to make it comfortable, it would be fun to join the growing crowd over the next few days! One way or another it will be a historic trial, hopefully we will have a slightly better union afterward! Do we have any idea on how long they will take to make a decision?

  6. Charlie says

    And DC also has professional line holders. (If you are a lobbyist billing $500.00/hour you don’t spend your time waiting in line to go to Senate hearings and such.) Perhaps they are being paid. Which one do you suppose is holding a space for Brian Brown?

  7. Zlick says

    If I was there, I’d line up. (I’ve been known to do that kind of thing for far longer, and for far less important stuff.)

  8. UFFDA says

    STEVEN – human lemon would be one that doesn’t work properly, like a car. um…a joke

    CHRIS, jleo, you’ve set my day laughing forward.

    Of course we’re going to win, silly boys.

  9. Randy says

    “They do know the decision will be available…”

    Travis, it’s only oral arguments. The decision will be later.

  10. Reality says

    This is the BIGGEST civil rights supreme court event in a generation. WHY WOULDN’T people be willing to line up to see it?!

  11. Jordan C. says

    This is everything to me…everything. 30 years I’ve waited for this. We’re going to D.C as a family. I’ve invited every person I know who is important in my life to come. The issue of equality is not jus about who I can marry…it’s my worth as a human, as an individual, as a tax payer, as a citizen…as a soul.

  12. Duration & Convexity says

    I get chills just THINKING about the significance of this weekend in terms of LGBT rights/gay rights not just for us, but all the millions and MILLIONS of gays, lesbians, trans, bisexuals who died before today and are not around to experience this.

  13. 2 Dads says

    I’d encourage all GLBT people on here to share and update news about this case, and why it means so much to you on your social media and twitter-facebook. Inform your friends and engage your heterosexual people in your life. It is the most prominent moment in our community history.

  14. USC Trojans Fan says

    Paul R:

    If this issue, event and ruling isn’t of that much importance to you; that’s your right, but to question why this means so much to others where they would want to line up for days is…rather pompous. Open an LGBT History book and you’ll realize just WHY these people are lining up.

  15. Toby says

    Are you kidding? If I lived within six hours of driving distance from D.C, I’d be in that line yesterday! This is a monumental moment in history, especially for me as a gay man in a loving relationship.

  16. J.R says

    To me, the people in that line are the ones who are probably most passionate about our equality and unwavering in their quest to vocally fight for it, even if it means showing their presence. Me going to a gay bar tonight did very little to forward gay rights, which I did go to that bar and did have fun, but I immensely respect people in my community who traveled to D.C to show strength in numbers and show that there’s many of us who care.

  17. Steve Johansen says

    This issue is no different then thousands of African americans showing up for a civil rights rally, or thousands of latinos showing up for an immigration reform rally. This is our most vital moment in the biggest spotlight in our nation. If it were up to me and in an ideal world, hundreds of thousands of LGBT would show up. THAT’S how you debunk the conservative talking point that there’s very few gays out there, and the only ones who care about gay rights are activist gays. No better way to squash that then a wide variety and high volume of gays showing up in d.c to show we all care.

  18. Paul R says

    @USC Trojans Fan: Yep, I have no idea about or inclination involving gay rights. I just really can’t spend any idea of how better to spend my time than on the sidewalk. Thanks.

  19. Dave says

    The paperwork has been submitted and reviewed. For two hours, the Supremes will listen to a short statement from each side, and ask their questions. It’ll be a pretty dry affair. And the decision will come out in June. Overturning Section 3 of DOMA is a big deal, and I’m pretty sure it will happen. But the arguments will not be interesting; they will rest on the same points we’ve heard over and over and over…

    I will probably skim through the audio online, but I won’t be glued to them; the decisions though I will read when published – those WILL be historic.

    Lining up for days for ANYTHING is just insane, and I blame the organizers of events for creating this nonsense. They could easily hold ballots for the tickets, and not have this weird performance outside the court.

    And ‘line holding’ should be made illegal, just as scalping tickets is. Once again it means access is given to those with the deepest pockets.