PFLAG China Calls for Marriage Equality

PFLAG China has written to deputies of the National People's Congress urging them to legalize same-sex marriage, China Daily reports:

China"Some of our children have been living with their partners for nearly 10 years. They love each other. But they cannot sign their names legally when their partners need an operation," said the letter, which was written by PFLAG China (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of China) and represented more than 100 gay parents.

The organization said it will communicate with deputies from South China's Guangdong province who are able to promote the legalization of gay marriage during the NPC this year.

The letter underlines the problems that gay couples in China face, such as adoption, inheritance and purchasing properties. It calls for early amendment of the Marriage Law to include the right of marriage for gays.


  1. Kyle says

    Marriage equality in East Asia would be surreal. It always seemed like an unlikely possibility because of the premium traditionally put on heterosexual family life. (Confucius and all that.) Development, Western example and activism within China and other countries could make that unlikelihood a reality though. It’s all pretty exciting.

  2. simon says
    Some Chinese social scientist. a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee, has submitted a petition before in 2000,2004 and 2007 without any effect. It is unlikely the Congress will consider it. On the other hand, the evil Catholic Church tried to enter the Chinese market but rejected by the government. The opposition is not from the religious sector. It is more of a tradition thing.

  3. simon says

    To be realistic, even in Hong Kong which is supposed to be a more accepting place in Southern China, failed to pass an anti-discrimination law protecting LGBT people. Gay marriage legislation is still unthinkable there. They have some small GLBT groups there which have very little political influence on the legislature. In other parts of China under direct rule of the central government, there is really no incentive for it to pass any laws in this area.

  4. M__M says

    The PRC doesn’t have freedom of the press and actively silence dissidents yet they’re being asked to give its gay citizens the freedom to marry; Ok that’s some priorities there, all right.

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