Petitioners in Finland Force Parliament Consideration of Marriage Equality Bill

A parliamentary committee in Finland, the only Scandinavian country without same-sex marriage, rejected a marriage equality bill earlier this month.

FinlandThe people won't have it:

A drive to gather the 50,000 signatories required to take a gender-neutral marriage bill to parliament reached its target in just one day. The accumulation of the required support means that lawmakers must now consider a bill which was previously blocked at the committee stage.

Members of the public rushed to support the “I Do 2013” campaign, which was launched Tuesday to gather the 50,000 signatures required to compel parliament to consider legalising same-sex marriages.

Public enthusiasm for the petition was so great that the civic proposal website crashed as a result of the overwhelming demand.


  1. danswon says

    Being half-Swedish I feel really proud of how Scandinavia as a whole has been so progressive and accepting of equal marriage.

    And J-Ko, I’m pretty sure Finland IS part of Scandinavia

  2. J-Ko says

    I fully realize that this is just hair-splitting, but Scandinavia is a geographical term that does not include, say, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe islands. The correct term when referring to that whole bunch of cold, socialist, descendants of Vikings is Nordic countries.

    Anyway, I am very happy that Finland is on this path as well.

  3. unruly says

    Finland is not part of Scandinavia.
    Scandinavia = Norway, Denmark, Sweden

    Nordic Countries = All the Scandinavian countries + Finland + Iceland + Faroe Islands

  4. JO says

    Scandinavia is only Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. + Finland + Iceland = Nordic.

    So Finland is the only *Nordic nation without marriage equality.

    But ‘kiitos’ for the coverage.

  5. RWG says

    Comments here have missed a very important point to this welcome development: Finland borders Russia, where homophobia as a political issue has gained a lot of traction in the past two years. In fact, parts of Finland used to be considered part of Russia, at least by the Russians. The Finns, to their credit, have fought them off several times in their quest for independence. A popular move toward marriage equality on Russia’s doorstep will highlight just how far out of step Russia is getting in their push to criminalize anything gay, including even talking about it.

  6. OddBet says

    Greenland also lacks marriage equality. Though part of the Crown of Denmark, they are autonomous, and currently only have registered partnerships.

    So I guess there’s really no “Finland is the only x not to have gay marriage” statements to be made.

    And Lucas, if you can manage to swallow your hatred of Wikipedia for a moment and follow the citation, you will see that according to Merriam Webster, “Scandinavia” applies only to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. As I’ve said before, the Finns belong to an entirely different linguistic family.

  7. kode says

    RWG: we here at Finland don’t really care about Russia, since we’ve learned not to trust them. Russia is a crazy and corrupt country and their gay rights issues are just part of the bigger problems they have there. I mean we can’t ignore them, but well, Russia is a dangerous country.

    Finland has been part of both Sweden and Russia at some point during the last few hundred years. Mentally we are part of the other Nordic countries, and most Finns don’t feel any connection to Russia. It’s true that our language is part of the Finno-Ugric languages (Finnish, Hungarian and Estonian are the biggest languages of it), and we feel certain closeness to Estonia, which is partly because during the Soviet Union regime most of the Estonians learnt Finnish by watching our TV channels that were broadcasted over the Gulf of Finland and which were their main gateway to the west.

    Our gay rights are probably bit behind of Sweden and Denmark, but we are getting there. We of course do have the registered partnership between same sex couples already, but having equal marriage rights would be great. There are lot of conservatives here in Finland, but I’d like to think that because equality is important to us in many ways then equality between gays and straights matters to most people as well.

  8. proto says

    First I was like what, what’s so big in 50 000 people. Then I remembered that Finland has only 5,2 million people living in there, so ok, 100k is huge thing !! It’s same as over 6 million people would have voted this in usa, in just one day. Keep up the good work!

  9. kode says

    WoodyR, are we looking at the same image? The image I see has Finland highlighted and in the center of the image.

    At the moment there are 116 076 names in the petition, which is great for just one day of collecting the names.

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