Seattle Seahawk Christopher Clemons Says Gay Player Coming Out Would be ‘Selfish Act’ That Would Divide Team

Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Christopher Clemons is not happy that an NFL player might be coming out of the closet, calling it "a selfish act" that will "separate a lockerroom and divide a team".

ClemonsTweeted Clemons in a conversation with followers:

Who on Gods earth is this person saying he's coming out of the closet in the NFL? …  If you didn't do it when you were in high school or college then why wait til your in the NFL? Whoever he is he didn't just start … I'm not one to judge anyone because that's there personal preference. … it doesn't matter how good they are. That will immediately separate a lockerroom and divide a team … I'm not against anyone but I think it's a selfish act.  They just trying to make themselves bigger than the team.

Clemons later reeplied to another follower:

"No one said anything about be a homophobic. I just think something's should be left at home."


  1. Strepsi says

    Yes, that’s right Christopher Clemons, some things should be left at home — because we’ve NEVER EVER heard of a football player with a WIFE or GIRLFRIEND.

    If anyone admitted he had a girlfriend it would totally divide the team! Selfish straight people.

  2. Rob says

    I love the way these bigots say “I’m not against anyone” and then follow that up with vicious attacks – in this case – “it’s a slefish act, they’re trying to make themselves biegger than the team.”

  3. Sean in Dallas says

    I say go ahead and divide the teams then. If million of dollars can’t ensure professionalism, I don’t know what would. Get the homophobes out of the locker room.

  4. Donald says

    I don’t recall Mr. Clemons making a statement about the selfish behavior of NFL players that get arrested for spousal abuse or gun violations or dog fighting?

  5. Sean says

    So tell us what things should be left at home and what should be brought to the game?I hear about every other players girlfriends, wives, kids, their love of jesus, and how they feel underpaid. The fact is, as an NFL player YOU knew you would have media scrutiny. As for it “dividing” a team, I wonder if Tom Brady or Peyton Manning came out, how much that would divide thee team. Of course, THEY have Super Bowl rings, and Clemmons has NONE.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “So are we still not allowed to talk about the rampant homophobia in the African American community without being called racist”

    Of course, you can, Frank. And “we” can also talk about the rampant anti-Black racism in the White homo community. Talk, talk, talk…all the you want to.

    I guess you didn’t notice the story Andy posted about Domonique Foxworth earlier today. Of course, you didn’t. He doesn’t support that view of “rampant homophobia” that you want to hear about.

    “So tired of the stupid blacks…”

    OK. And how do you feel about stupid whites? You like ’em?

  7. grench says

    As if it’s unselfish to demand that someone hide who he is and act like someone he is not because YOU don’t like it. The hypocrisy is killing me. It’s not the gay player who divides the locker room, but the one who thinks he should be able to dictate what another player discloses to his teammates and friends about his own life.

  8. Chip says

    kp05 nails it. Jackie Robinson was clearly being selfish and just wanted to make himself bigger than the team.

    It is somehow more offensive to me when a person from a historically (and/or currently) marginalized group chooses to marginalize the LGBT community, than when, say, a straight white protestant male does the same.

    This is because members of the former group should be FAR more able to *empathize* with us, by definition of the word alone. If they cannot empathize, it demonstrates not only a lack intelligence, but also a deficit of humanity.

    A straight white male is less likely to have ever been the target of discrimination, so his lack of empathy says less about his character and more about his experiences.

    Of course, ANYONE should be capable of feeling *sympathy* for those who experience discrimination, so I am not excusing anybody.

  9. Joseph says

    His views say a lot more about him than they would about a potential player that comes out. Perhaps he ought to look in a mirror and ask himself ‘Who is the selfish one here?’

  10. woodroad34d says

    He’s obviously talking about how scared HE is if a gay guy came out; frankly he’s not that pretty. Talk about selfish. Time for the man-child to get some maturity.

  11. THurts says

    Let me understand the logic from some of the comments above; black people are marginalized, therefore, they cannot have a diverse opinion about a topic? This is yet again putting a double standard on the black community versus the white male. We should all be held to the same standards. AND yes, there are idiots in all communities and there are compassionate individuals as well. The President of the NFL Players Association is a prime example of a compassionate man who just happens to be a black man. Rush Limbaugh is not a compassionate man who just so happens to be white. I would appreciate the comments left on this page from people who would not find an excuse to let their racist flag fly high; just say you don’t like black people no matter what they do and keep it moving.

