Scott Walker Sees GOP Far Removed From Reality: VIDEO

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  1. Jim says

    This is the Sunday morning babble. Most Americans are not thinking about gay marriage. Only gays and liberals are.

  2. Mikey says

    Gays and liberals, Jim, make up a decent chunk of America. So, yes, Americans are thinking about it.

  3. kp05 says

    Conservative playbook 101: when you’re losing an argument, stop talking about it. Why do you think Portman’s announcement was rarely mentioned on Fox or the DC, etc.? Drudge won’t even bounce it somewhere because the people who are nutty enough to comment on the topic go ape-sh*t crazy-pants and only hasten our equality. They are losing…badly. They’d rather play ostrich with this topic and allow ‘socialism’ and ”Murica’ and ‘guns’ and ‘Benghazi’ to remain on repeat in the ol’ echo chamber.

  4. DC Arnold says

    MTP must have started to run out of significant newsmakers so they get this asshat to pontificate on gay marriage. I love an opposing viewpoint as well as the next guy but please, ask someone who knows the issue well and can actually contribute something meaningful.

  5. Maguitac says

    The problem is, that most GOP reps have dumbed-down tremendously to fit the new Prêt-à-Porter bigot line, and therefore look unintelligent, babbling twits on any show. May it be on MSNBC, HBO, or even Fox.

    When was the last time an intelligent conversation was held by a panel that included a current GOP representative? It has been a while. They always say something that has no meaning, that is not based in reality, or that is outright absurd, and results in getting their asses kicked.

  6. brian says

    Not sure why you’re getting worked up about this. He’s basically admitting defeat. Also the other two republicans they had on are marriage equality supporters.

  7. RWG says

    Walker’s indictment and trial are coming soon. We won’t have to put up with him much longer.

  8. says

    Walker’s “It really isn’t an issue,” translates from Republicanese into reality-based English as, “It’s the civil rights issue of our time, and we’re on the losing side.” Who does he think he’s fooling? Portman’s announcement got top billing everywhere but the GOP-bubble media.

  9. jamal49 says

    One wants to slap Scott Walker in the face and then scream that old AA sawhorse at him: “DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT!!!”

    That’s OK, Republicans. Keep the course steady. it just means that in 2014 and beyond, we can kick your collective butts to the curb straight into the trash heap of history.

  10. Gerry says

    I’ve quit watching the Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, etc. They are a complete farce. The moderators don’t do their job and basically let whomever is on just spew their talking points. The only one I can think of recently that did a good job was Soledad O’Brien on CNN and she got canned for committing the sin of actually trying to make these bozos answer questions. A good parody of Meet The Press and David Gregory’s ridiculous non-journalistic style is here:

  11. Sam says

    Mr. ALEC himself played the deflection card well. Only the tea partiers will buy into his crap.

  12. says

    I doubt that there will be a massive change in the GOP (especially among older members). Conservative elements are very stubborn when it comes to change (ie. George Wallace). There are people who will NEVER support equality, no matter what.

  13. NY2.0 says

    These people are still hung up on legalized interracial marriages, desegregation and the civil rights act. Don’t expect a change in the GOP for same-sex marriage anytime soon.

    If these CONS had their way, America would go right back to the 1950’s and Christian “sharia” laws would be implemented to prevent any sort of progress.

  14. Bill says

    That video really was a farce. I had to follow a link to even try to see it – it didn’t display on towleroad – but when I did it ended up having multiple people talking at the same time, semi-transparent images covering the people speaking, and occassonally ads playing simultaneously with the news program.

    I gave up – it was incomprehensible gibberish. It is not asking a lot to have one person speak at a time.

  15. Lifesart says

    As Rachel Maddow said on ‘Real Time’ last Friday, it seems the only way Conservatives can develop any empathy is when they are confronted with a situation that affects them personally. (She was fantastic, btw, wish she could always be on Maher’s panel as a clear voice of reason and logic.) One of the other panelists, Tom Davis, wishy-washied around everything. Just once I would like to hear a Conservative say that Iraq was a mistake and not just babble about getting “rid of Sadaam Hussein even if he didn’t have WMDs.” The lives affected, the dead accrued…. Conservatives would only empathize if their immediate family members had been forced to flee their country, or they had to bury their children. Same goes for equal rights. They can’t see past their own noses.

  16. Goodcarver says

    I love the headline inre:”…GOP far removed from reality.” and it isn’t just over gay marriage.

  17. Montana says

    The KKK started the minutemen and then the Teabag Party. Now they control the GOP. Does anyone real believe that minorities will change the view of the GOP. The GOP just wants to send out coconuts out with the same old GOP message of protecting the rich, because they no longer hold a lead on civil liberties because they were the ones who came up and passed the Patriot Act, they were the ones who kidnapped and waterboarded, they were the ones who passed vaginal ultrasound bills throughout the nation (but leave the child abandoned after birth), they are the ones who love hating the gays, they were the ones who passed minority voter suppression laws right before a national election. I think the GOP has written off all minorities, but hey send out your coconuts, but don’t expect winning any elections. The GOP will reap what they have sown!