1. Gus says

    As the second oldest profession, politicians have always told people what they want to hear. They almost always tailor their talks to the audience in front of them. Mr Prouty is the latest and greatest example of how difficult it is to say different things to different constituencies in the modern age.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    I hope he got compensated somehow through all those YouTube hits… that’s a really big risk he took, I’d have been scared to death.

    Can we get the second half of the interview? I’d love to know about what went down when people did finally determine who was behind the effort.

  3. Robbie says

    If you want to meet the rest of the parts of the video, wait until the first one ends. You will see several rows of thumbnails for other other videos pop up in the window. Slide the cursor over the top left thumbnails, and click on the one that has a red “NEXT” pop up. You can watch the entire interview in sections by always clicking “NEXT.”

  4. BigGuy says

    Doing what is right requires courage. Acting with physical courage can be fearsome, but the way is clear — perform the task and then go on. Scott Prouty saved a woman’s life; that was easier on his soul than recording and revealing Romney.

    Moral courage, revealing the TRUTH in the face of the opprobrium of millions, can be never ending. It can becloud a man to the end of his days. Scott Prouty has shown that courage. THANK YOU.

    May all of us have the courage to do what is right, as God gives us the light to see what is right, as Scott Prouty has done.

  5. NY2.0 says

    He is deserving of full applause, well done! Even though I think Obama would’ve still kicked Romney’s a.. without this video, its very good to see liars exposed and America get to see what the 1 percenters say behind closed doors.

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