  12. THurts says

    Let me understand the logic from some of the comments above; black people are marginalized, therefore, they cannot have a diverse opinion about a topic? This is yet again putting a double standard on the black community versus the white male. We should all be held to the same standards. AND yes, there are idiots in all communities and there are compassionate individuals as well. The President of the NFL Players Association is a prime example of a compassionate man who just happens to be a black man. Rush Limbaugh is not a compassionate man who just so happens to be white. I would appreciate the comments left on this page from people who would not find an excuse to let their racist flag fly high; just say you don’t like black people no matter what they do and keep it moving.

  13. Jim Brown says

    Yeah, and I think that some white guy said that about black athletes about 50 years ago. Apparently this young man has never read a history book.

  14. Fahd says

    Didn’t something like this come up with former Pittsburgh Steelers Kordell Stewart who was plagued by gay rumors?

    He supposedly was not able to realize his potential as a player and thus the team suffered. And that was just a rumor! Imagine if it were true.

    I appreciate that Towleroad documents so much that is important to gay history and narrative, but sometimes I think blogposts of this type are like throwing a piece of meat into a wolf’s den of commentators.

  15. says

    “I’m not homophobic…” Yes. Yes, you are. Just like when someone says, “I’m not a racist…” everyone knows they are.

    I’m continually amazed by those in the African American community who don’t see a direct correlation between racism and homophobia.

  16. = says

    I’m not racist, but wasn’t it selfish of Barack Obama to put his own selfish desire to be President ahead of the unity of the country? He has divided this country just so he could be the first Black president. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he was a uniter, not a divider. And a decider too. And once again, I am NOT racist. Really.

  17. Fahd says

    I think homophobic African Americans who resent the LGBT community are caught up in the notion that being gay is a choice.

    It clearly is not a choice to have dark skin – Micheal Jackson’s transformation notwithstanding.

    So, I understand that if you are African American and you think that being gay is a choice that you would reject the analogy between the African American and LGBT quest for civil rights.

    To state the obvious, this is about ignorance, prejudice and power.

    The value of liberty and justice for all seems like a challenge for human society. We seem to need someone to whom we can feel superior.

  18. Jay says

    I agree that trolls are trying to divide the gay community by posting racist comments. At times like this, I think a moderator would be useful. Not only are the racist comments offensive, but they cause us to roam off topic by having to denounce the racism.

  19. says

    His writing reminds me of Deb Price’s priceless (pun intended) chapter title in her book “And Say Hi to Joyce.” It was about the hate mail she received: “Why Angry Men Can’t Spell.”

  20. Janice says

    Your small-minded bigotry also divides the locker room. Please get out of Seattle! Clearly, you don’t belong in this accepting and gay-friendly city.

  21. Gerard says

    Ah… so this is why I can’t get a date. An NFL player makes a controversial and misguided statement about gays, and the comments turn into an anti-black witch hunt. If a white player had made these exact same comments, his race would not have been a factor whatsoever.

    I keep trying to tell myself that white gays aren’t all racist, but this really straining my patience.

  22. LastWord says

    Despite the unfairness of generalizations, grouping people into demographic groups is part of the current sociological landscape. These demographic groupings appear to offer insight into shared norms, values and beliefs within these demographic groupings.

    African Americans as a demographic group did vote in favor of proposition 8 in a much higher percentage than other demographic groups.

    Also, 90% of African Americans voted to reelect President Obama.

    There will always be exceptions to these generalizations – think Justice Clarence Thomas, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Herman Cainn,Condolezza Rice, etc.

    I hope this comment is helpful.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    @ LastWord

    Thank you. Yes, your comment was very helpful. Now, tell me, who do you think Justice Clarence Thomas admires the most? Herman Cain or Long Dong Silver?

  24. jjose712 says

    It’s not only a question about left things at home, is about asking to lie (or at least ommit) in your interviews.
    Probably a lot of people won’t be ready to come out, and i think it’s totally acceptable, you have a lot of pressure and the attention could be distracting, and dealing with all the hate it’s not easy (it depends of the personality of the player). But if a player want to do it, not necesarily a big proclamation, there are a lot of casual ways to come out, the less thing he should worry is hurting the feelings of someone in the locker room. They are grown men, if they don’t like, they just need to get over it

  25. rick says

    clemons is right, if you’ve never seen or been in a nfl locker, you fa&gs should shut the front door because the divide would affect the millions of fans of the sports just because one “superstar” wants to come out, the sport doesn’t cater to homo’s so why should this selfish act of acceptance be pursued knowing the profound affect it will have period!!! imagine this, the whole world will be focused on this and not for the game,imagine the media blow up…. first game coming out…. first tackle… now really, do you frags really want that

  26. rick says

    what i’m talking about is of course the fact that i’m a closeted latent-homosexual and if anyone mentions the word “gay” to me i instantly spend the next 5 hours imagining men having rough sex with me. and i like it and then i get aroused and then everyone knows that i’m a homosexual.

