1. Lymis says

    “This is the last argument that they have: That straight people suck.”

    Very true. And it really highlights the bankruptcy of the anti-gay side.

    I hope, though, that he’s wrong that we’ll lose this time around.

  2. Gabe R L says

    Not to be too flippant, but while I believe Dan Savage is gorgeous, he should remember to moisturize his face regularly. if he is going to keep the body looking good he should take care of the face as well.

  3. Shane says

    That’s not the slippery slope.
    What conservatives don’t know how to articulate (and what may very well be true) is that they believe that traditional marriage implies and secures monogamy, and that when gays — many of whom openly discuss non-monogamy as an option in committed relationships — are granted the right of marriage, the institution will seismically shift in its link to monogamy.
    Dan Savage, for one, knows about that.

  4. Clayton says

    If the anti-equality crowd is so concerned about straight monogamy, they should be concentrating on how straight people behave. But then they would have to go after Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Rush Limbaugh, and another dozen or so of their champions.