1. aron says

    Facial hair is definitely reaching it’s tipping point. When every guy in the local supermarket – staff and customer – has one, you know the beard’s days are numbered.

  2. J says

    Popping the collar should be reserved for those who play polo. Just like wearing sunglasses indoors, popping the collar away from exposure to the sun is the preserve of “brahs”.

  3. Mike says

    It sort of says “Look at me! For some weird reason I can not get an erection but my shirt can. Besides, I am a street tough.” Think that maybe it says these a little TOO desperately . . .

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Oh Lord, please spare us from the return of Miami Vice 2.0

    …I just don’t know if I’d survive another decade of off-the-rack suits worn with pastel tee-shirts and no-sox AGAIN.

  5. Zlick says

    Sometimes I will pop a jacket collar. Depends.

    I have to say – men’s fashion is already so limited – compared to women’s, that is – I can hardly fault anyone by trying to change up the look of the basic shirt, pants, tie, jacket thing that seems to be general limit of our non-casual options.

  6. DannyEastVillage says

    mymymy…the WSJ certainly has it’s finger on the pulse of fashion, doesn’t it?

    They could have saved themselves the trouble of making this stupid observation by simply visiting any mall at the other end of the Holland Tunnel anytime since 1977 and they’d have seen the same thing.

    Honestly, who the f**k seriously believes that the WSJ…ohnevermind.

  7. ikhneumon says

    You mean they just now noticed? What bubble has WSJ been living in? I’ve been seeing ads and store displays push that look for at least two years.

  8. David Hearne says

    If ghetto butt sagging pants can hang on for now going on TWENTY FIVE YEARS then it’s not too surprising that popped collars have returned. As someone else noted- does this mean that wearing two shirts is back too?

    The most extreme version of the two shirts thing I have ever seen was at The Pier in 1978 or 1979 when some queen was wearing a sport coat tucked into his high waisted trousers.

  9. MK says

    Wow, I am finally in-tuned with current fashion. I have been propping my color for last several months self-consciously! I haven’t been this in-tuned since I started wearing t-shirts over long sleevers a few years ago. I have always enjoyed stubble, but lately no liking the grey.

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