  27. James says

    Someone should tell this guy what it’s really all about. It’s all about young LGBT kids who love football and will be able to have a role model to look up to. Sure, they can idolize the heterosexual players and look up to them but it hits home and feels a lot better idolizing someone of your own kind.

    It’s the same with African-Americans. They need their role models and so do we.

    Also, this guy can spell “separate” correctly (a lot of people use an “e” in place of the first “a”) but doesn’t know the difference between they’re/there/their and when to separate “some” and “things”?

  28. andrew says

    Does Christopher know nothing about the difficult struggle for equality and acceptance of African Americans in professional sports? It took Branch Rickey’s hiring of Jackie Robinson to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945, to break the “color line” and begin the move toward equality for African Americans in Pro Sports. If this NFL player does come out he will be our Jackie Robinson. It is truly sad that Christopher, an African American, doesn’t understand the significanc of this possible event.

  29. Roy says

    To the very first comment that was made, it is not the uneducated ignorance of grammar we should focus on, it is the one who we can see their grammar errors we should try to educate.

  30. bambinoitalianoba says

    Some people just wish to have something to gain the attention. When you are so ordinary like this guy, this is the best he can come up with to become a fame whore. Not quite the level of Victoria Jackson.

  31. dj says

    I’m black. Gay. I workout at my gym at work. The straight men tend to look at me like”wow”. I ignore them. I’m very fit and in shape. Black people who make comments like that are miserable. In the black drug culture in some small minded inner city hoods if you are a drug dealer and you come out the the boys in the hood don’t respect you no more and you can be killed or disassociated. If you are out from the door then everyone knows. So it’s cool and your chances of having straight friends in the hood is better because you keep it real. But some still want you to tell a lie because they are wimps. A lot of black men are jealous because they have low self esteem about themselves. They hate everything about themself and when you put a very goodlooking openly black gay man or mixed race gay man in a room with men who barely get attention they are very envious. The low self esteem men. If a very good-looking black gay man in the NFL player was to come out the women would love him gay guys would adore him. He would get more attention than anyone. Most straight males would be so envious the jealous ones and the closeted downlow player who live lies would be threaten because they couldn’t do that. I could have played pro sports but I didn’t have time for macho crap. I was openly gay at 6 years old. My father was accepting of me. He loved my uniqueness along with his other children. My dad would go to work and tell his co-workers I have a son at home I don’t know what his hair color is going to be when I get home but I love him more than anything. My dad was a good black man. I’m 52 years old. I’m very goodlooking though not vain or modest. I’m just as fit as a 20 year old. I grew up to be a male fashion model, fitness professional, I’m a 33.50 year executive branch of government employee. I’ve never been in the closet. I told my parents I was gay when I was 6 years old. Whoever didnt like it I didn’t care or have time for them. I’ve seen it all in this country. There’s no demographics for the black openly gay man over 50. Most openly black gay men that would be my age die in the AIDS epidemic in the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Their stories will never be told. I’m engaged to a very young goodlooking mixed race guy who I love more than anything. He suffers from closet issues because of race, gender roles, etc. But I don’t care. I decided long ago I wasn’t going to let black people my own race tell me how to live or treat me like I’m the plague…no race of people for that matter. Those people I have no tolerance for and their education level is that of a insect and can’t be helped. I never worry about other races. My bloodline is of greatness and of ancient queens and kings of ancient Africa. I say ancient Africa because I’m not related to those hateful anti gay people that come from Africa today that preach hate and base it on religion. Bigots. I’m not African American. I’m gay black American. Proud. Unashamed and a loving man. A true man doesn’t care about another man’s sexuality or worries if he’s playing peek-a-boo in the locker room. Real men don’t get their kicks like that. Only low self esteem trolls any race has issues like that. I hope my comments helped. A lot isn’t being said about a lot of stuff out here. Real men don’t worry about what another man does in his bedroom. Those that do are cowards and haters. And as far as choosing this lifestyle. Its not a lifestyle I choose. I happen to be born this way and I love it. I love myself.

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